Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle Review | Descriptive Summary

The Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle is indeed a piece of work. It is Gamma’s first-ever elongated pickleball paddle in the Gamma roster. With accurate precision and absolute control, this pickleball paddle is designed by keeping all these things considered. This Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle Review includes all the features of this paddle.

Gamma has surely emerged as a pioneer in the pickleball industry by implementing cutting-edge technology. On top of that, the elongated paddle gives an upper hand to the players because of the greater reach and more leverage during intense pickleball matches.

What Makes the Gamma Needle Rare |Brief Synopsis|

  • The face of the paddle features a textured graphite material that efficiently increases spin on the ball.
  • The technology used behind the core of the paddle is called Sensa Poly Core technology which is integrated with the sole purpose of enhancing the ball control.
  • The feather-like weight of the paddle greatly helps in facing the incoming shots with quick reflexes on the pickleball court.
  • The paddle is designed in an elongated construction which provides a moderately considerable space of sweet spot for scoring match-winning shots.
  • The handle of the paddle is wrapped with an exclusive GAMMA Honeycomb Comfort grip integrated with sweat-absorbent technology.
  • Due to the long build of the paddle, it offers greater leverage and much more reach on the pickleball court.


One of the prominent features that make the paddle less attractive is the price. Needle is the most expensive pickleball paddle on the GAMMA roster. In addition to that, this paddle is recommended for players that are either professional or somewhat familiar with ins and outs of pickleball. This paddle is absolutely not preferred for players that are have just started playing pickleball recently.

Our Final Verdict:

Gamma has surely updated its lineup with the introduction of the very first elongated pickleball paddle which is the Needle in its collection. The slender-bodied design of the paddle is responsible for quite an enormous sweet spot. When combined with a well-balanced medium-ranged weight, this paddle becomes an all-in-one package that will surely lead you to victory.

Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle
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Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle |Comprehensive Summary|

The Gamma Needle is equipped with some of the most exciting features that one could find in a pickleball paddle. To fully grasp how each and every mechanism of the paddle functions, we have put together this helpful Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle Review for your convenience will also help you uncover the mystery as to why this paddle is becoming well-known with each passing day.

Well! Let us dive headfirst into it.

Sensa Poly Core:

Sensa Poly Core

After testing the paddle a couple of times, an impressive thing that we discovered was that the core of the paddle features a pioneering technology which is known as Sensa Poly Core technology. The drastic improvement in the performance of the paddle is due to the implementation of this core. Because Gamma Needle offers tremendous ball control that allows the player to execute shots. Either from the back of the court or the front.

On top of that, the paddle also features shock-absorbent technology. This allows consistent power behind the shots with maximum accuracy without losing control. Moreover, the core of the paddle also plays quite an essential role in giving the paddle a much softer touch and feel.

Textured Graphite Paddle Face:

The surface of the paddle features another stunning trait that only proves how phenomenal the Gamma Needle is and how it distinguishes it from the common pickleball paddles. The face of this pickleball paddle is composed of Textured Graphite material. The textured surface of the paddle allows for maximizing the swerve on the ball. Not only that, but the face is also responsible which gives off a sweet “pop” ensuring that bashing the ball with topspins and backspins is effortless, and at the same time, precise.

⅛ inches Edge Guard:

In order to keep the Gamma Needle from harm’s way, the paddle comes with a ⅛ edged shock guard which makes the paddle quite sturdy as well as resilient in nature. Along with that, we also observed during our pickleball matches is that the edge guard also enables us to move the paddle around without any worry of damaging the paddle because of its excellent quality defensive edge guard.

Elongated Dimensions:

Every pickleball player is aware of the fact how important it is to look out for the dimensions of the paddle. The Gamma Needle is manufactured in a way so that it stands out from its challengers and gains a competitive advantage over the rivals with quite a compelling construction, having a spacious width of 7 ⅛ inches. The broad paddle face also results in providing a much greater sweet spot for more consistent and error-free shots.

