Best Pickleball Machines to Make you the Best Pickleball Player

PRACTICE makes PERFECT and the same applies to pickleball, when it comes to winning tournaments. That considered, we’re going to get you the best pickleball machine, so nothing can stop you from being the best pickleball player!

What are Pickleball Machines:

Pickleball Machines are just like the tennis ball machines and help you a lot with independent practice and train you in the best way to be a pro pickleball player. The first pickleball machine was the Simone pickleball machine, introduced at Pickleball Nationals at Buckeye AZ, in November 2014. After that, many tennis equipment companies manufactured pickleball machines, having Oncourt Offcourt and Lobsters as popular names among them.



Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine

Random Oscillator
Speed of the ball and time interval is adjustable
Manual elevation control gives you the option to choose from all sorts of shots
The ball feeder can store up to 150 balls

Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine


Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine

Uses remote control
More than ten pre-programmed drills
Provides brief oscillation menu
The ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls
Electronic control to switch between the top and backspin between the game
Allows connecting to your phone

Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine


The Pickle Pickleball Machine by Lobster Spots

Uses a cart-like design
Can hold up to 135 balls
Uses horizontal oscillation
Amazing drills for top and backspin
Can be turned electronic by adding remote control settings

The Pickle Pickleball Machine by Lobster Spots


Oncourt Offcourt Tutor Plus Pickleball machine

Four levels of the top and backspins
Electronic switch to adjust elevation
Nine variations for the shots
Two kinds of oscillation, random and two-line oscillation
Two-button remote control to switch on and off
Ball feeder can hold up to 100 balls
Battery-powered machine

Oncourt Offcourt Tutor Plus Pickleball Machine


The Pickle two Lobster Sports Pickleball Machine

Two-line oscillation
Electric elevation
Four drill variations
Uses both plug-in and battery-powered approaches
Ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls

The Pickle Two Lobster Sports Pickleball Machine

How to get the best pickleball machine? Market-based Guide

For selecting a pickleball machine, you need to consider a few things such as making sure it has enough capacity to hold as many balls as you want, if it’s battery-powered it should have a good battery life, is easier to use, the oscillation should provide you enough options of shots to make you a pro, and most importantly, the machine should allow you to adjust the speed, directions, and time intervals for the balls.

If a machine has all of these things, then you’re good to go.  And to find these things in one machine can be difficult, let alone the know-how of mechanical terms and functions.

So, before we get started, here’s the guide we made, considering the current trends in the markets, features of a pickleball machine, its functionalities, and durability.


The speed comes as the most confusing yet crucial factor to decide on. Traditional machines come with a factory set speed, however, the variable speed is a new feature. In recently developed machines, the normal speed is 10 to 60 miles per hour.

Very few machines could provide speeds up to 65 mph, as it’s the highest speed in the industry. Though it’s merely void because the maximum you’d use is 50 that too if you’re a 5+ player. So, spending extra at a 65 mph machine won’t give you any bounties, unless you really want to go extra miles.

Besides the ball travel speed, the spin speed is another feature that 60% of the players legit ignore. You should choose it with the slowest as the fast spin speed gets the ball to move in an irregular direction.


The weight of the machine tells how easy or hard it’ll be to maneuver. The suggested weight should be 10-25 lbs and luckily, 70-80 percent of machines fall into this category. Simon Pickleball machine, being 65 lbs, is the heaviest pickleball machine. Lobster pickle, Simon 2, and Spinshot player are other heavier machines. 

Even if you’re going for heavier ones, look-out for the wheels. Their durability does matter too as poor quality wheels get rough easily, and then you’ll face maneuverability issues. 

Electronic or manual:

Manual machines are less expensive and hardly run into any trouble. These are highly preferred for their vitality. Electronic machines, on the other hand, provide a lot easier controls and maneuverability. You can change the settings in between the game with no pause.

Battery Life:

As you check on other features, you must consider the battery life of at least 4 hours. The average battery life in machines goes somewhere between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Electric standby is a preferred option in this, as every court has electric switches and extension. The pickle two by lobster is the only machine having both an internal battery and electric standby system. In addition, its battery life is the longest, backing you up with 8 hours straight.

All in all, the best practice is to get additional external battery supplies and charger to never have your machine stay idle.

Machine features:

Oscillation, spin, and elevation:

The basic machines lack spin and oscillation features and honestly, these are nothing but just a big useless box. Even if you had to spend a few bucks to get these in your machine, get them, otherwise don’t spend a fortune on the machine entirely.

