Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review | Extensive Synopsis

The Onix Z5 is undoubtedly one of the most treasured pickleball paddles. It’s liked by almost everyone due to its superiority in ball control and dominance in power handling. You could be compelled by a widebody shape that eventually aids in landing mind-blowing shots due to a greater sweet spot. Plus, the Onix Z5 is quite versatile and comes in 2 different variations in paddle face that are Graphite and Composite. This Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review is here to cover all the amazing features.

Even though the paddle can complement new and upcoming players, it also suits the ones who have been in the game, for quite some time. But who exactly should opt for this paddle? Well, before you make up your mind to purchase a new pickleball paddle, hold your horses! Because we have come up with the latest Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review to answer all your queries and save you from a rainy day. This product review contains all the needed information required to get the knowledge regarding why you should go with the Z5 Graphite Paddle.

Why Choose the Onix Z5 Graphite? (Quick Analysis)

  • The well-balanced weight of 7.8 oz of the paddle makes it an ideal choice for advanced players.
  • The face of the Onix Z5 is composed of Graphite material that gives off the extra oomph behind the shots.
  • The length and width of the paddle play a key role in making this paddle different from the traditional ones.
  • The firm grip makes the paddle fit quite nicely in the palm of your hands.
  • The core of the Onix Z5 is made up of fire-resistant material i.e Nomex honeycomb core.
  • Provide its users with just the right amount of power.

22/30 – Our Score

Gamma Neocore Pickleball Paddle


  • Power: 8/10

    The Nomex Honeycomb Core of the Onix Z5 is probably one of the reasons why this pickleball paddle is packed with extreme power. When we were playing by using the Onix Z5, we discovered that we were able to smash the ball seamlessly.

  • Control: 8/10

    The Onix Z5 has unmatchable controlling capabilities, all thanks to the Graphite Surface of the paddle. While examining the Z5 outdoors, we were able to maneuver the ball without any problem.

  • Spin: 7/10

    The Onix Z5 is an absolute beast when it comes to spinning the ball, the graphite surface of the paddle adds extra spin behind the shots.


The Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle leans slightly towards the power end, on the power/control spectrum. As the paddle tilts more toward the power side, the paddle results in a loss of control. So it can be said that the balance of the ball has to be compromised if you are a fan of stronger shots. On top of that, the face of the paddle is made up of Nomex honeycomb core which makes the paddle a little bit noisy.

Our Take;

If you have just started playing Pickleball and want to get the hang of it quickly, then the Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle is definitely for you. The Onix Z5 is most suitable for players that are competitive in nature as it requires a bit of control to properly maneuver the oncoming shots.

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle | Detailed Review

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Before making the final decision to go with the Onix Z5. Check out some of the impressive features that are further discussed in the Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review in-depth.


What makes the Onix pickleball Z5  more attractive is the prominent medium weight. It tremendously assists in improving the performance as well as the skills of the players. It is a medium-weight pickleball paddle that is well-suited for all sorts of players. The Graphite version of the Onix Z5 weighs about  7.8 oz meaning it is a well-balanced option. In addition to that, the paddle is most famous among the players due to its weight which is neither too heavy nor too light. So it is an obvious pick for your next pickleball game.

On the flip side, another variation of the Onix Z5 is the Composite one. This version of the paddle weighs 8.1 oz which is a bit challenging to handle due to its dense weight. The heavy mass adds up to the power factor of the paddle. Plus, eliminates the chance to control the ball according to your desires.


paddle is covered by Onix’s ¼” edge guard

The face of the Onix Z5 is composed of Graphite material which immensely helps in reducing the weight of the paddle. The graphite surface aids in striking gruesome smashes while simultaneously controlling the movement of the ball. Another striking feature that amazed us is that the face of the paddle is covered by Onix’s ¼” edge guard. Which helps in keeping the paddle sheltered.