On the other hand, the added length of the paddle makes it the first elongated paddle in the Gamma lineup of pickleball paddles, which measures approximately 16 ⅝ inches. The extra length of the paddle comes in handy because the paddle offers greater leverage on the court as well as exceptional reach.

Ideal Weight:

The weight of the paddle is also one of the characteristic that is worthy of attention. The heavier the paddle, the better the shots that pack much force. On the flip side, the lighter the weight, the finer the control on the ball

The Gamma Needle weighs about 7.6 ounces meaning that the paddle classifies as a medium-weighted paddle which is exemplary for moving the paddle back and forth with minimal effort. Plus, the feather-like weight of the paddle also gives rise to improved maneuverability.

Gamma Honeycomb Comfort Grip and Handling
Grip of gamma needle

Gamma Honeycomb Comfort Grip and Handling:

Another determinant that grabbed our attention while examining the paddle is the length of the handle. The measurement of the handle is 4 ¼  inches. This length makes the paddle trouble-free to handle and swerve to take on the ball. What’s more, is that the handle of the paddle is enveloped with Gamma’s exclusive Honeycomb perforated cushioned grip. The grip not only adds up to the level of comfort when the paddle is carried in hands. But at the same time absorbs any sweat to prevent the paddle from slipping away from the palms of the hands. One thing to notice here is the circumference of the grip. The girth measures 4 ⅛ inches making sure that the paddle is comfortable and firm to hold.

Paddle Descriptions:

Skill Level Advanced Beginners to Professionals
Paddle Core Material Sensa Poly Core
Paddle Surface Textured Graphite
Paddle Weight 7.6 Ounces
Paddle Length 16 ⅝ inches
Paddle Width 7 ⅛ inches
Paddle Thickness 13 mm
Factory Grip Gamma Honeycomb
Grip Size 4 ¼ inches
Grip Circumference 4 ⅛ inches (Small)
Edge Guard ⅛ inches Edged Shock Guard
Color Variations Blue/Green
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
USAPA Approved Yes

What Do The Players Say?

“Many of my colleagues love to play Pickleball and have their own paddles. When I gave their paddle a shot, my arms and shoulders sored up pretty fast due to the heavy weight of the paddles. After I tried the Gamma Needle for myself, I instantly fell in love with this paddle for two main reasons. The first one is of course the lightweight of the paddle. And secondly, the grip of the paddle, keeps the paddle exceptionally sturdy when the ball connects with the paddle. I highly advise you to at least give this paddle a try before jumping to any conclusion.”

-Kevin Fuller

“I have been playing with Gamma Needle Paddle for quite a while now and I must say that this paddle has got everything I have been searching for. Controlling the ball has never been this easy, plus, the elongated physique which has enabled me for more reach on the pickleball court and has efficiently fine-tuned my performance.”

-Phillips Grant

“The Needle has officially become my go-to pickleball paddle from Gamma solely due to the fact that I was able to curve the ball with added control whenever, wherever I want, thanks to the Textured Graphite surface. Another thing that I would like to applaud here is that the paddle houses quite a massive sweet spot that has empowered me to smash the ball right at the opponent.”

-Eleanor Gilbert

“I’m totally flattered by the extra length of the paddle that has made it possible for me to play the shots that I couldn’t before the Gamma Needle.”

-Rachel Vasquez

Wrapping Things Up:

To sum things up, the Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle is engineered in the most delicate way to provide the players with the most exotic pickleball experience one has ever had the chance to encounter. Loaded with tons of thrilling features and state-of-the-art technology such as Sensa Poly Core and Textured Graphite Face. Add a comfortable Sweat-absorbent Grip to the mix and you will get the comfiest pickleball paddle on the market. The paddle is made with a perfect blend of slick control and awesome power which makes it a classic pick for game-winning smashes. We hope that you got all the required information you needed from this Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddle Review.

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