What is Para Pickleball? How to play?

“Para pickleball is a regular pickleball with few modified rules, introduced for handicapped and physically incapable or disabled people. Like the regular game, where the player plays in both singles and doubles while the double games call for one wheelchair player partnered with a standing one.”

Though, pickleball does have pretty many elements of other tennis sports which makes it easy to play for everyone – yet still, the physically disabled or handicapped people find it hard to play and thus the communities brought, “para pickleball” which serves as the light of these people. The rules and gameplay are slightly modified for the game making it easier for the wheelchair players to make their shots. Below we have explained the entire para pickleball game with the rules, strategies, and gameplay, so let’s start it off. 

Para pickleball/ adaptive pickleball; in-depth:

As stated above, it is a modified game of pickleball, so here we are starting with what actually are the modifications that make the para pickleball. 

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The first thing is, it is played among two teams. One team has 4 players while the other has 3 and they have to score points like the players in regular games do. However, there’s one special thing about para pickleball and that is, players can even score points by volleying the ball before touching or returning it. Moreover, you can only do that if you manage to make the shot directed to the baseline. 

For the wheelchair player, it is allowed to have the front wheels of the chair cross the non-volley zone. It won’t be counted as the fault. The serving and gameplay also have some rules that we have explained later in the rules section. It is for both singles and doubles play, however, a single para pickleball game is played on half court. 

Well, last but not the least, it is actually for disabled people but everyone can play the game. Those who find the normal pickleball game hard can play this game. It is also one of the greatest sports for old-age people. 

Difference between pickleball and para pickleball: 

Though both the games are pretty much the same, however, para pickleball has gone through changes in the rules to make it easier, so here’s what makes the two games differ from each other. 

In pickleball, the volleys are allowed from the third shot while para pickleball amends this rule by allowing volleys from the first shot. 

Para pickleball has an unequal number of players in teams whereas, pickleball can have team 1o1 or 2o2. 

The front wheel of the wheelchair player can cross the line without making a fault. However, you can’t cross the NVZ under any circumstances. 

General para pickleball rules:

Para pickleball could be the easiest game to exist but there are some rules you need to abide by. So, pay attention to the following section because rules are what make the game thrilling and exciting. 

General para pickleball rules
  • Number 1: the player must use their arm or hand in the game. 
  • Number 2: two bounces are allowed in the game for the wheelchair player. Though the first bounce has to be made on his/her side and the second can be anywhere in the court despite the boundaries. 
  • Number 3: only the front wheel can cross the NVZ while hitting the volley i.e hitting the volley with the rear wheel in the NVZ is considered a fault. 
  • Number 4: if you lose contact with your paddle along with the court at the same time, you will lose the game. In case of falling down from the wheelchair, you will be allowed to get back on the baseline before he takes any further action. However, in the otherwise case, the player will be given all the points by canceling the ones made by the opponents. 
  • Number 5: in case of blocking the ball from the back of the court, you have to first make the ball bounce in the inbounds and then in the empty space of the opposite slides. 
  • Number 6: a server cannot touch any wheel whether a sideline, baseline, centerline, or any extended line whenever he/she strikes the name. 
  • Number 7: the two teams in pickleball will have 4 players in the first one and three in the second one. 


One of the easiest types of pickleball, adaptive pickleball, wheelchair pickleball, pickleball for disabled people – you name it what is para pickleball. Though, it is mainly introduced for physically disabled or handicapped people as we explained in the articles with all the rules and gameplay you would be needed to know. So whether you are old-age, handicapped, or disabled just buy the pair of paddles and a set of waffle balls and start playing today following the aforementioned rules. Good luck!

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