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Want your take out your kids from the messier world of the internet? Try pickleball for kids. I know how obsessed today’s kids are with the internet with no physical activities. Pickleball, however, solves this issue by being more effortless, secure, kid-friendly, and above all, addictive. Your kid can have a lot of outdoor physical exposure, so have a walk with me and let me teach you tips and further enlighten you on the benefits your kid can have with this rising sport of the USA. 

Pickleball was so introduced for kids and families if I trace back history. Legitimately, the kids have a more substantial chunk of the heritage of pickleball that they had been missing for decades in the past. Until recently, the USAPA has formed leagues for juniors, middle schools have pickleball in the PE class, and many organizations, such as “Pickleball Kids USA,” had come up on the front. Teaching kids pickleball isn’t rocket science, though. You just need the right tactics to blend with kids. Let me guide you on how. 

How to get kids into pickleball:

Start from the basics. Take your kids to the park or nearby pickleball court and teach them the court structure, the fundamentals of games, and how the game is played. Don’t overburden them from the very start. I made this mistake once with my niece. I told her everything in the first introduction, and she was so exhausted even hated me for that day. Next time, I compensated her, made my guide small, and planned intervals for her. She’s now playing in the Junior Pickleball Tournament and is heading to the USAPA Open in 2 years when she’ll be 18. 

Teach them the basics

Anyway, for the basics, start with the court’s position. In their first session, teach them the NVZ and the positions. And for the play, teach them the serve and return, only with the dink stroke. Keep everything for the next session. Make the rhythm slow and understand their grasping power. Instead of teaching them the rules and tactics, try to have fun. This way, they’ll attract to the game and learn it faster. 

Get them the right equipment: 

Don’t make the mistake of giving your kids “Any” paddle. I repeat, don’t. A kid’s paddle is different from an adult’s one. While 8 oz seems like a mid-weight paddle for an adult, a youngster can’t even hold that paddle without having strain later. Choose a lightweight paddle because weight is a dominant factor when it comes to kids. You don’t want to injure them with a weighty paddle. The best paddle for kids is the OneShot JuniorShot. It weighs just 5.8 oz and is famous among many kids, I know, for its easy swing and excellent ball responsiveness.  

the right equipment

In addition, don’t compromise on the shoes. Get them the proper court shoes. Don’t let them play in their regular running shoes or flip-flops. You don’t want them to complain about their feet hurting at night. 

Team up with them and get an appropriate partner: 

Believe it or not, having your kids on your team is the best thing you can do for them. It gives them, let’s say, dopamine that their mother, father, or any guardian is on their side. It gives them confidence, enhancing their strength and metabolism to achieve other noteworthy things in life. Plus, a doubles game is more productive than singles. There’s always double learning with less boring theories, as your kid will learn things independently, having you as his/her backup. 

Teaming up with kids

In addition, do not have advanced or even intermediate players on the other side. Have the opponent of the same skill, or at least the opponent must be playing a soft game and going easy on the kids. This requirement is for the first few games only. The kids are smarter, and they get better quickly. Plus, playing against an experienced player always drives them excited, especially when they play well. And don’t ask me about the screams and joy when my kids win against the 4.0 players. 

Tip them off: 

While you’re on their team, give the kids the lead. Tip them off for the shots they’re playing. Although the kids of the zero generation have the ability to surprise you every now and then, they love when they receive tips from you. This is the actual learning period for them. Teach a kid, theoretically, about how to play pickleball, and his mind won’t have the memory of it very often. Whereas the things you say during the gameplay are the actual things his mind will process. So, try to be communicative on the court rather than lecture him before the match. 

8 reasons why kids should play pickleball?

Why pickleball? Why not tennis, badminton, or any other racket sport? Well, there are reasons why any parent, including me, would prefer pickleball over any other sport. Here are a few things that you may find compelling about pickleball for your kids: 

Keeps them Active:

Keeps them Active

Pickleball is a cardiac exercise and keeps your kids active and energetic. The pickleball courts are smaller, so they’ll have significant exposure to aerobic exercise. This will keep your kids fit as well. Plus, it enhances their self-esteem to socialize and interact with people outside, which most kids struggle kids. 

Strengthen Your Bond: 

One of the biggest challenges parents of Generation Z are facing with theirs is the bond. The children think their parents are outdated, while parents do not really connect with them on a deeper level. It’s just limited to social media for how admirable the bond they share, while in reality, they don’t even know what’s happening in each other’s life. 

Strengthen Your Bond with childrens

Pickleball, in these technological times, serves as a Messiah that brings families closer since it’s a game accessible for all ages. When you’re playing pickleball, you’ll spend time together and can tell stories while you’re on the court, make memories together, and have fun–all of which boost your closeness with each other. This way, you can also understand your kid better and be assured you’re not raising a Dahmer under your nose. 

It’s Inexpensive: 

It’s Inexpensive

Among all the sports invented to date, pickleball remains the least expensive. The entire gear will cost you under $50. I’ve separately covered the hot list of one of the best cheap pickleball paddles, and the whiffle ball will be just for a few bucks. 

Safe and Secure:

Pickleball is also the safest game for kids. The ball and the paddle are human-friendly and don’t put you at risk of any injury. Plus, the game has friendly rules and serves, which minimizes the risk factor. I’ve hardly seen any cases of kids’ injuries due to pickleball. It’s that secure game. 

Boosts Confidence:

Boosts Confidence

Pickleball has players of all ages, and when kids beat an adult in their matches, it’s something they can’t stop bragging about. This gives them the confidence to accomplish other things in life. It makes their belief stronger that they can do in life. 

Easy to Learn:

Well, pickleball is just a matter of a month to get pro in. The rules are basic and come naturally when you start playing. This is why kids love pickleball. They don’t have to get lectures and read complicated paragraphs to understand the game and learn its rules. Even for the rules, there are hardly 5-10 rules that anyone can get easy to hang on to. 

Health Benefits: 

Last and essential, pickleball has uncountable health benefits. It’s equal to one hour of cardiac and aerobic exercise that your kid finds boring and escapes without letting you know. While pickleball is fun and engaging, it gives you all the health benefits that make your kids attain. There are many studies on the internet that support pickleball being one of the healthiest sports. It can even take down the risk of early death by 45% 

Opportunities for Scholarships: 

Where can your kids compete in tournaments? You may wonder, having witnessed astonishing talents and skills in them. Well, there’s the Junior’s Pickleball tournament held by USAPA every year. They make exciting stories, encourage kids, and help them improve their games. In addition, there’s an organization called Pickleball Kids USA that teaches kids, and holds summer champs and tournaments for the kids to play smart and grow healthy.  

It’s a wrap!  

It’s high time you took your kids to a nearby court and taught them the basics of pickleball. However, don’t overburden them. Just teach them two rules: one kitchen and the other double bounce. Keep the rest on a side, and they’ll eventually get it. Plus, don’t forget about the scoring. Teach them to keep track of scoring from the very start, so they get habitual to it. That’s all about pickleball for kids. I hope you had a great time here. Now take out your paddles and get going on to the courts! Have a great day.

Robby Anderson

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