A machine having topspin, backspin, 20-lines of oscillation (minimum), and higher levels of elevation for lobs and overheads are worthy of your money. The movement of the machine also counts, so you can make use of it during double play.

Ball holding capacity:

Ball holding capacity affects two important things in the machine:

  1. Size
  2. Playing time


The more the capacity of the machine, the bigger it’ll be and, at the same time, provides a longer period of play without stopping the game and filling up the feeder again. The opposite is the case if it has a smaller capacity.

Pickleball machines as per this guide:

We’ve done thorough market research and picked out the top 5 Best Pickleball machines for you. These 5 are the best options for you in terms of performance and precision. We’ve listed below all the good and bad things these machines offer so that you can make your decision wisely. Let’s dive in;


1. Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine – Simplest Pickleball Machine

9.8/10 – Our Score

Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine

  • A simple machine with all the important features
  • Speed of the ball and time interval is adjustable
  • Easy to carry and easy to transport
  • Random Oscillator
  • Manual elevation control gives you the option to choose from many shots
  • The ball feeder can store up to 150 balls
  • A bonus of 40 outdoor pickleball balls

  • The basic design doesn’t include any remote control

Designed by Offcourt Oncourt, one of the best companies to make pickleball equipment, this pickleball Tutor Spin Machine is perfect for your professional independent training in every way.  It’s a pretty basic machine, having a few but all the features you need for a good practice session. 

Tutor spin followed some features from its previous model, tutor basic. Compared to the tutor plus, the difference is the availability of a sidespin only, at a time and lack of some electronic controls. Its upgraded model, Tutor Plus, comes with sidespin, flat spin, and tops spin, with the highest speed in the industry, 65 Mph. 

The machine is switched on and off by an oscillator that uses a random approach to shoot the ball in any direction over the net, so you can know how it works in a proper game. It uses 60 Mph speed, and that is adjustable so you can set it up how fast and how easy you’d like to get going in the game. 

The speed of the ball and the interval between each throw can be adjustable. You can choose any shot you want, including lobs and groundstrokes manually by elevation control. It can store up to 125 balls at a time in the ball feeder, providing you with enough targets to hit on in one session. 

Also, it’s extremely lightweight and very easy to carry around. In fact, kids and women can carry it as well, and allows an easy transport facility for you to keep it protected in your storeroom when not practicing. 

Under $1000, it’s highly reasonable in terms of money. And did we mention it comes along with 40 outdoor pickleball balls? That’s just a bonus! However, since this is a very basic machine, it doesn’t use any sort of remote control. It’s completely manual, which most people think is a drawback. Although the machine gives you enough time to go set into your position once you start it! 

Protip: you can upgrade the machine, after getting a hang on it. We suggest the time to be 3 months after the purchase. Though an instant upgrade is good, doing it after three months additionally gets the rest of the features polished as well.

We don’t think being completely manual is a weakness for this machine. In fact, this makes it highly durable because automatic things come with a lot of technical issues which make them less durable. And if you can do things manually and not rely on machines doing everything on their own, this one is the best pickleball machine you’ll find on the market.

2. Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine – Best Electronic Pickleball Machine

9.7/10 – Our Score

Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine

  • Feature-packed design
  • Battery-powered and remote control machine
  • 12 pre-programmed drills
  • Provides brief oscillation menu
  • The ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls
  • Electronic control to switch between the top and backspin between the game
  • Easy connectivity to your phone
  • Allows you to adjust the speed, height, direction, position, and spin of your choice
  • Saves your customized shot
  • Easy to use and operate

  • The battery life is not satisfying
  • It’s a little expensive

Spinshot player is a beast of a machine, been rated the best for several years in a row, for its electronic and remote control. It’s supported through its featured-pack approach that works with a battery and comes in a unique design.

There’re 4 models in the series, and all of them look like you’re taking an entire bulky wardrobe with you! Can be a turn off though, but once you see how it performs, there’s no chance you can’t be obsessed with this.

It’s made for those players who like to control their game while standing in their own court using remote controls. Yes, this machine uses a remote control system, allowing you to operate all the features electronically even through the phones. The connectivity, besides providing the controls, also allows for the update of the software, speed, oscillation, and other functions, as per the trends.

The machine provides you with a lot of variations for shot positions in the game and comes with 12 pre-programmed pickleball shot drills. These work with 6 subsequent shots-making them the most advanced and adjustable pickleball system to exist.

