How to Replace a Pickleball Paddle Grip – The Right Way

Having started playing pickleball that too on a regular basis may or may not give you fun and thrill but it will give you a worn-off grip for sure. Though it’s common for most of the paddles to lose tackiness or it’s just getting too loose after a while which is why players have so many concerns about pickleball grips. But not anymore cause’ here you are getting covered on how to replace a pickleball paddle grip with all possible queries about the useful techniques, the time to change the grips, using tennis grips, and much more! 

Well, a worn-off grip is not always the case when you need to change the grips, a replacement of grips is also necessary for unfit grips or when the grips feel silky or twisting up. It is one of the reasons that a spare grip is recommended to buy along with the paddles for fitting purposes. You can also regrip your paddle because the process is simply entertaining. For all these reasons, you will need a proper tool and the right way to do this correctly.

How To Replace A Pickleball Paddle Grip – The Right Way With A Right Tool

So what will you need to replace the paddle grip? Another paddle grip obviously! But it can’t be any grip. You have to work out the right fitting mechanism that suits your hand. In addition, the quality and factors it offers because you always have to make sure the grips you are replacing are no less than any best with perfect fitting and tackiness. 

How To Replace A Pickleball Paddle Grip

Along with that, you will require a pair of scissors (any type) and the right way with a little bit of determination. You may also use the plier, screwdrivers, or staple gun if need be – depending on the grip you are using. It is because some grips do not come with the adhesive tap and thus you have to rescue yourself with the required tools. So, before starting it off, get your tools ready and double-check the grips you have bought as to what features it offers that you can use in your favor. 

The moment you get everything on the table, you can start by peeling off the previous grip. Remove the electrical taping first and after the paddle is uncovered, you can remove the adhesive and tapings left on the handle. 

Take out the new grip and if it comes with the electrical tape band or removable tape, just remove it from the top, and DON’T THROW IT AWAY. Instead, keep it aside because we are going to use this later. However, if your grips don’t come with such adhesive, you will need the staple gun to put them together.

In the next step, you will just replace the grips by wrapping the new grip around the bare handles, but how? Never mind, the trick is simple. You will wrap the handle in a right-handed or left-handed orientation. If you grip a pickleball paddle from the right hand, you can start by wrapping the “tapered end” at the butt-end and then pull it all the way in the right-side orientation to the surface. Similarly, a left-handed player will do in the left-side direction. Once you get the whole handle wrapped, you can trim the extra grip with a scissor. 

Take some notes; move the grip in the horizontal upward direction and every time make the next wrap by following the line in the previous one. Also, make it firm and tight but not too much so that it ends up getting stretched. 

Other than replacing the paddle grips, here are a few differences in comparison with the pickleball paddle gripping that we have just explained below.

Difference Between Grip And Overgrip:

Many people confuse replacing the grips with over-gripping. Well, the difference is just that, “gripping” is a process by which we replace the old grips with a new ones. In contrast, over-gripping calls for using another grip or grip tape for paddles over the exciting one for certain reasons which can be one of these. 

Difference Between Grip And Overgrip
  • To increase the diameter as it appears too thick in the player’s hand. 
  • To increase tackiness and cushion. 
  • To make the paddle heavy for powerful shots

Perhaps you just matched any of the condition above and wants to put on an overgrip your paddle. The process is pretty much the same as we did while replacing except that we are using the layer of tape instead of the actual grips. The paddle wrapping and the tips we used will be the same as well. 

Difference Between Tennis And Pickleball Grips:

Difference Between Tennis And Pickleball Grips

Lately, there has been a lot of debate as to if you can use tennis grips for pickleball. Luckily “yes” since there’s not much difference in both types of grips. 

The only thing that makes them apart is the length of both grips. Since tennis handles are longer so the grips made for them are of larger sizes. Therefore, if you happen to use tennis grips for the pickleball paddle, the only work you have to do is to cut off the additional grip after wrapping it around the handle. 

When to change the pickleball grips? 

When to change the pickleball grips 

To be precise “anytime” but of course, there should be a reason for everything so you can use one of these explanations for doing this fun activity. 

  • The grips are rough and worn off. 
  • They are not as tacky and cushioned as before. 
  • Your grips are too loose on the paddle. 
  • The grips are twisting up in your hand. 
  • The circumference is not enough to fit in your hand. 
  • Just for fun because you like to give the paddles a new look. 

Wrap up: 

The new grips are already wrapped up so now let us wrap up this article as well. Though, as you first time, it can little hectic for you to maintain the directions and remove the adhesive tape. But with time and practice, it’s fun and actually one of the enjoyable processes that give satisfactory results since you have now learned how to replace a pickleball paddle grip. All in all, the changed grips not only feel better but also gives the paddle a whole new vibe and look that totally worth the effort!

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