Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle Review | Extended Synopsis

Designed specifically for peak ball accuracy and touch, The Tempest Wave II screams Control in every fiber of its body. Paddletek’s new creation is well-suited for individuals whose playstyle is strategic in nature. It also complements those who prefer to swerve the ball on their command, courtesy of the textured graphite surface. Still wondering if you should go with the Tempest Wave or not? Well, we have come up with this Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle Review that will surely help you in making up your mind.

The paddle’s PolyCore also makes the Tempest Wave II cream of the crop. Since the weight of the paddle is standard. The paddle is quite effortless to swing in different directions. What’s more, the paddle is enveloped with Paddletek’s exclusive high-tack performance grip that improves the pickleball experience.

Key Takeaways That Make Tempest Wave II Unique | Concise Summary

  • The Tempest Wave II comes with an exceptionally superior Textured Graphite face that not only provides the player with ultimate control but at the same time also equips the player with the ability to add more spin on the ball.
  • The core of the Tempest Wave II is wielded with Paddletek’s distinctive High-Grade Graphite Polymer Composite Honeycomb Core which comes into play when returning the shots with the perfect accuracy. The paddle is also modified to absorb the shocks and vibrations.
  • The firm grip of the paddle is also an important factor that cannot go unmissed. The handle of the paddle is enveloped by Paddletek’s very own Ultra Cushion High Tack Performance Grip which simply adds up to the comfort when holding the paddle.
  • The wide-bodied construction of the Tempest Wave II is responsible for an enormous sweet spot that can be easily found at the heart of the paddle.
  • The added length to the handle of the Tempest Wave II greatly helps in achieving more leverage near the net.
  • The durability of the paddle is greatly enhanced by incorporating the paddle with Paddletek’s exclusive ⅛ inches Edged Shock Guard.
  • The medium-ranged weight of the Tempest Wave II makes it one of the most aerodynamic pickleball paddles on the market. Carrying and swinging the paddle is not a headache anymore.


Since the Tempest Wave II lies more towards the Control side on the Control/Power spectrum, it can be said that the power of the paddle is sacrificed to reach an optimum level of control on the ball. So for the players that prefer power over control, then this paddle is not suited for them.

Our Two Cents:

The Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle is loaded with numerous unbelievable features that make the paddle stand out in many aspects from the ordinary pickleball paddles. For instance, the implementation of various technologies such as High-Grade Core with vibration damping technology, Graphite Surface to add more spin, durable shocked edge guard, and many more things that also make the paddle a one-of-a-kind paddle in the pickleball community.

Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle | Complete Synopsis

The Tempest Wave II is a pioneer in greatness and brilliance when it comes to state-of-the-art technology installed in a pickleball paddle. In addition to that, when seeking maximum control for accurately placing perfect shots, this paddle tops the list with flying colors. 

Are you still wondering whether this paddle is in a class by itself or not? Allow us to give you a tour of each and every single trait in our Paddletek Tempest Wave II Review so that you can find out what makes this paddle a rare find in the pickleball world.

High-Grade Composite Honeycomb Core:

The core of any pickleball paddle is quite a significant factor that should not go unnoticed. The technology used behind the core of the Tempest Wave II is known as Tempest PolyCore. Which is basically a High-Grade Graphite Polymer Composite Honeycomb Core. This core is ingrained with a modern innovation that allows the paddle to take in all the vibrations when the surface of the paddle swiftly connects with the incoming shots and converts all the tremors that are produced from the collision into the necessary energy that can be utilized in exchanging the shots with precise control. With the implementation of a vibration-damping core, it can be said that this paddle greatly complements players that experience tennis elbows.

Textured Graphite Face

Textured Graphite Face:

You might be wondering “What is that one thing that every single pickleball player is going crazy about this paddle?” well, it is an honor to knock the bottom out of the mystery for you.

The surface of the paddle is infused with a textured graphite material that supremely improves the ability of the paddle to control the ball at your own accord. On top of that, the textured paddle face also aids in adding an enormous amount of spin behind your shots that will surely leave your opponent in the dust on the pickleball court.

