Gamma RZR Pickleball Paddle Review |In-Depth Synpsis|

When seeking an all-in-one package of a paddle with aerodynamic qualities and apex ball control, power, spin, and touch. Then Gamma RZR is the first paddle that clicks in the head. Overflowing with cutting-edge technologies including the Sensa Poly Core and Textured Graphite paddle face along with sweat absorbent honeycomb cushions grip, this paddle is literally made for players that have a winning mindset. to find out more about this paddle. check out this Gamma RZR Pickleball Paddle Review that we have come up with.

the paddle is perfectly suited for beginners. the reason behind this is the massive sweet spot. Striking the ball and sending it through the skies has never been this easy. in addition to that, the edge guard keeps the paddle safe from any danger. not only this, but the length of the paddle is also very commendable. So without any further ado. Let us dig deeper into the features of this paddle.

Point Of Differences In Gamma RZR |Quick Summary|

  • The innovation utilized behind the core of the Gamma RZR is called Sensa Poly Core. This technology infuses the paddle with maximum control.
  • The face of the Gamma RZR features a textured graphite surface. Which efficiently allows the ball to swerve in different directions. And at the same time, enhances the degree of spin on the ball.
  • The wide-bodied shape of the Gamma RZR is one of the reasons why it is recommended for beginners. Because of the vast sweet spot at the heart of the paddle.
  • The extent of comfort is greatly improved with the introduction of the Gamma Honeycomb grip. Which is wrapped around the handle of the paddle.
  • The weight of the Gamma RZR also plays quite a critical role in keeping the paddle perfectly well-balanced. In terms of both power and control.
  • The length of the grip of the Gamma RZR cannot go unnoticed. The compact size of the grip only adds to the stability and maneuverability of the paddle.
  • The ⅛ inches Edged Shock Guard is incorporated in order to keep the paddle secured from any kind of exterior damage. Moreover, the edge guard also makes the paddle aerodynamic which ultimately fine-tunes the maneuverability of the paddle.

What We Don’t Like About Gamma RZR:

In order to thoroughly examine the paddle, we kept using the Gamma RZR for days. One of the most common issues that we faced with the Gamma RZR is that after spending some time, the paddle started to wear off. The face of the paddle did not live up to its name. Because the layers stationed on the top face of the paddle began to come off one by one. In addition to that, another disappointing factor was that the grip that was enveloped on the handle of the paddle also became very loose and kept coming off time and time again.

Our Opinion:

We at Pickleballobby firmly believe that the Gamma RZR is indeed an all-in-one package. This paddle is ideal for all sorts of players. Especially for the ones who have just stepped into the pickleball world. The paddle is designed to provide you with power and control required to give your opponent a very hard time.

So, if you’re looking forward to getting yourself a well-balanced, exemplary well-developed paddle for utmost control near the kitchen line and dominating power at the back of the court, then there is no better choice than the Gamma RZR.

 Gamma RZR paddle

Gamma RZR Pickleball Paddle | Comprehensive Summary

The RZR is probably amongst the topmost valued pickleball paddles in the Gamma roster. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the RZR is indeed a jewel in the crown for Gamma as one of the most admired pickleball paddles in the community. This pickleball paddle is equipped with some of the most compelling features and outstanding characteristics that we have discussed in detail in this Gamma RZR Pickleball Paddle Review that would certainly make anyone praise the worthiness of the Gamma RZR that it deserves.

Sensa Poly Core Technology:

One of the most captivating features that make Gamma RZR a competitive pickleball paddle is that the core of the paddle is composed of a Sensa Poly Core. The reason behind integrating the paddle with Sensa Poly Core Technology is to power up your game and enhance the control of the ball from anywhere and everywhere on the court.

Textured Graphite Face:

Another factor that left us impressed while testing the Gamma RZR is that the surface of the paddle features an excellent surface made up of textured graphite. This face of the paddle increases the responsiveness up to a great extent while returning the shots. In addition to that, the surface of the paddle also improves the efficiency of swerving the ball, in simple words, the graphite face assists in adding an extra spin to the ball.