Since the paddle is easy to carry around and lightweight in nature. One can play numerous games of pickleball without showing any sign of fatigue. Due to this reason, the Onix pickleball paddles z5 are largely advised by professionals to opt when facing skilled opponents. Moreover, Through our careful observation, we discovered that the Onix pickleball players gain a serious competitive advantage over their challengers. As they have the freedom to quickly wander around the court due to its reduced weight.


The Onix Z5 features a standard length of 15.5” which is pretty usual in almost all the pickleball paddles. However the element that makes the Onix Z5 stand out from its competitors is that the width of the paddle is 8.3”, providing a slightly greater surface than the traditional paddles that only features a width of 8”, resulting in better control management of the ball. The wider width dimension of the paddle offers a greater sweet spot for making the right contact with the ball and helps in pulling off shots like volleys, punches, and smashes.

Handling & Grip:

If you’re a former tennis player and looking forward to switching to pickleball, then the Onix Z5 is literally the ideal pick for you. The reason why we’re so confident in that statement is due to the fact that the length of the handle is 5” which gives you the feel of the tennis racquet. The 4 ⅕” firm grip size makes the paddle fit so perfectly in the palm of the hands that made us strike winning shots and monstrous smashes while we were testing out the paddle for ourselves. The comfort of the paddle is also tremendously enhanced by featuring cushioned grip. The addition of the cushioned grip on the paddles also helps in absorbing sweat which might make the paddle more slippery and difficult to maneuver.


Onix has brought a revolutionary change by integrating innovative and modern technologies in its sports gear. Incorporated with a fire-retardant material called Nomex, a paper honeycomb core, the Onix Z5 gives you a slight advantage when going against your rivals in the sense that the core provides you the opportunity to strike shots with so little effort. One of the most captivating characteristics that amazed us when we were analyzing the paddle is that the thick, honeycomb core of the paddle has a great influence on the power of the paddle and also contributes massively to a great degree for dominant shots.

My personal Onix Z5 Graphite
My personal Onix Z5 Graphite

All in all, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the core of the paddle is one of the most compelling features that made the Onix Z5 paddle an absolute hit in the pickleball world.


One of the aspects that grabbed our attention is the “feedback loop” nature of the Onix Z5. The paddle is quite exceptional in the sense that it has the ability to respond to your shots. Although there are a lot of paddles that might provide you with the feedback that you desire but with the Z5, it is pretty uncomplicated to determine when you play a shot that is vaguely connecting with the sweet spot. This feedback can be used to further nourish and nurture your skills in the game. So, whenever you play a faulty shot, you will instantly observe what you’re doing wrong and will be able to mitigate the chances of making the same error again.

The “Pop!”:

The pop sound of the Onix Z5 is without a doubt a notable feature of the paddle. When the ball is connected properly to the sweet spot, then the paddle makes a unique “pop” sound due to the thick, honeycomb core foundation. This indicates that the contact made with the ball is absolutely flawless.

Onix Z5 Graphite – Technical Specification:

Paddle CoreNomex Paper Honeycomb Core
Paddle SurfaceGraphite Material
Paddle Weight7.8 Ounces
Paddle Length15.5 Inches
Paddle Width8.3 Inches
Factory GripComfortable Cushioned Grip
Grip Size5 Inches
Grip Circumference4 ¼ Inches
Color AvailabilityBlue, Green, Yellow, Pink Purple, Red, White
USAPA ApprovedYes

Wrapping things up:

In retrospect, the Onix Z5 is ideal for all levels of players and is also used by many novices as well as virtuosos. The paddle offers just the right amount of power required to score winning shots. The paddle is well-liked by a lot of pickleball players due to its multiple characteristics in terms of the Nomex honeycomb core, medium-light weight, soft cushioned grip, firm and sturdy handles, and the graphite face.

We hope that this Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review comes in handy. Plus if you’re looking forward to enjoying your upcoming pickleball game up to its full potential then look no further than the Onix Z5.

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