Gearbox GX5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle | Definitive Review

Dealing with the subject of ultimate power and accurate control then look no further than the GX5. Featuring the brand new Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle with upgraded traits, taking the pickleball experience to a whole new level. The GX5 comes in two different paddle variations which are Power and Control, offering the players a chance to opt from according to their playstyle. To find out more about this paddle. Go through this Gearbox GX5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Review for all the ins and outs of the paddle.

One can be compelled by the incorporation of up-to-date innovations such as Solid Span Technology, the paddle has massively upgraded to the next level. the paddle is also combined with Vibration Damping Technology. this innovation allows the player to have steady hands when executing shots. So without any further ado, let us dig deep into the features of this pickleball paddle.

What Makes The GX5 Exceptional? | Short Summary |

  • One of the most important factors of the GX5 is that the paddle features two categories that are Power and Control to serve players that desire either power or control in their pickleball paddles.
  • The GX5 features a gigantic sweet spot because of its enormous length which is 15 ⅞ inches for ultimate power and maximum control.
  • Integrated with Vibration Control Damping System to absorb the tremors. A perfect pick for players having tennis elbows.
  • The core of the paddle is composed of carbon fiber material which makes the paddle stand out from other pickleball paddles in the sense that Gearbox’s very own invention namely Solid Span Technology enhances the durability and lifespan of the paddle to a great extent.
  • The lean construction of the paddle makes it one of the most aerodynamic pickleball paddles, offering the topmost maneuverability.
  • The GX5 is also incorporated with a modern innovation known as Hyber Bite Spin Technology, which allows the player to maximize their ability to swing the balls into unmatchable spinning shots.
  • The edgeless carbon fiber frame also plays a key role in lowering the chances of mishits and at the same time, provides a larger surface area for hitting the ball.

39/50 – Our Score

Gearbox GX5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


  • Power:
  • Control:
  • Forgiveness:
  • Spin:
  • Responsiveness:


Although, the Gearbox GX5 is indeed an extraordinarily unique pickleball paddle. However, there are a few factors that we think one should keep in mind before picking the GX5 as their number one choice for the pickleball paddles.

The first thing is that the GX5 is not a budget-friendly paddle and some people might find a better alternative at the same price range. Along with that, we also come to find when we were testing out the paddle for ourselves that that paddle might feel a bit too heavy for a few players, affecting their maneuverability and playability.

Moreover, the edgeless carbon fiber frame is also a determinant that some people might bizarre because most of the pickleball paddles on the market are protected with some sort of edge guard, making the paddle more long-lasting. While the GX5 is constructed without an edge guard, leaving the paddle unprotected.

Our Side of the Story:

In our humble opinion, the Gearbox has successfully emerged as one of the most versatile pickleball paddles manufacturers with its GX5 invention. The reason behind its quick growth players usually goes for either power-oriented or control-oriented paddles. The GX5, without a doubt, has dominated the pickleball industry single-handedly with its notable strategy of catering to both types of players. For instance, the players who prefer to play with controlled shots would prefer GX5 Control Pickleball Paddle, while the players who would rather smash the ball through the skies would like to go for GX5 Power Pickleball Paddle.

So whatever your game plan on the court is, Gearbox GX5 has got you all backed up.

Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle |Detailed Synopsis|

In order to understand each and every little aspect of the Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle, then you’ve certainly come to the right place as we will be discussing all the features and characteristics of the paddle.

So sit back! Relax! And have a look at this Gearbox GX5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Review that we have come up with.

Paddle Face:

You can be compelled by the edgeless frame that the GX5 features, making the paddle quite peculiar. The paddle’s face is comprised of Carbon Fiber material integrated with Hyper Bite Spin Technology, allowing the players an opportunity to add extra spin to their shots.

Not only that, the carbon fiber material encompassed on the face of the paddle adds to the strength of the paddle, ensuring its longevity of the paddle. On top of that, the frameless surface makes smashing volleys and spinning shots a piece of cake due to the larger hitting area and simultaneously lessening the chances of mishits.