⅛ Inches Edged Shock Guard:

The face of the Gamma RZR is protected with ⅛ inches edged shock guard that upgrades the durability of the paddle. Not only that, but the superb quality edge guard also aids in securing the paddle from any exterior damage.

Medium Weighted Paddle:

Medium Weighted Paddle

The weight of a paddle is one of the most important determinants that one must look out for in order to get a paddle that ideally fits one’s personality, so it can be said that finding a paddle with a weight that goes well in hand with you is no easy feat.

The Gamma RZR is classified as a middle-weighted pickleball paddle that ranges between 7.5 ounces to 7.9 ounces. This perfectly well-balanced standard mass of the paddle allows the players to have a brilliant blend of menacing power and exquisite control of the ball.


The Gamma RZR is constructed in a design to offer more reach on the court. And for this reason, the paddle is manufactured having quite an extensive length of 15 ⅞ inches. On top of that, the length of the paddle allows the individuals to have complete control near the kitchen line on the pickleball court.


 When it comes to the width of the paddle, the Gamma RZR is made up of 8 inches width that houses a massively outrageous sweet spot right at the heart of the paddle. The wide-bodied shape of the paddle is one of the main causes why Gamma RZR is recommended for beginners as it becomes a piece of cake for them to score absolutely overwhelming smashes across the court.

Gamma Honeycomb Grip And Sturdy Handling

Gamma Honeycomb Grip And Sturdy Handling:

One thing that differentiates the Gamma RZR from its competitors is the handle of the paddle. The handle measures about 4 ¾ inches which make the paddle trouble-free to swing and sway in all directions. On top of that, the handle is made comfortable to grasp in hands by wrapping the handle with a Perforated Ultra Cushioned Gamma Honeycomb Grip. The grip circumference is quite compact which measures about 4 ⅛ inches. The small girth of the handle significantly improves the maneuverability of the paddle to a great extent as well.

Color Combinations:

Gamma has never backed down from making its paddle look eye-catching. And has once again done the same exact thing with Gamma RZR. This exciting pickleball paddle comes in three different color gradients. These colors are Green, Blue, and Pink, making the paddle stand out in terms of both, style and performance.

Gamma RZR – Ratings:

After spending quite an adequate amount of time with the Gamma RZR on the court, we were able to properly examine the paddle and pass our judgment on the basis of power and control.

Power: 8/10

What makes the Gamma RZR such a strong paddle is the Sensa Poly Core that is implemented in the paddle which provides quality shots when responding to the ball with top-notch power. On the other side, the weight of the paddle is also a prominent element that adds great strength to the smashes.

Control: 9/10

Swerving the ball and putting extra spin behind your shots now feels like taking a walk in the park, all thanks to the textured graphite material incorporated on the face of the paddle. 

Maneuverability: 8/10

The reason behind giving maneuverability a score of 8 out of 10 is the handle length of the paddle which makes it a pleasure to wield the paddle in the air. Along with that, the admirable tiny circumference of the grip also results in swift movements.

On the flip side, the balanced weight also gives the players an opportunity to freely switch places from one spot to another with complete freedom all over the court.

Gamma RZR – Defining Parameter:

Paddle CoreSensa Poly Core
Surface MaterialTextured Graphite
Paddle Weight7.5 Ounces to 7.9 Ounces
Paddle Length15 ⅞ Inches
Paddle Width8 Inches
Paddle Thickness13 mm
Factory GripGamma Honeycomb Perforated Ultra Cushioned Grip
Grip Size4 ¾ Inches
Grip Circumference4 ⅛ inches
Edge Guard⅛ Inches Edged Shock Guard
Color Variations3


The Gamma RZR is phenomenal in keeping your opponent pinned down during electrifying pickleball matches. The paddle prevails in endowing a flawless combination of unmatchable power and exceptional control.

The oversized sweet spot and compact handle when added to the mix of soft poly core and graphite surface and aerodynamic weight, an unstoppable beast of a paddle come into existence which is just the right pick for novice pickleball players.

So if you have just got into the pickleball world and are unable to decide which paddle to settle for, then go with the Gamma RZR without any shred of fear. We at Pickleballobby hope that this Gamma RZR Pickleball Paddle Review contained all the information that you required.

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