Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Review | Encyclopedic Analysis

Gamma has once again transformed the world of pickleball as we know it. The addition of the brand new Shard NeuCore to the Gamma collection is determined to take your pickleball game to the next level. in order to know more about this paddle. Go through this Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Review.

With the incorporation of groundbreaking innovations such as the NeuCore Technology and Graphite Surface, the Shard is produced by keeping the basic requirement of a perfect blend of power and control in mind to cater to the needs of pickleball players. 

So without any further ado, let us drill further down into the amazing qualities of the Gamma Shard.

Stand Out Features Of The Gamma Shard NeuCore Paddle | General Summary

  • Integrated with cutting-edge NeuCore Technology, the core of the Shard is designed to offer the ultimate touch and power.
  • The core is also equipped with a shock-absorbent technology that evenly scatters the vibrations across the paddle.
  • The face of the Shard NeuCore features a Textured Graphite Surface that adds extra spin and swerves on the ball.
  • The paddle is composed of a secured low-profile edge guard that also makes the paddle aerodynamic.
  • The firm handle of the Shard NeuCore is engulfed with Gamma’s very own Honeycomb Grip, which makes the paddle a joy to use.
  • The well-balanced 7.75 ounces heavier middleweight provides just the right amount of power behind the shots.

Problems With Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle:

One of the biggest issues that we had to face while examining the Shard NeuCore is that the paddle is not durable enough as it was advertised and marketed. After playing with the paddle for almost three months, the handle of the paddle literally broke into two pieces. The fragility of this paddle is probably the topmost drawback that might influence the pickleball players to switch from the Shard NeuCore and force them to try other paddles that are loaded with the same features at a better price.

Our Conjecture:

We at Pickleballobby strongly believe that the Gamma has once again successfully pushed the technological boundaries with the development of its new and innovative pickleball paddle which is the Shard NeuCore. This paddle is specifically made to nurture your power, touch, and control skills on the court which helps you in surpassing your foes. Aside from that, the ability to respond to the incoming shots of the paddle is off the charts.

So if you’re on the lookout for a paddle that is a complete package in all aspects of power and control then there is no better alternative available than the Shard NeuCore on the market. 

Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle | Descriptive Summary

The Shard NeuCore is one of the most intriguing pickleball paddles in the Gamma roster. The paddle is overloaded with a number of striking characteristics that makes this paddle an ideal pick for beginners as well as professionals.

This Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Review contains all the necessary information required to use the paddle to its full potential. The paddle is manufactured with the core purpose of a paddle that is electrifying in power, delicate in touch, and control, the Gamma Shard NeuCore is the paddle that is definitely made for pickleball champions.

NeuCore Technology:

NeuCore Technology

One of the most extremely compelling qualities of the Shard is that the core of the paddle comprises state-of-the-art NeuCore technology. This core allows the vibration to evenly distribute the shocks for smoother exchanges.

You might be wondering “What is this NeuCore Technology?” well, this innovation is comprised of a 25% thicker larger cell core. These cells absorb all the shocks that are produced when the ball comes hits the paddle. These cells reduce the vibration up to a great extent. Apart from this, the core of the paddle also assists in diminishing the sound, resulting in a pickleball paddle that is quiet and noise-free, all thanks to the NeuCore innovation.

Textured Graphite Paddle Face:

The face of the Gamma Shard NeuCore features a Textured Graphite Surface that adds extra spin to the ball. The surface of the paddle is designed in a way to significantly improve the level of responsiveness and present a top-notch pickleball experience. On the other hand, swerving the ball has now become a walk in the park, courtesy of the Textured Graphite paddle face that shows no mercy when it comes to the execution of devastating shots on the court like backspins and topspins.

Heavier Middle-Weighted Paddle

Heavier Middle-Weighted Paddle:

Considering the weight of the paddle before making the final purchase is indeed an essential factor. To enjoy pickleball to its full potential then finding the right weight that goes well in your hand might turn out to be quite a challenging task.

