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Turning your backyard into a 30×60 pickleball playing area or building one from zero? A court builder makes your job 20 times easier by giving you quotations and pickleball court construction specifications, so your paperwork will be equal to the goose egg. However, trust issues, quality concerns, and the big thing: where are they located, and how you’ll hire them? Answering your queries, I compiled 6 of the best pickleball court builders with all the information you’d need, including their prices, location, service remarks, and everything. 

I personally had a great experience with pickleball court builders, although I made one in my backyard. I then compared the cost, effort, and overall results of both. Part of this article is a result of the great results of their work, and I’ll be talking about the reasons, benefits, and of course, the drawbacks you’d want to count for hiring a pickleball court contractor.

Top 8 Pickleball Court Builders To Hire:

1. Sportsmaster:

Sports Master is a leading pickleball court contractor in the industry. They were known as the best tennis court builders and have recently started building pickleball courts. Now, as in tennis, they’re also making huge progress by being the best in the pickleball game. Well, the reason is… we all know the increasing popularity of pickleball and its players.

The coating on the court (Credit: sportmaster.net)

The builders have patented pickleball construction materials. They’ve Pickle master, the Local Tennis Court Resurfacing (The official contractor of the USAPA for court surfacing), Cushion Master, and various other authorities that construct the court. They all are high-profile professional material dealers with no chance anyone can question the quality. They prioritize injury-free court structure and excellent ball response, all of which make the court ideal for tournament play.

However, Sports Master is also the most expensive builder out there, but yes, the quality they provide keeps you unworried for years, which means saving you from future expenses, so it’s a win-win. So far, I’ve seen their service to be the most wholesome, from making the scope to installing everything that guarantees quality is all I received by experiencing them.

You can have the court built anywhere across the USA. their quotations normally range from $15 to $40 per square foot, which means your expense can be anywhere from $27k to $72k for a 30 x 60 outdoor court.

2. Sportcourt:

Like the Sports Master, Sport Court is a World-Wide Agency, and you’ll have the nearest ones around you. They’ve built over 50,000 all around the world and possess the best customer service one could ask for; not to mention their terms and condition are very friendly. I must appreciate the team they’ve–the most compassionate workers they have–who know how to do the job with no errors.

court by sportcourt
Court Construct by Sportcourt.com

Their quotations are similar to that of the Sports Master, and they also have their own patented material. However, user-friendliness and quick customer support are what sets them apart. They give advice and honest quotations and further guide you about how you can achieve the most of it.

On top of it, their designs are very pretty. The color schemes and added combinations they’ve are absolutely amazing. Sports Court is worth hiring if you’re building an outdoor court for community play. They’ve an online website, just fill out the form, and they’ll assign you the nearest contractor who’ll take the lead to guide you about quotations and services.

3. Sportsurfaces:

My third best option for building the court in the best possible manner is the Sports Surfaces. Sports Surfaces is one of the fastest contractors out there. One of my friends contracted them to build a court in the backyard, and they finished it in 2 days only. It’s been 2 years since that court, and no renovations have been needed yet.

Besides building the court from zero, they’ve better service to offer for the resurfacing, and that’s their specialized area. Also, their prices are extremely competitive–if you’ve got tight on budget and want something that won’t make you regret it later, Sports Surfaces would definitely be your best bet!

4. Versacourt:

court picture
court designed by versacourt.com

Versa Court is one of my favorite pickleball contractors. It’s all about professionalism and things done with class and elegance. They’ve no room for lengthy discussions and convincing you of something that you previously hadn’t planned–which most of the contractors do.

They’ve DIY kits, professional designers, and artists that let you choose the design of your own. Also, their design team is very skilled in creating custom logos and designs. Other than indoors, they’ll give a better experience of the outdoors and take care of all the other accessories, i.e., lighting, fence, high-quality netting, etc.

