How Many Calories do you Burn Playing Pickleball?

How many calories burned pickleball?

Playing pickleball is a thrilling and joyous sport to play but have you ever thought straight down about its health benefits? How many calories do you burn playing pickleball? How active you can be while being regular at it? Well, the rough estimates are 150 calories which means you can, at a good pace, stabilize your weight and metabolism. But wait, not everyone has the same body weight which is why it varies for each person and that’s exactly what we have covered in this article. So let’s be ready for some exciting facts over here!

Frankly, in these busy schedules, no one likes to go to a gym to work out with those horrible machines and equipment, that too on regular basis. But exercise is important, right? However, Pickleball is a highly emerging American sport, being one of the surprising cardio workouts, can be a substitute for a day at the gym or a day of running. Secondly, it is also more fun along with being an interactive sport. Well, playing pickleball will not only give you a better and healthy lifestyle, but it will also be beneficial to get rid of numerous useless calories. So without taking any other second, let’s move to the figures.

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How many Calories do you Burn Playing Pickleball?

On an average, pickleball burns 250 calories if you play for 30 minutes and weigh around 150 pounds. It depends on the time you play and your body mass. Weightier people burns more calories than smarter ones. Plus, if you play aggressively, you’ll burn extra 100 calories in 20 minutes, depending on your body mass.

How many calories do pickleball burn is more like a math equation, involving all the odds of weight, time, and type of play. So, let’s brief down to:

How much time does Pickleball take to Play?

To determine the pickleball calories burned of any sport or any workout, the first and foremost thing is the time that you invest in it. 11 point game of pickleball either single or double player will take almost 15-25 minutes, that too if you’re in friendly matches. However, in the tournaments, it is played as a series of 3 matches and the winner is decided on a 2-3 ratio. As per USAPA, one set of three matches almost takes 50 minutes to an hour depending on the pace of the match. Similarly, two sets will take 2 hours and so on.

This means calories burned in a single set can be enough for daily players. Furthermore, the consistency of play can be more beneficial as well as time-efficient means that if there have numerous faults and inconsistent play it will take more time and provide fewer benefits.

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Calories Burned Playing Pickleball 

Now you must be thinking, giving a sport 1-2 hours is great of a deal that would have pretty much given rise to your expectation. Jeez! Here’s a twist. Who will consider the body weight? And what about the gaming format? And whoops! the calculations vary. 

Besides that, we have looked into the stats of tennis and football and considering that, on average, a player burns 648 calories while playing a 90 minutes match of football, similarly, for a tennis match player can burn up to 500 calories per hour depending on the type of match.

how many calories burned pickleball

Well, we have worked on about two figures for pickleball as a measuring unit that is 150 pounds and 200 pounds. For a person weighing 150 pounds ( 68 kgs), the calories burned by playing pickleball will be 250. Similarly, for a person weighing 200 pounds, the estimate will be 475 calories burned while playing pickleball. 

However, in these two situations, the gameplay should be aggressive and heated otherwise in normal gameplay the figures will be reduced by 100 calories for both weight types. Additionally, on the basis of formats, similar differences occur. A person in the single gameplay is likely to get rid of more calories than a payer in doubles. Remember, the more you sweat, the better you’ll dump calories. 

As per the data obtained from the players in an average rivalry match players take up to 5000-7000 steps. Whereas 500 steps can burn 150-300 calories without any hustle but also without any enjoyment. So there, you can pretty much calculate it in accord with your respective body type and playing style. 

Diet And Eating: 

Now, there is a catch, since you are burning so many calories you must be careful about the diet and be hydrated while playing the game. This means that you have to take a meal before and after the match to maintain your energy level. But if you’re going to play for more than one hour you must eat something during the game too. If you don’t take enough energy you might suffer a lack of focus on the game and tiredness. 

Besides, being hydrated during the play is another thing you must be considering while playing pickleball. Calories burned during pickleball matches can be responsible for the high amount of losing energy many consistent players have reported that they face difficulties in making concentration after 1.5 hours of continuous playing, so make this thing clear that you have to take care of yourself for long-duration play.

Is Playing Pickleball Good Exercise: 

Compared to the 30 minutes of walking in which you burn almost 160 calories, the calories you burn playing pickleball can beat the number easily. Since it can burn so many calories, pickleball can also help in losing weight if you are in a calorie deficit. 

Cardiovascular Health: 

Along with being a great activity for burning calories pickleball is also great in increasing your cardiovascular health. Not to mention, Cardio exercises can help in keeping your heart rate up and maintaining the blood flow in your body. Though, it’s way better to get yourself to play pickleball other than those hectic cardiovascular exercises which have no fun!

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