About Us

Pickleball lobby is an online website that reviews all the existing products, accessories, and apparel of the game. It provides all the latest news of the game, events that take place, and updates on the rules, strategies, and much more! 

We live in an era where scamming is the tradition, competition is high, and the right information is far-fetched to get. That gave us the motive to build this site for pickleball players and anyone who wants to recruit and learn about the game by establishing quick access to all the information in an easy way – for everyone. 

Though pickleball is the fastest growing sport and with a massive amount of players recruiting in it every passing day. However, as far as we have seen, there are limited resources through which you can consult and get your queries sorted out easily that’s why we think the pickleball lobby came into existence. 

At the pickleball lobby, we usually write blogs and reviews covering what is the best pickleball product in the market in the present times. It may vary from a pickleball paddle to a minor accessory such as gloves and shoes. 

We have a few professional members in our team that contributes to the site by providing expert tips and strategies from playing the game to even building your own court. 

Our mission:

“Our mission is to provide unbiased and honest reviews of the pickleball gears, accessories, and apparel with all the guides and information on our pickleball products, events, and strategies in the easiest way possible.  The game is the closest to our hearts and thus, we want the community to grow faster and stronger just by getting them the most precise information they need straight away”.

How we work:

We often receive queries about the working procedures we carry on here, so let us give you an overlook of our working environment. 

How we review the products:

As mentioned, our team has professional players that own an entire inventory of pickleball gears and accessories. These are the central figures of Pickleball Lobby that play a key role in building up the entire website with fruitful reviews. They are the real owners of the products, so the review is first-hand. 

We don’t only rely on personal experience, instead, we have assigned a team that carries out research work about the new arrivals, the latest technologies, and some peripheral news and debates going on both over the internet as well on the courts so the readers get the complete and authentic information even if they are buying the simplest accessory. 

How we manage the website:

Gathering the information is not enough, providing them to viewers efficiently is where one of our goals lies. This is the reason we pay extra attention to how the review gets conveyed to our readers. 

This includes writing in the most accurate and engaging way because we don’t want our readers to go through huge stories and unnecessary details that ultimately are of no use to the user. To achieve this goal, we have writers that present the information, proofread, and correct grammatical errors. In addition, there are designers and developers that manage the outlooks and graphics of the page to make it attractive and friendly for the users. 

What are our services:

Since most of our work relies on research and staying on the playing field – our services mainly include reviews of the gears we use, the latest news, events that are place, pickleball rules and strategies, gaming tactics, history, its ins and outs, and much more that concerns the game and its legacy. 

How we earn:

Now you must be concerned about how we manage such a huge team. It’s simple, our site includes affiliate links of the products and services we review. Our readers are directed to buy from that links and if doing so, we get a few percentages of the total amount as our commission.

Though, this doesn’t cost you extra. You’ll pay the same amount as you’d pay when buying directly from amazon. However, here we’ll get a way to make our earnings. It should be noted that we only review and rank products based on our own research and experiences. We don’t have a link with any pickleball company and brands directly and we don’t get paid by reviewing their products. 

Our Team:

Now comes the faces that are behind the hard work of this entire thing! 

Harry Anderson

Harry-Anderson Founder

Harry Anderson is the founder of the pickleball lobby. He has played various sports throughout his life. He was former table tennis, tennis, and crossminton player mainly and made his transition to pickleball in 2008.

Upon joining the game, he got this crazy obsession with collecting pickleball gears and accessories. He had his own inventory which includes pickleball paddles from top brands engage, gamma, and Onix, to name a few. Pickleball gloves, bags, and shoes, are other things that he owns and shares their reviews here.

Robby Anderson

Robby Anderson

Robby Anderson is a renowned pickleball player that has been a part of various pickleball tournaments. He basically contributes to making pickleball strategies and tricks helpful for the newcomers and the beginners alike. 

Orson Carte

Orson Carte

Orson Carte is the student and the youngest on our team. He’s currently doing his bachelor’s in sports sciences and he had this huge passion for being involved in growing sports in the USA of which he mainly studies racket sports. Because of this, he mostly spends his time researching similar sports and here contributes to events happening, the latest news, and updates about the game. 

The rest of the contributors:

The rest of the contributors include 3 writers, 2 coaches, and a designer that manages the page and provides the information in the most precise form. The coaches we have cover guides and information while the writers give them a professional shape so it s easy to comprehend and understandable for the users.