Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle Review | Complete Synopsis

When it comes to pinpointing control, dominating rigid durability as well as superiority in perfect spin rotation. Onix Outbreak is the name that comes to mind. The paddle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best pickleball experience. In order to grasp each and every function of the paddle. Go through this Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle Review that we have come up with which includes all the information about this paddle.

To up your game to the next level. The Outbreak features an expanded paddle face to help you strike all-powerful smashes when the ball comes in contact with the paddle. In correspondence to that, the paddle comes in different color variations. For instance black, red, and blue. Plus a sleek crystalline design is also printed on the face of the paddle. Which might leave your opponents looking like a bunch of old-fashioned individuals.

What Makes Onix Outbreak Phenomenal? |Concise Summary|

  • The face of the paddle is composed of Graphite. Which is further strengthened by the inclusion of a brand new TeXtreme Technology.
  • The thickness along with the touch, control, and power of the paddle is immensely increased. Thanks to the Polypropylene Honeycomb innovation in the core of the paddle.
  • The wide body of the paddle plays quite a significant role in offering one of the biggest sweet spots one can find in pickleball paddles.
  • The paddle comes in with an outstanding handle length of 5 inches that complements tennis converts very well.
  • The comfort of using the paddle is magnified by incorporating a perforated cushioned grip that adds more stability to the paddle.
  • The paddles suit players the best who prefer control over power.

37/50 – Our Score

Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

Top Features:

  • Power:
  • Control:
  • Responsiveness:
  • Spin:
  • Touch:


Although the Onix Outbreak is exceptionally one of the best pickleball paddles in the market as of now. But, I have identified some of the areas in which the paddle is lacking and needs improvement.

One thing that bothered me the most while playing with the Outbreak is the shape of the handle. The paddle has an unusual structure of the handle. When I was holding the paddle in the palm of my hands. I could feel that the structure of the handle is similar to that of a rectangle. This unorthodox construction gave the handle a more “edgy” feel. Secondly, the thing that threw me off balance while experimenting with the paddle was the weight of the paddle. The Outbreak is heavier near the top of the paddle. And last but not the least, the Outbreak lacks power because it is more of a “control-oriented” pickleball paddle.

What’s My Take?

I think the Onix Outbreak is ideal for someone who looks to have additional control over their dinks and spins. Because the paddle greatly emphasizes controlled shots, rather than smashing the ball right at your opponent. Other than that, I reckon that Onix has done quite a remarkable job in manufacturing the Outbreak

Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle |Extensive Analysis|

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in the Onix Outbreak or not, hang on just a moment. I recommend you to go through this Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle Review once in order to comprehend and take in each and every feature of the pickleball paddle.

Paddle Face:

One of the most prominent elements that make the Onix Outbreak stand out is that the face of the paddle is made up of Graphite. The graphite face solidifies the paddle. Not only that but the paddle face is further reinforced with the help of Onix’s very own TeXtreme Technology (What a mouthful!). Providing the pickleball players with an opportunity to improve their control and touch game. 

So what the heck is this TeXtreme Technology and what difference does it make to your performance?

Well, TeXtreme is basically a spread tow carbon fiber woven fabric. In simpler terms, it is the practice of converting fiber into a compact, thin reinforcing materials that can be used for strengthening several different surfaces.

This modern innovation really helps in reinforcing the paddle up to a great extent, making the paddle’s face rigid and durable without adding any additional or extra weight to it. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

Edge Guard:

The Onix Outbreak comes in a low-profile vinyl edge guard that assists in protecting from any external damage to the paddle. While at the same time, enhancing other factors of the paddle such as maneuverability and wielding ability. In addition to that, it can be said that the life span of the paddle is increased by incorporating the edge guard. Which results in a more durable and firm pickleball paddle.

Paddle Core:

Onix has proved why the company is on the top of its game by featuring Onix Outbreak with an incredible Polypropylene Honeycomb Core. This introduction of the modern innovation to the paddle plays a significant role in the better performance of the paddle. The thickness of the paddle is also a very important factor to consider. As it helps in refining and revamping the control, power, and touch on the ball. Adding TeXtreme Technology to the mix and you will get a beast of a paddle to pull off amazing shots. Including dinks as well as complete control to curve the ball and make it swing.

Paddle core

One interesting thing that surprised me the most while I was experimenting with the paddle is the thicker core. This core packs a serious punch. Because the paddle is really compatible with fast-paced as well as slow shots. It offers just the right control that you desire in a pickleball paddle.

Paddle Dimensions:

Just like most of the other pickleball paddles, the Onix Outbreak comes in a standard length of 15 ½  inches. Whereas, the height of the paddle measures up to 1 ⅜ inch. However, one thing to look out for is the broad construction of the paddle which is 8 ⅛ inches wide. Offering a greater width than most of the paddles where the width is only 8 inches. Which makes the Outbreak an ideal pick. Along with that, the spacious design of the paddle gives an oversized area of the sweet spot. Meaning it becomes pretty uncomplicated to smash the ball winging into the opposition’s side of the net. Plus, the wider sweet spot also comes in quite handy in further improving the control on the ball to place your next game-winning shot.


Another factor that makes the Outbreak unique is that it is a suitable pickleball paddle for all types of players. Due to its medium weight which ranges from 7.8 ounces to 8.2 ounces. The medium weight of the paddle makes it quite easy for pickleball players to roam freely on the court. And at the same time swing the paddle with much comfort and ease. Furthermore, the Outbreak is also available in many different variations in terms of weight. So one can go for the paddle that is well-suited and easy to carry around for them.

Grip & Handling:

Grip & Handling
The grip of my personal Onix OutBreak Pickleball Paddle

If you are a player who likes to hold the paddle in both of your hands then the Onix Outbreak is just made for you. The paddle features a stretched-out and extended handle that measures 5 inches which is identical to that of the Onix Z5. Another side to consider is that the long handle also complements players that play tennis as well because the long handle of the paddle imitates the handle design of a tennis racquet.

The Onix Outbreak features its proprietary Perforated Cushioned Grip on its wooden handle that measures 4 ⅜ inches in terms of grip circumference which helps in holding the paddle more comfortably and simultaneously absorbs any moisture and sweat from the palm of your hands so that the paddle may not slip from the hands during intense, action-packed pickleball matches.

Specification Chart:

Paddle Core Material Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
Paddle Face MaterialGraphite – TeXtreme Technology
Weight Range7.8 Ounces to 8.2 Ounces
Paddle Length15 ½ Inches
Paddle Width8 ⅛ Inches
Paddle Height1 ⅜ Inch
Factory GripOnix’s Perforated Cushioned Grip
Grip Circumference4 ⅜ Inches
Handle Length5 Inches
Edge GuardLow-Profile Vinvl Edge Guard

Concluding Things Up:

Onix pickleball paddles never fail to amaze me with its constant effort to break the technological boundaries time and time again, and has lived true to its name of being the “pioneer in technology” in the pickleball industry. By integrating the latest technology such as TeXtreme, Polypropylene, Nomex Ribtec, and whatnot, with pickleball paddles, Onix has surely given us a tough time on which paddle to go for.

The Outbreak is quite popular among pickleball professionals such as Byron Freso and is also cherished by a fair amount of people due to its leading characteristics some of which I have already discussed.

So, if you are someone who loves to spin the pickleball too much across the court then the Outbreak is certainly the paddle you are looking for. Because, the capability of the paddle to pinpoint control is without a doubt, one of the best features this paddle has to offer. We strongly believe that this Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle Review surely helped you in understanding all the important aspects of this exciting pickleball paddle.

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