Feather Like Weight:

The weight of a pickleball paddle that almost every single pickleball player examines first. In other words, finding the right kind of weight that goes pretty well with your gameplay style is like finding a needle in the haystack.

The Tempest Wave II is one of the most aerodynamic pickleball paddles mainly because of its medium-weighted nature. The weight of the paddle lies between 7.4 ounces to 7.8 ounces due to which the paddle is extremely efficient to swing around.

When we were testing the paddle for ourselves, we observed that we used this paddle for quite a long time without feeling any muscle soreness, any sort of pain in the shoulders or exhaustion of any kind, etc. The ideal weight of the Tempest Wave II also plays a very essential role in further enhancing the maneuverability on the court with lightning-quick reflexes.

Extended Length:

The Tempest Wave II is constructed with the core purpose of providing its players with a paddle that offers you a high-caliber pickleball experience and for this very reason, this exciting pickleball paddle is manufactured with an extended length that measures about 15 ⅞ inches long which gives you an upper hand in terms of greater leverage on the court while going against tough opponents

Spacious Width:

The Tempest Wave II is comprised of a wide-bodied shape that is about 8 inches wide, offering a massively oversized sweet spot right at the center of the paddle. The broad surface of the paddle hands the players the opportunity to smash the ball soaring through the skies with top-notch precision and utmost accuracy with little to no minimal effort.

Ultra Cushioned Grip And Firm Handling:

Ultra Cushioned Grip And Firm Handling

Rocking the paddle back and forth takes place every other second during pickleball games. To remain calm, cool, and collected while doing so is no easy feat. Paddletek never fails to amaze us by considering all these determinants beforehand in the manufacturing process of the next pickleball paddle.

The Tempest Wave II features quite a sturdy and stretched handle that measures 5 ¼ inches lengthwise. This outreached handle length comes in handy for the players that like to play with two hands and also complements tennis converts as well. The handle plays quite a prominent role in endowing the players with admirable reach on the court. On the other hand, this exciting paddle is also pretty comfy to grasp in hands, thanks to the Paddletek’s Ultra Cushioned High Tack Performance Grip that not only absorbs the moisture and sweat away from the palms but also makes the handle of the paddle firm and keep it safe. Another reason why the handle is very cozy to clench and sway is pretty much because of its 4 ¼ inches short circumference that most of the pickleball players prefer.

⅛ Inches Edged Shock Guard:

In order to protect the Tempest Wave II from any form of external damage, Paddletek has strengthened the durability of the paddle by implanting the ⅛ Inch Edged Shock Guard on the face of the paddle. One striking feature of Tempest Wave II is that the edge guard also fine-tunes the maneuverability of the paddle.

Aesthetic Color Gradients:

Paddletek never disappoints when dealing with the subject of awesome-looking designs and aesthetics. We believe that it is just as important to appear phenomenal, both in terms of performance and looks on the court. The Tempest Wave II is available in 5 different color variations namely Aurora (Purple), Barium (Green), Horizon (Yellow), Riptide (Blue), and last but not the least, Wildfire (Red).

Paddle Specifications:

Paddle CoreHigh-Grade Graphite Polymer Composite Honeycomb Core
Core MaterialTempest PolyCore
Paddle SurfaceTextured Graphite
Paddle Weight7.4 Ounces to 7.8 Ounces
Paddle Length15 ⅞ Inches
Paddle Width8 Inches
Factory GripUltra Cushioned High Tack Performance Grip
Grip Size5 ¼ inches
Grip Circumference4 ¼ Inches
Edge Guard⅛ Inches Edged Shock Guard
Color Variations5
USAPA ApprovedYes

Wrap Up:

In hindsight, the Tempest Wave II is probably one of the most pimped out pickleball paddles with cutting edge technology. The core of the paddle is designed only to provide the smoothest pickleball experience. Furthermore, the face of the paddle provides monumental ball control on the court.

By covering all the necessary functions in this Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle Review. We hope that you get some idea why the Tempest Wave II is hands down the first pick for you.

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