Paddle Core:

One of the most prominent features of the GX5 is that the core of the paddle is integrated with an all-new modern technology called Solid Span Technology which makes the core of the paddle more durable and strong. This carbon fiber material is designed in such a manner to enhance the players’ ability to carefully place shots either with great power or with delicate control.

Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle

Along with that, the core of the paddle also helps in absorbing the tremor. It also soaks up all the shakiness that arises when the ball comes in contact with the paddle. Because the core is also incorporated with Vibration Damping Technology. This interesting blend of both of these technologies allows the paddle to become more sturdy and stable in nature. While on the court, it also increases the chances of the players striking winning shots.

A little Side Note: This Vibration Damping Technology implemented in the paddle makes it one of the best choices for players suffering from arthritis or tennis elbows.

Paddle Dimensions:

One noticeable feature of the paddle is that the Gearbox GX5 measures 15 ⅞  inches in terms of length. Which is slightly larger than the conventional pickleball paddles on the market. Players having the GX5 on the court enjoys an advantage of greater leverage and more reach. And at the same time aid in connecting the ball with all-mighty and dominating smashes and volleys.

If we talk about the width of the paddle the GX5 is comprised of a wide body. the measurement is about 8 inches broad widthwise. This extensive shape of the paddle not only reduces the possibility of mishits. But also offers a massive area for the sweet spots. This enhances the performance and accuracy of the paddle with every single returning shot. On top of that, the spacious surface area of the paddle also makes it effortless to pull off breathtaking shots on the court. Forexample topspins, volleys, backspins, dinks, and many more.


One of the many things that make the Gearbox GX5 stand out from its competitors is that the paddle comes in different variations of a medium weight which ranges from 7.8 ounces and 8.5 ounces so players have the freedom to choose from what kind of weighted paddle is well suited for them and pick the best one out. Both of these weight options are available in both the categories of paddles which are GX5 Power and GX5 Control. What’s more, is that the weight of this paddle is ideal in the sense that such weight provides the players the chance to freely swing the paddle in all and every direction effortlessly for staggering blows and also grants them to move from one place to another on the court in no time because of fast maneuverability and responsiveness.

Grip & Handling:

One of the most compelling elements of the paddle that piqued our interest was that the grip on the handle is Gearbox’s very own, patented Gearbox Wrap that not only enhances the level of comfort for the players but also results in a well forged and firm grip which does not allow the paddle to slip out of the palm of one’s hands while facing the opponents.

Talking about the measurement of the handle of the paddle and the grip. The grip features several variations in terms of size which are thin and standard 3 ⅝ and 3 15/16 inches respectively making the construction of the grip oval in appearance. In addition to that, the handle of the paddle is also an eye-catching factor of the GX5, measuring 4 ¾ inches long which is quite short lengthwise. Although because of the compact handle length, it guarantees perfect swings. 

Specification Chart:

Paddle Weight7.8 ounces to 8.5 ounces
Paddle ShapeWide Body
Grip MaterialGearbox Smooth Wrap
Grip ShapeOval
Grip Circumference3 ⅝ inches (Thin)3 15/16 inches (Standard)
Handle Length4 ¾ inches (short)
Paddle Length15 ⅞ inches
Paddle Width8 inches
Paddle Thickness7/16 inches
Warranty1 Year
USAPA ApprovedYes

To Sum Things Up:

There is not a single shred of doubt in the fact that Gearbox has revolutionized the pickleball industry as we know it. With constant effort and ceaseless endeavors, Gearbox has gone out of the box with its brand new innovation in the GX5 to make it one of the most distinctive pickleball paddles on the market.

Through the integration of state-of-the-art technology including Solid Soan Technology, Vibration Damping Technology, Hyper Bite Spin Technology, etc, it has become quite apparent that the GX5 offers numerous benefits on the court.

In retrospect, if you want an all-in-one pickleball paddle that is a complete package of power and control, then there’s no better alternative than the Gearbox GX5. We at Pickleballobby hope that the Gearbox GX5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Review comes in handy for you.

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