Privacy Policy – Effective Date 2021/10/08

This Privacy Policy of Pickleballobby explains how the website collects the data, what is the purpose behind the collection of information, what the provided information will be used for, what data will be shared and with whom, and what happens after the data is utilized for the said purpose.

By accessing our website, you are agreeing with the disclosure of your personal as well as non-personal information. Please contact us at for further queries regarding the privacy policy.

Collection Of Information:

In order to enhance your experience on our website and provide a better service. We at Pickeballobby collect your personal and non-personal information and data. The purpose behind collecting such sensitive data and information is to solely better the overall performance of the website.

Personal Information | What You Provide:

Pickleballobby only acquires data of an individual if he or she allows the website to collect it. For instance when an individual either sign up or log in to our website. On top of that, if you decide to create an account on our website, all the relevant data you provided will be stored in our database. The data collected includes first name, last name, contact number, mailing address, email address, etc. Along with that, if you decided to connect your social media accounts which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other similar platforms, then all the data you provided will be acquired by us. In addition to that, personal data is obtained when you subscribe to our newsletter, report an issue on the website, or communicate with us for any sort of information.

Non-Personal Information | What we Automatically Collect

Pickleballobby also collects non-personal information and data of the individuals accessing our website. Usually, the non-personal information includes the Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP), Internet Protocol (IP), type of browser along with the URL of the last visited website.

Usage of Information & Data:

The purpose of collecting information about the individuals visiting the website is to make the entire experience a lot more smoother. This is the reason why Pickleballobby acquires the relevant information and data.

The information we obtain is then utilized in further maintaining the website, enhancing the customer support system, and at the same time, evaluating the performance of the site.

For example, if you agree to subscribe to our newsletter, the email you provided at the time of registering and/or subscribing may come in handy to send you promotional offers and other customized content based on the data collected. 

Transfer & Storage Of Information:

Pickleballobby collects all the information and data and stores them on databases that might be located outside your city or state. The data and information are maintained on systems in remote places. Please note that we operate in the United States and the data you provided might be processed outside if you are providing the data outside of the United States.

Information & Data Disclosure:

The information Pickleballobby holds about the users consider extremely important. But disclosure of information might be necessary under some circumstances.

  • To respond with legal requirements such as law and order of the court.
  • If a third-party claim you to commit a serious crime, the information might be disclosed.
  • In case of an acquisition by another company, all the information will be transferred and will be the owner of the new successor. Although you will be informed about the change in ownership through email or a message will be displayed on our website.
  • Pickleballobby holds the right to disclose the collected information and data if the rights of the pickleballobby are threatened 
  • The acquired information and data may be disclosed if the person is indulged in illegal practices or violates the law.
  • The gathered data might be disclosed to affiliated third parties for the purpose of personalized content. In simpler terms, these third parties may utilize your data to provide you with customized content based on your search activity.

Security of Information:

We at Pickleballobby are dedicated to safeguarding the data and information provided by our users. Although we are not to be held accountable for the revelation of data in case of any error from the users’ side. For instance sharing of pictures, contact numbers, and email addresses on our website’s forum.

Despite these challenges, Pickleballobby believes that data and information are our most valuable assets. And in order to protect this asset, we will take any measure to keep it safe and secured.

Children’s Privacy:

Pickleballobby does not and will not collect information or data from children under the age of thirteen. If we become aware that we have gathered such information from underage children with the consent of their parents and/or legal guardian, all the data will be removed from our database.

If individuals between the age of thirteen and eighteen would like to access the website, then we highly suggest that they visit the site under the supervision of their parents and/or legal guardian. If you are a parent and/or legal guardian who wishes to remove the collected information from our servers, then kindly contact us at

Cookies | Web Beacons | Log Files:

In order to keep track of all the activities of a user on our website, pickleballobby uses cookies. If you accept the cookies, you are allowing us to access your data in order to provide you with more personalized content. Along with that, cookies allow the website to save their data so that they can autofill the required information (such as log-in) on our website. Not only does this save time but simultaneously, helps in providing you with a better experience.

Pickleballobby also utilizes web beacons in order to monitor the behavior of the user on the website. A web beacon is a small transparent file placed on a webpage with the intention of tracking what content a user has accessed.

Log files also allow us to observe the activity of a user on our website. It helps us in monitoring how many times a user has accessed a certain link and how many times a certain user clicks on a specific button.

Pickleballobby uses a combination of all three technologies (i.e cookies, web beacons, and log files) for the purpose of enhancing the services we provide along with the content that you would like to see on the website. All information collected is utilized in making improving the website and making it more convenient for the users.

Revision of Privacy Policy:

Pickleballobby is continuously working towards bettering your experience on the website and hence the reason why we keep our privacy policy up to date. Any amendments made to the privacy policy will be disclosed on the home webpage of our website. Moreover, all the concerned individuals would be notified through an email regarding all the changes made in the policy.

Opportunity to Opt-Out:

Pickleballobby provides you the opportunity to opt-out of the services we provide. If you do not wish to receive further newsletters, promotional offers, and other push notifications then follow the step-by-step process mentioned in the emails we send to unsubscribe from our services.

In addition to that, if you do not agree to share your data and information on our website then feel free to contact us at and we’ll take you through the steps for opting out of the services.