The slightly heavier well-balanced medium-ranged ~7.75 ounces weight of the Gamma Shard NeuCore impressed us tremendously. The paddle is assembled to maximize the amount of power and control during intense and action-packed pickleball matches. 


Gamma has been at the top of its game when dealing with the construction of the shape of the paddles. The Shard NeuCore is no exception as well. The paddle measures about 15 ⅞ inches lengthwise. This length is best utilized when playing near the kitchen line. The added length provides greater reach on the court.


One of the most noteworthy traits of the Shard NeuCore that makes it different from the traditional pickleball paddles is its wide-bodied shape. The broad formation of the paddle measures about 8 inches wide which means plenty of room for an oversized sweet spot on the surface of the paddle. This large frame of the paddle is probably one of the reasons why it is recommended for players that have just started their pickleball journey.

HoneyComb Grip And Compact Handling:

The Shard NeuCore features a very compact handle of the paddle measuring about 4.75 inches long which is very unlike of Gamma as most of the paddles in the Gamma lineup offer a 5 inches handle. However, if you’re someone who likes to play with a thumb or a finger positioned on the paddle, then the Shard NeuCore is just right for you.

Speaking of the handle, the grip is made comfortable by wrapping the handle with Gamma’s exclusive Perforated Honeycomb Cushioned Grip which not only makes the paddle pleasant to carry around but at the same time draws away all the moisture and sweat away from the palms, resulting in a strong, fixed grip. Lastly, The circumference of the grip is about 4 ⅛ inches.

Low-Profile Edge Guard:

To keep the paddle safe from any external damage the paddle is enveloped with a low-profile edge guard. The edge guard not only secures the paddle but also avoids the chances of miss-hits. Plus, it also makes the paddle aerodynamic, meaning less effort in swinging the paddle.

Color And Design:

The most eye-catching thing about Gamma is that it never disappoints both in terms of performance and the outlook of the paddle. The same is the case with Shard NeuCore, the paddle features crystalline structured decals on the surface which makes the paddle look quite awesome. Along with the sleek stickers, the paddle is available in two vibrant shades that are yellow and pink.

Gamma Shard NeuCore – Paddle Ratings:

Power: 8/10

When we were out analyzing the paddle for ourselves, we observed that the Shard NeuCore grants quite amazing force behind the shots. It requires little to no effort to send the ball soaring through the skies. The neucore technology implemented in the core of the paddle has certainly made this paddle one hell of a beast on the pickleball court.

Control: 9/10

Similarly, during our matches with the Shard NeuCore, we were taken aback by how uncomplicated it was to add extra spin on the ball. The Textured Graphite surface of the paddle efficiently enhances the capability to swerve the ball. In addition to that, the Graphite paddle face also helps in returning the ball with quick reflexes, making it challenging for the opponent to handle the shots.

Gamma Shard NeuCore – Paddle Specifications:

Skill LevelBeginner to Professional
Paddle CoreNeuCore Poly Core Technology
Paddle SurfaceTextured Graphite
Paddle Weight~7.75 Ounces
Paddle Length15 ⅞ Inches
Paddle Width8 Inches
Paddle Thickness⅝ Inches
Grip StylePerforated Gamma Honeycomb Cushioned Grip
Grip Size4.75 Inches
Grip Circumference4 ⅛ Inches
Edge GuardLow-Profile Edge Guard
Color Variations2
Warranty1 Year and 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
USAPA ApprovedYes

Coming To An End:

The Gamma Shard NeuCore is an absolute thing of beauty when it’s out on the court. Giving the players the utmost consistent performance of touch and response against their opponents. To summarize, this exciting pickleball paddle packs just about everything that is necessary to make your pickleball experience memorable.

We strongly hope that this Gamma Shard NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Review assisted you in understanding the paddle a bit better. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one paddle that is overflowing with numerous latest technology. Along with breathtaking attributes, then there is no paddle that can outclass the Gamma Shard NeuCore.

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