You can easily adjust these drills as per your choice, depending on the speed and the shots you play with. The machine also allows you to adjust the spin, position, direction, speed, and height of your shot so that you can hit the perfect ball. You can save these adjustments in the customization mode of the machine, through its control panels and also in your phones by downloading the application.

It has a brief menu for oscillation and you can select one as per your choice, horizontal, vertical, both combined, or any other oscillation you wish. Though, the combined one works randomly, which we think is a perk for pro-level practicing.

The ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls in one sitting, and you can adjust the time intervals between each ball. The fastest speed, though, is one second per ball, but we prefer not to go with that, as it messes up with the accuracy, often.

As they say, to become a pro at pickleball, you need to make sure your top and backspin game is strong. And for that, this machine gives you electronic control to change between these two spins while playing. As we said, the machine works with a battery, but the battery life is not satisfying; it runs out of a battery within two hours. However, you can always charge your battery with the charger it comes with, but yes, we agree it takes time! Also, it’s a little on the expensive side.

If you’ve a good budget for your pickleball machine and you know you’ll not be using it more than two hours at a time, then this fully electronic machine fits the best for you. It’ll give you the best training sessions and you don’t need to do any kind of extra work except for hitting the ball.

3. The Pickle Pickleball Machine by Lobster Sports – Best Reasonable Pickleball Machine

9.6/10 – Our Score

The Pickle Pickleball Machine by Lobster Sports

  • Fits right for both beginners and professionals
  • Easy to move around
  • Use a cart-like design
  • Can hold up to 135 balls
  • Uses horizontal oscillation
  • Amazing drills for top and backspin
  • Can be turned electronic by adding remote control settings
  • Manually adjusts the speed, direction, height, and time intervals of the shot
  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Additional cost for the remote control

When a manual machine can be too demanding and an electronic one can be too risky, there comes the Pickle lobster combines both manual and electronic features in a single machine to provide the best of both worlds. 

The adjustable speed, interface, and interval adjustments challenge the top-selling on court off court and Spinshot player, collectively. No matter if you’re just starting out playing Pickleball or you’re a professional coach, this machine is your best practice partner!

It has quite responsive knobs with which you can adjust all the ball feeding, speed, and spin. The elevation crank is on the downside to set the ball trajectory. It’s a battery-operated machine, and it addresses the battery issues you might have faced in the Spinshot player machine by giving two more hours of battery backup. 

This pickleball machine uses a cart-like design with two wheels and a handle on the back, which makes it very easy to move the machine. The installation requires lipping the hopper, taking up its handle, followed by filling the balls in the hopper. The ball feeder can hold 135 balls. You can manually adjust the speed from 10 to 60 Mph, height, time intervals between 2 to 12 seconds, and the direction of the ball with the little manual on the machine. 

It uses a horizontal oscillation, allowing you to practice the backhands, forehands, and center positions like a pro. The machine also provides amazing drills for the top and backspins. 

Drawback: Its tire gets rough in a time span of two years and that isn’t covered in the warranty. It can be more or less, though, depending on the surface, you use it. 

Plot Twist: The remote control doesn’t come with the machine and you’ve to pay extra money for it. However, that’s 1/3rd of the price that the electronic ones come in.

Lobster complements you for carrying your practice manually and has amazing pickleball training sessions. And if you want to make things a little electronic, then too this machine works fine for you. In both cases, the performance, price, and its usage are surely unbeatable.

4. Oncourt Offcourt Tutor Plus Pickleball Machine – Best Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Machine

9.5/10 – Our Score

Oncourt Offcourt Tutor Plus Pickleball machine

  • Reasonable price range
  • Built-in tyres to carry around
  • Four levels of the top and backspins
  • Electronic switch to adjust elevation
  • Nine variations for the shots
  • Two kinds of oscillation; random and two-line
  • Two-button remote control to switch on and off
  • Ball feeder can hold up to 100 balls
  • Battery-powered machine
  • Allows practicing both forehand and backhand shots
  • Battery life of over 4 hours

  • Delayed start-up
  • Heavyweight

This is the second pickleball machine from Oncourt Offcourt on our list, but what can we do? The company makes them so well that we can’t resist mentioning them. Though we had 5 machines in the competition and we were quite close to choosing the Simone 2, but optional oscillation and lack of upgraded features took us back to the Tutor Plus by the Oncourt Offcourt. The tutor plus Oncourt Offcourt, is an elder sister of the tutor spin we mentioned earlier. It has all the features that the tutor spin has and adds a few more to top it off.

It brings you four different levels of the top and backspins to help you train better. Remember how you used to adjust the elevation on the tutor spin, manually? The tutor plus uses an electronic switch for that, making it a lot easier.

