PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle Review |In-Depth Summary|

The primary objective of Prolite behind coming up with the SuperNova was simple. A perfect blend of Control and Power that is off the charts. It can be said that Prolite has gone beyond the expectation with the release of this pickleball paddle. Have a go through this PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle Review for a complete elaboration of all the traits of this paddle.

This captivating pickleball paddle is filled with modern innovations such as QuadCore and Carbon Fiber Surface in order to take your pickleball experience to the next level. This sturdy paddle is designed to withstand shocks as well in order to offer a smooth gameplay experience. Moreover, this paddle is overflowing with power and control

So without wasting any more time let us explore this beast of a paddle.

PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle |Short Synopsis|

  • The face of the Pickleball Paddle is composed of woven carbon fiber material which is only exclusive to Prolite.
  • The technology used behind the core of the pickleball paddle comprises of High-grade, excellent quality polymer core that immensely magnifies the control and power of the paddle.
  • The outskirts of the SuperNova is greatly protected with the help of Prolite’s very own low-profile tapered edge guard, strengthening the paddle to a great extent.
  • Offers an exceptionally massive sweet spot for perfect smashes due to the wide-body construction of the paddle.
  • The players are able to enjoy greater leverage and reach, thanks to the longer handle length of the SuperNova.
  • The paddle is pretty comfortable to swing and carry around because of the sweat-absorbent SofTac 32 Cushion Grip.
  • Able to withstand extreme tremors and harsh trembling that results after the paddle connects with the ball, making the SuperNova a sturdier pickleball paddle than many others.


The biggest downside that we observed during the test phase of the SuperNova is that the paddle is only available in one grip size so if the length of the paddle is too big or too small for you, then you’re gonna have to find some other pickleball paddle. In addition to that, this pickleball paddle is only well-suited for advanced pickleball players for numerous reasons, for instance, the slightly heavier weight which might not be the best for newcomers.

Our Final Verdict:

Although there are quite a few red flags for the SuperNova but all of them are compensated with all of the impressive traits this pickleball paddle is overloaded with. All in all, when looking for the perfect combination of dominating control and absolute power, then there is no better alternative that you can find than the Prolite SuperNova Pro Pickleball Paddle on the market.

PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle

PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle |Comprehensive Synopsis|

The Prolite Supernova Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle is one of the most highly sophisticated paddles on the market due to the great number of innovations that are used in manufacturing the paddle. In order to fully grasp the concept of how each and every single feature factors into making this paddle an epitome of success, we have reviewed this paddle thoroughly with an absolute explanation of all its characteristics of the paddle in this PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle Review.

High-Grade Polymer Core:

When it comes to the Core of the paddle, the SuperNova has swept the floor clean with the implementation of top-notch, excellent quality High-Grade Polymer material inside the core of the pickleball paddle. Another thing that compelled us while digging deep into the paddle is that the Core actually plays quite a significant role in fortifying the paddle by infusing exploding power and delicate control.

In addition to that, this paddle perfectly complements the individuals suffering from tennis elbows because the paddle is incorporated with vibration absorbing technology which makes the paddle take in all the wobbliness and small uncontrolled movements that may arise when the paddle collides with the ball. Moreover, the top-quality Polymer Core allows the paddle to soak in all the unnecessary sound as well, making the paddle one of the most noiseless pickleball paddles.

100% Woven Carbon Fiber Surface:

The surface of the pickleball paddle features a 100% Woven Carbon Fiber material that makes the paddle stand out from the ordinary pickleball paddles in the industry. When the woven surface of the paddle comes in contact with the ball, we noticed that the paddle was able to handle the ball with maximum control and was also able to manipulate the speed of the ball. Along with that, the surface of the paddle equips the player with the ability to quickly respond against lightning speed shots by the opponent.

Low-Profile Tapered Edge Guard:

Every pickleball player knows that to enhance the lifespan of the paddle, it must be protected with some sort of edge guard. Pro-lite also keeps this concern of safety into consideration while assembling the paddles and for this very reason, the SuperNova is made secure with Prolite’s exclusive low-profile tapered edge guard which not only makes the paddle durable and sturdy but also adds up to its aero-dynamicity which aids in swaying the paddle from one side to another with extreme ease and with unmatchable pace.

