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As a pickleball player, you may have always heard of the rising popularity of pickleball and that, it is one of the most addictive games ever, but where to play pickleball? Despite its fame, many people still can’t find a place to play pickleball even if they have a court a few miles near them. Having considered that; what you are getting from this article is “the perfect and easiest way to locate the nearest pickleball court around you”. So keep your gears ready because you are going to explore the heavenly world of pickleball with the same skilled players as you! 

As we speak of the facts and recent developments, there have been more than a thousand locations where you can play pickleball. According to one of the research of the USAPA, there were 8000 pickleball locations by 2017 with the addition of over 110 courts per month at different locations and now the numbers have reached 33,000. But where do you find them? Easy, we have worked out a few resources by which you can find pickleball places. Along with that, we have also exclusively brought up the best places to play pickleball. 

How to find the court near you? 

The simplest method to find a court is; open google and search “pickleball courts near me” and you will likely find a couple of courts around you with their timings. However, there are a few more ways through which you can access the closest courts with all the details. These are the methods, through which you can discover the pickleball courts; both indoor and outdoor. 

USAPA Places 2 Play 

Places 2 play is an official website USAPA has made an official website through which you can find the courts near you. This is by far the most authentic way to find the nearest pickleball court around you. 

The process is simple; all you have to do is to go through the site (https://www.places2play.org/map) and right in the search bar, enter your city, state, or zip code. Besides, you can also access the map and manually search the courts out there. There is also an app for the places 2 play that you can download on both android and apple and find any local pickleball court. 

Pickleball Finder by Alexander Murray 

Another way of finding the pickleball courts is by the app of Pickleball Finder by Alexander Murray. The best thing about this app, you can use and access this app whether you are a pickleball player or not. It also shows the pictures and descriptions of each court. However, this app can only be installed on iPhones i.e it does not support android. 

Best places to play pickleball 

Hereby, you may find a hundred places to play pickleball but what is the best place to play pickleball? Never mind, we can’t really decide as to which one is the best court as there are many, that too, depends on the various conditions. Although, there are certain types of courts and thus, the opinion really comes down to which type you are most comfortable in. These are as follows: 

Outdoor pickleball courts: 

Due to the fact that pickleball was first played on an outdoor basketball court hence these courts are common and mostly liked by a number of players. There are a number of benefits you can have playing in an outdoor door. First of all, it gets you in an open environment which is quite a necessity for us humans. Also, it is safe there to play with noisy paddles. 

Outdoor pickleball courts

All and all, outdoor pickleball players’ courts are a whole vibe that you can’t get anywhere else. And obviously, that does not mean you won’t have any problems with these courts. There are a few drawbacks as well that we have covered later on, in this article. 

Indoor Pickleball courts: 

So what you will do if there’s rain outside and you badly wanna play pickleball? No, you won’t risk your equipment under the rainy water and that’s where you will be enforced to search “indoor pickleball courts near me”. Indoor courts, however, are exactly built to overcome the limitations of outdoor courts. In fact, many indoor courts are constructed amazingly having pretty colors and graphics. Plus, you can play there at any time with more facilities as compared to the outdoor ones. 

Indoor Pickleball courts

Aside from the indoor and outdoor courts, there are public and private courts that are the subdivisions of these two but won private or public authorities and thus differ in facilities, rules, and regulations as we have discussed below; 

Public pickleball courts: 

Public courts, as the name suggests, are owned by public authorities or the government. Although, they are not free because they are paid with your tax dollars. However, you don’t have to pay any charges and play anytime you like. 

Public pickleball courts

As a matter of fact, they are mostly the tennis courts that are used for pickleball by setting up a few boundaries. In such a way, the court can be used for both tennis and pickleball. However, you have to look out for the quality of the services being provided there because it mainly runs on the state authorities and their funds. 

Private pickleball courts: 

Private courts are built by organizations and communities that offer several benefits to players enrolled in them. First of all, they provide quality pickleball supplies such as paddles, balls, and other gear necessary for the game. Then, they also reserve separate courts for you where you can play at your particular given time. What’s more? You can have refreshments and locker rooms there, where you can store your sports accessories. Above all, these courts are always well-maintained because the communities are obliged to upkeep the courts. 

Private pickleball courts
Image Courtesy: Ferandell Tennis Courts

Is indoor better or outdoor? 

Now the question that really concerns you is which type of courts you should play in; indoor or outdoor? Outdoor games bring you close to nature while indoors has several perks of being the most maintained and all-time-trouble-free playing zone. However, these are the pros and cons of playing in each of the courts before you get your equipment in either one. 

Pros of the indoor pickleball court

The biggest benefit of an indoor pickleball court is the availability i.e you can go to the court and play whether it is raining outside or the extreme wind. 

Another benefit of playing inside is, you can be saved from suntan and getting scorching sunrays that are not in any way beneficial for you. Besides, the sun overly irritates players while playing the game.  

Additionally, indoor pickleball courts are built with locker rooms so that you can store additional accessories and your stuff there. Such a facility cannot be availed in the outdoor courts. 

Above all, outdoor courts have stable surfaces which means players can pretty much predict the bouncing ability and techniques that they may use making the game quite consistent. 

Cons of the indoor pickleball court 

Because all that glitters is not gold so welcome to the dark side of the indoor courts. 

The biggest drawback is the noise issue. Because it is packed and, thus, even the sound-proof paddle sounds too much it becomes irritating most often. 

Other than the noise issue, pickleball courts are relatively small than the ordinary length. Also, they are played on basketball or tennis courts when inside, and their lines tend to get intermixed with the pickleball ones making it hard for the players to identify each of them. 

Pros of the outdoor pickleball court

Because sports are naturally supposed to play outside hence you can’t beat the vibe of an outside court. Besides, it gives you vitamin D which is necessary for the human body ( bonus tip: play in the morning or in the evening). 

Apart from it, these courts never have the issue of the area as many indoor games. Besides, they are dedicated to pickleball only which means there are no disturbing basketball or tennis lines. 

Cons of the outdoor pickleball court 

Weather can be the biggest problem while playing outside. Sometimes the rain interrupts, other times there’s so much wind which makes it unable to play outside. 

Although you can have no irritating paddle sound while playing outside yet the traffic is there which sometimes gets disturbing making it hard to focus on the game. 


While reaching the end, we are quite hopeful that you have found the nearest court around you. Though, there are public and private courts having both indoor and outdoor conditions. If you are a passionate player who loves playing regularly then a private court is perfect for you otherwise any public court would be fun to play sometimes for a month or a week. Despite that, you can always check out news courts and leagues happening around through the apps mentioned in the article. 

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