6. Morsportsgroup:

Do you know who built the USAPA US Open Pickleball Championships court? Yes, that was the Mor Sports Group. The contracting agency is specialized in making tournament courts. Unlike Sports Master and Sports Courts, you can only hire them in Florida.

lining by moresportsgroup.com

They’ve two patented DecoTurf and DecoColor Pickleball Surfacing Systems, which also are incomparable in terms of the quality of what the above contractors provide. It is for their surfacing that Mor Sports groups have current projects gouging on with ESPN Pro Pickleball Association Private Invitational Event, Portico Amenities, and so forth.

7. Northstateresurfacing:

What I like about the North State Surfacing is, yes, the surface. Its abrasive resistance is superb quality, plus theory other facilities are undoubtedly one of the best in the market. Their patented surface is called Novaplay® Pickleball Surface, and they claim it typo be 200% anti-abrasive. This is true as we had witnessed a nearby court in Florida constructed by their team a few years ago; it still has the same surfacing with no cracks.

court by northstatesurfacing.com
court by northstatesurfacing.com

North State Surfacing has its roots in building Tennis Courts, and they still apply the same rigid quality when making a pickleball one. Their court has reduced injury risks and better traction, which ultimately enhances the quality of the game.

8. Parkintennis:

Let me end my list with one of the affordable contractors in the town. Park In Tenis is limited, though, dealing with clients only in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. They construct, resurface, and renovate courts of both indoor and outdoor types.

Just like all the other contractors, they also cover you with all other accessories like lighting and fence and provide you with their designers for customization. However, their rates and service are quite considerable for home and indoor pickleball courts.

Pros & Cons of Pickleball Court Builders:

Hiring a pickleball court builder has both its advantages and disadvantages. While if you ask me, a contractor will benefit you more than it will run you in losses. Here are the few benefits that I witnessed myself.

  • A contractor will give you the most honest quotations for everything.
  • He’ll give you valuable advice beneficial for the lifespan of your court and how you can make the most out of it.
  • You don’t have to roam around for markets and continue the research in your basement to find the right materials–the contractor will do it for you.
  • All the construction work–of course!
  • There’s no room for error. Lines and surfacing will be perfect. So, extra expenses on fixing the error will be saved.
  • The contractor takes care of little things like slope, directions, and placement, which you’d miss if you were on your own.
  • Contractors provide you with a warranty for a specific period. If anything goes wrong or wears out, they’re bound to make it
  • correct for you.

Now, here’s a little drawback: the fees of the contractor. However, more than a drawback, it’s totally cliche. Many think hiring a court contractor costs more than building your own. I don’t disagree with the statement, yet the efforts to find and purchase material on your own will equalize the price. However, if you’re building a basic court, then yes, the cost of the pickleball court contractor is a serious turnoff.

Why should you hire a pickleball court builder:

For 9 out of 10 times, I’d recommend hiring a contractor to build a court than making a court all by yourself. And the reason is… wait… Haven’t I cleared this in the pros? Well, the basis is error-free and stress-free construction. I’ve seen many ruined pickleball courts, and it’s because building them technically seems so easy, having just three steps, so it’s not surprising if many people get intrigued by going all their own to build one. However, it’s not that easy. You’ve to look for the sloping and the right surfacing–and even surfacing will be a pure headache for you, making lines, and if you decide to paint them, you’ll go wrong with at least one line.

Now comes fixing the errors, which is why you should always hire a pickleball court contractor. With the contractor, you don’t have to worry about anything. Many contractors charge less than others, so just have the most affordable contractor near you, and you’re done!

Wrap up:

Let me guess. You must be checking all those contractors now, right? Well, in the end, I’d second with you if you think consulting everything and then deciding which one works best is the best option. Because it actually is. All the pickleball court builders I shared information about in this article are best in their own way, but of course, their results, quotations, customer support, and designs vary from each other. One may have a good experience with one while one may have one with another. So it’s on you now to which one is the most compelling to you and what quotations your budget is okay with. Despite anything, don’t forget to let me know about your experience with the pickleball court contractor in the comments. Have a nice day!

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