Phenomenal Dimensions

Phenomenal Dimensions:

The construction of the SuperNova is an absolute wonder to admire and for the right reasons too. The paddle consists of a wide-body shape with a width measuring about 8 ⅛ inches. This explains the massive sweet spot that the paddle offers. Plus it also helps to return the ball with minimal effort. On the other hand, the length of the SuperNova is about 15 9/16 inches long. This gives the players an upper hand because of greater reach and leverage near the net on the court. Thanks to the extended form of the paddle in terms of length

Perfectly-Balanced Weight:

One must be informed about the weight of the pickleball paddle he or she is going to opt for. Because it is amongst the topmost factors that influence the consistency and the performance one might give credit for. Prolite has excelled in manufacturing such paddles that are just about the right weight for the perfect pickleball experience. By contemplating all the things mentioned, when we examined the paddle for its weight, we came to the conclusion that the paddle only weighs about 7.9 ounces to 8.3 ounces. This means that the paddle is available in different weight ranges so that pickleball players may choose which paddle weight is right for them.

Comfortable Grip and Handling:

comfortable Grip and Handling

One of the very best features of the SuperNova is how comfortable it is to carry and grasp the paddle in the hands which makes it very untroublesome to maneuver. When measuring the length of the handle of the paddle, it stands at 5 ¼ inches long which tremendously complements former tennis players. Not only them but also the players whose playstyle is with a two-handed backhand technique. The longer grip size of the paddle allows the individual to rock the paddle to and fro without any complications.

The handle of the paddle is wrapped around with Prolite’s unique SofTac 32 Perforated Cushioned Grip which increases the standard of comfort to a great extent and raises the bar to new heights. In addition to that, the grip of the paddle is perforated, meaning that the grip is able to provide you with sweat-free and moisture-free palms during intriguing and action-filled pickleball matches which only makes the grip on the handle of the paddle quite strong, making the paddle impossible to slip away from the hands. Moreover, the girth of the grip is only 4 ⅛ inches which is quite small.

Vibrant Colors Variations:

Apart from considering the factors that may influence the performance of the pickleball paddle. It is also equally important to remain on fleek in order to grab the attention of the crowd. Especially your opponent’s with dazzling, vivid colors and designs of the paddle. Prolite keeps notes of all the minor details and hence the reason why the paddle is available in several different shades. These colors are Brilliant Blue, Orbital Orange, Radiant Red, and last but not the least, Galactic Green. Furthermore, the aesthetic visuals that are displayed on the top of the face of the paddle are also a thing of beauty that is commendable.

Specification Chart:

Skill LevelAdvanced
Paddle Face100% Woven Carbon Fiber Surface
Paddle CoreHigh-Grade Polymer Core
Paddle Weight7.9 Ounces to 8.3 Ounces
Paddle Length15 9/16 Inches
Paddle Width8 ⅛ Inches
Edge GuardLow-Profile Tapered Edge Guard
Paddle Grip MaterialSofTac 32 Perforated Cushioned Grip
Paddle Grip Size5 ¼ Inches
Paddle Grip Circumference4 ⅛ inches (Small)
USAPA ApprovedYes


The SuperNova was specifically made for and used by Simone Jardim, the female pickleball legend. Who eventually went on to triumph and win the US Open Minto Pickleball Championships which took place in 2017.

The longer construction of the paddle allows for more leverage and reach on the pickleball court. This greatly benefits a huge number of players. And is probably one of the reasons why this paddle is cherished all across the globe. Not only that, but the wide-bodied shape of the paddle also plays a key role in perfectly connecting the ball with the oversized sweet spot for aggressive and fierce shots.

When seeking pure ball control and flawless power management. There is no better option available than the SuperNova in the Pickleball community. We believe that this PROLITE Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle Review offered what you expected.

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