You can choose one of the nine variations for your shots. It uses two kinds of oscillation, one, random oscillation, and two, a two-line oscillation, which makes it possible for you to practice both the forehand and backhand shots in one session. 70% it’s the oscillation settings of this machine that make itself and players the best.

Unlike tutor spin, the tutor plus comes with a two-button remote control for you to start and stop the machine right from your court. Moreover, it’s a battery-powered machine and provides a satisfactory battery life that can run up to 4 hours. In rare cases, the battery sometimes runs for 5 hours that’s how reliable this thing is!

The ball feeder can hold up to 100 balls, which you might think is lesser than other machines, which we agree, but 100 balls are enough for you to have a two-three hour training session. Also, you don’t have to worry about the money here as well, you can easily get this one at a reasonable price range.

Turnoffs for this machine:

Even though it uses a remote control to switch on and off, starting up this machine could take a longer time, at least 5-10 minutes. Second, comes the weight. The machine is a little heavy, but it uses two wheels on the back, which makes it easier to move the machine. Despite that, you gotta have enough energy to carry that weight.

We understand that this machine has quite more drawbacks than others on our list, but none of them can be considered big and all of them can be resolved. If you’re willing to work on these, you’ll be getting yourself a good machine. You can consider it as an electronic version of the Oncourt Offcourt tutor spin pickleball machine.

5. The Pickle two Lobster Sports Pickleball Machine – Latest Pickleball Machine

9.4/10 – Our Score

The Pickle two Lobster Sports Pickleball Machine

  • Latest pickleball machine in the market
  • Improved battery life that lasts up to 8 hours
  • Two-line oscillation
  • Electric elevation
  • Four drill variations
  • Highest battery life
  • Uses both plug-in and battery-powered approaches
  • Ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls
  • Comes at a reasonable price

  • It’s a little on the heavy side

Pickle by Lobster Sports is the latest pickleball machine on the market and is among the top sellers on most online sites. Its quick popularity insisted us to test this one and Jesus! This is the best thing that exists on earth.

It comes upgraded with a lot of new features and offers amazing performance. The wheels’ quality and interface also gets improvised. The elevation crank on the downside gets shifted in a form of an electric button. Placed behind the horizontal sweep in the panel in this model.

The best change that pickle two brings on the table is that it uses a two-line oscillation and doesn’t restrict you to only horizontal oscillation like the original pickle. It can place the shots in the preset points as well with a back-and-forth sweep.

Its batteries are what sets them apart in the entire pickleball arena coming with two models both plug-in and battery-powered approaches, making itself the first pickleball machine to be highly durable. With the internal and electronic start-up, you can plug the machine through the extension, it simultaneously works and gets charged, so in case, the power is disconnected the machine can back you up with its 8 hours life the highest battery life in the industry.

It comes with electric elevation and four different drill variations, making it easier for you to practice for all kinds of shots. The ball feeder can hold up to 135 balls and allow you to adjust to the speed and time intervals.

The price range is pretty reasonable, which works like the cherry on top of this beautiful dessert. However, the weight can be a little salty in this sweetness, as it’s a little on the heavy side!

If you’re willing to compromise a little on the weight, which shouldn’t be a big problem because the machine has wheels, then this is the latest option you’ve. Overall, this is a magnificent machine and can make your training superb with everything automized, easy, and under a budget.

Are Pickleball machines worth it?

The answer to this question really comes down to your passion and goals related to pickleball. The heftier price and getting tons of balls, let alone setting the machine up with hectic installments, and batteries. UGH! Anyone can be grossed out immediately! But this is what a beginner or a recreational player would see, as pickleball is more of a fun game rather than a level playing field.

However, the popularity and its predicted entry into the Olympics elevated it to several tournaments on a national level. If you want to be one of the national players of pickleball winning the tournaments, you definitely can’t make it without a machine of course there’re some sacrifices to make for gaining something, right?

Besides that, a pickleball machine is durable, works efficiently, and saves you every time when there’s no one you can play with on the court.

Final Verdict

This was all from our side, we’ve provided you with all the information you must have about the pickleball machines before you buy one for yourself. We’ve listed the top 5 best options we selected for you, but our ultimate favorite is the Oncourt Offcourt Tutor Spin pickleball machine. Not only is it the best but also highly economical. However, our choice can differ from yours hence, let us know which one you liked better! Don’t forget to weigh in your needs with the features of the machine before making the purchase to get the best pickleball machine!

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