Pickleball Myths – Mistaken Beliefs & Misconceptions

We all are aware of the fact how quickly misinformation spreads about a topic like a wildfire. Pickleball is no exception when it comes to incorrect judgments founded on flawed understanding or thinking. This exciting sport has a reasonable number of myths attached to its name. And for that very reason, we are here to put an end to all the Pickleball Myths that are harming the reputation of this beautiful game of pickleball.

Pickleball is probably one of the most entertaining paddle sports in the world as of now. A lot of people, of all sizes and ages, enjoy this game because pickleball is pretty easy to get into as compared to other sports. Along with that, one can comprehend how to play pickleball as it is very straightforward to grasp the concept of the game. So without any further ado. Let us get to the bottom of it and bust all the myths and mix-ups regarding pickleball.

Pickleball Myths:

Pickleball Myths are defined as all the wrong ideas and misinterpretations that pickleball is not. For example, no health benefits is a sport only for the old, not an athletic game, and the paddle holds no importance.

Just like everyone, we have heard a fair share of all the false gossip regarding pickleball. For instance, the game is only suitable for elderly people. It does not require a lot of practice to master pickleball. Playing this game is a piece of cake. This is not a real sport and whatnot. Our team has worked tirelessly and has put a lot of effort to present you with a complete list of all the Pickleball Myths that take the fun out of the game.

Pickleball Misconceptions – A Complete Breakdown:

There are so many myths and misconceptions that are related to pickleball. What surprises us the most is that many people do believe in these fake expressions of views and facts and manage to fall for these bogus claims. Here is a comprehensive breakup of the most common myths that we were able to salvage.

Myth #1 – Serving Team/Individual Has The Upper Hand:

A lot of pickleball players believe that they are going to win the game if they get to serve the ball first. This is absolutely not the case. We have seen quite a number of times how the dynamics of the entire game change in a matter of seconds. We have also seen individuals making a comeback from what appears to be a total wreck.

Serving Team/Individual Has The Upper Hand

Busting the Myth: Although serving the ball might have gotten you in the atmosphere of the game first. But there is no concrete evidence that the players that get to serve the ball first always going to win. It is true to some extent that the team or individual who begins the match does win sometimes but that does not happen every single time. The team or player that puts their all in the game gets the victory every single time.

Myth #2 – Pickleball Is Not For The Young:

Plenty of people still believe that pickleball is a game that is admired by senior citizens only. The reason behind this is that many old-age pensioners are seen with a pickleball paddle smashing volleys on the court. That does not necessarily mean that pickleball is only correlated to old people. This might be true to some extent that old people are in a greater number of players in comparison with young players. But this does not justify the myth that this game is only destined to be played by the people who are now in their old age.

Pickleball Is Not For The Young
Pickleball Is For The Young

Busting the Myth: There are a number of young individuals that also get to enjoy and like to play pickleball (including us!). In simpler terms, this sport is not only bound to be played by the seniors only but also the people of all ages ranging from kids, middle-schoolers, teenagers, young adults, people in their late 30s and 40s and so many more. You might be wondering “But what’s the secret behind everyone playing pickleball?” Well! This paddle sport is probably one of the easiest games to learn and adapt to. Hence the reason why people of all ages get entertained by pickleball.

Myth #3 – You Don’t Need Practice To Play Pickleball:

This misconception might be one of the most frustrating myths that we came across. People that do not know a thing about pickleball think that there is no practice required to play the game. All you have to do is pick a paddle and swing it in different directions. “All you have to do is hit the ball” is probably going to be their answer if asked about pickleball.

You Need Practice To Play Pickleball

Busting the Myth: Not only do you need a lot of practice to master this sport. But at the same time in a doubles match, you also need to coordinate your game plan with your teammate. Communicating your moves and synchronization with your partner is a work of art and requires a lot of practice that not everyone is capable of.

Myth #4 – The Stronger One Always Wins:

One of the most common misbeliefs that we get to observe is that the one with more strength is the champion. This is incorrect on so many different levels. Pickleball is not all about maneuverability and speed. Yes! you do need to be active in order to experience pickleball to its full potential. But it does not mean that the more athletic individual is always going to win.

The Stronger One Always Wins

Busting the Myth: Pickleball is a sport that does not depend on athleticism only. One interesting thing about this game is that you also need brains along with your brawns to play pickleball. There are a lot of other factors that need to be considered while playing this sport. For example, what is going to be the position of the paddle? What kind of equipment is right? What is the direction of the wind? How to get on the same page as your partner? How to accurately signal your teammate? Etc.

pickleball championships

Myth #5 – Only A Casual Sport:

Another mildly infuriating misconception about pickleball is that the game is not in the same league like the NBA, Football, MLB, Ice Hockey, etc. it seems partly right as pickleball is not as renowned as these sports. But this does give grounds for belittling the game. Even though pickleball does not get the recognition it deserves but still, pickleball professionals can make a fortune as they earn around $50k – $200k.

Busting the Myth: The significance of pickleball can be comprehended by the fact that there are numerous tournaments officially held not only in the USA but all across the globe. Furthermore, you can understand the gravity of the situation by checking that there are a lot of websites (for example PickleballTournaments) where you can monitor and extract all the relevant information regarding pickleball championships.

Paddle Weight Has Significance

Myth #6 – Paddle Weight Has No Significance:

We have noticed that many pickleball novices are told to play with paddles that are pretty light to carry. The reason is that they are quite comfortable to handle. Despite the fact that lighter paddles do not pack a lot of punch, a great number of pickleball newcomers opt to play with lighter paddles.

Busting the Myth: Similarly, some people advise the upcoming pickleball players to go with heavier paddles as they can help in pulling off awesome smashes and powerful volleys. The matter of the fact here is that the rookie pickleball players should choose the paddle which complements them best and goes perfectly right in their hands.

Myth #7 – Not An Agile Sports:

The people that are not associated with pickleball have this false perception that the paddle sport does not require a lot of running. Or that pickleball is an easy sport that you can play by standing in one position only.

An Agile Sports

Busting the Myth: Pickleball is all about moving from one corner to another. Not only do you have to be fit in order to play pickleball. But at the same time, you have to be more agile than the opposing team or player to win the game.

Myth #8 – No Real Health Benefits:

A great deal of individuals has this strange perspective that playing pickleball does not benefit your health. They have confidence in this myth that the game has nothing to offer to your well-being and good physical condition. Which is entirely misleading.

Real Health Benefits

Busting the Myth: There are many ways in which pickleball plays a key role in maintaining your health. For instance:

Aids in reducing weight.Burns calories.Keeps you in excellent shape.Multiple cardiovascular benefits.Improves the flow of blood throughout the bodyEnhances body balance.Nurtures mental health.

Ending Note:

In spite of the fact that we have covered these many Pickleball Myths. There are still so many misconceptions that people have in their minds when it comes to Pickleball. We at Pickleballobby hope and believe that our myth-busting attempt will particularly help you in the future when the next time you hear a made-up interpretation about this phenomenal sport. But still, if you have any doubts lingering in your mind then feel free to pick a paddle and step into your nearest pickleball court to find out whether these myths are actually true or just that. A myth.

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