Difference B/W Pickleball & Paddle Tennis | Pickleball VS Paddleball

Pickleball VS Paddleball

If I ask about the racket sports that resemble pickleball the most, you’ll likely say tennis or badminton but guess who got the victory? Paddleball! And yes, it’s not the second name of pickleball. Though you might be hearing about “paddleball” for the first time, but trust me, you are just going to explore one of the most exciting games with some interesting facts and myths about them. So keep reading and find for yourself what actually the difference between pickleball and paddle tennis is. 

Well, paddle tennis has similar types of equipment as pickleball i.e both of them played with the paddles and this is the reason many people consider them the same. However, the ball and the court differ and with that difference, the gameplay also varies greatly. Other than that, there are also have the difference in gaming style and terminologies so let’s get in detail to uncover what actually these differences are;

What these two sports actually are: Paddle Tennis Vs Pickleball

Because the differences can only be understood if you truly understand what these two games are about. So first, let us picture the two games for you.

What is Pickleball?

Technically, it’s not wrong to label pickleball as the simplest racquet sport. It requires two paddles and one wiffle (plastic) ball. You can double the equipment in double’s play.  

What is Pickleball

The paddles in pickleball are either wooden, graphite, or composite whereas the balls are perforated and made of plastic. The court where they are played is exactly like a badminton court having the dimensions of 30 x 60. The game is played to 11 points and is won by two. 

What is Paddleball? 

Paddleball is a tennis-like game with paddles. More precisely, it is played with paddles and rubber balls. It is one of the fastest racket sports due to its bouncing rubber ball. Unlike pickleball, playing paddleball requires so much energy, athleticism, and skills. 

Equipements: Paddleball is played with similar paddles as pickleball with a difference in structure. The paddles have holes in them but are no larger than 3/8 in diameter. For the balls, they use rubber materials to construct them that are also slightly smaller than the wiffle balls. 

What is Paddleball 

Scoring: Scoring in paddleball is similar to tennis. The first set is played to 15 points, followed by 30 and then 40. The fourth sequence represents the game. For winning purposes, either of the sides has to win two sets of the three and overall, the total count must be six. However, if the game ties at 40 marks each, then winning two times is a must to have a sure win. 

It is also played in singles and doubles games played on a tennis court which is somewhat similar to pickleball but with different dimensions having covered sides. Other than paddleball, it has other names like paddle tennis, pop tennis and, padel. 

Difference Between Pickleball And Paddle Tennis:

Now let us evaluate paddle tennis vs pickleball on different aspects, as follows; 



Pickleball has wooden, graphite, or composite paddles with the honeycomb structure inside. They are plain paddles except for some textured paddles for the spin. In contrast to it, paddleball racquets are rough with holes in them. Although, these holes have a max circumference of 3/4 inches. 



Pickleball has plastic balls with holes in them. They are also called perforated Wiffle balls to be more exact. Besides, Paddle tennis uses rubber balls


Score and winning:

As explained above, paddle tennis uses the same scoring system as tennis. The game wins by the side who has 6 winnings set with at least two times winning of the total three. Whereas pickleball is played to 11 points, and when extended it’s 15 and 21. The game always wins by 2 numbers. 

The Size Of Court:

Pickleball courts are badminton courts lite with the dimension of 30 x 60. The structure also differs from a paddle ball in the way that it has a 14 inches zone (7 inches from the nets on each side) called the kitchen. The paddleball court has no such unique aspects. The court length is 20 x 44 and that’s it. 

The Size Of Court

The serve:

In pickleball, there’s a restriction of serving i.e you can’t serve in the volley zone, and, also you can’t serve overhand. The ball must be underhand otherwise it will be called the fault. In paddle tennis, there are no such rules, you can serve both underhand and overhand.                     

The enclosure of the court:

Paddle tennis courts are enclosed with a screening to protect the ball stay inside the court. On the other hand, pickleball courts have fences around all four sides of the court.


Let us just wrap the entire difference between pickleball vs paddle tennis. First of all, evaluate youtube skills, if you happen to be an energetic and athletic sportsman then paddle tennis is for you otherwise pickleball is all here to serve players of all ages and skills. Despite their differences, pickleball and paddle tennis have a lot in common in the gaming style and techniques. Anyways, we are certain that with the differences that we have explained in this article, you’ll definitely be able to decide which sports go right by your skill, let alone choosing one or both as you like. 

Consider the aspects of both the game before going to play any of these and don’t forget to let us know which one you like more.


Is padel the same as pickle?

Padel and pickleball are two distinct sports, each with its own set of rules, equipment, and characteristics. While they share some similarities, they are played in different ways and have unique features.

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.
It is typically played on a rectangular court with a net in the middle.
The game involves two to four players who use solid paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball over the net.
Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors, and it has specific rules for serving, scoring, and court dimensions.

Padel is a racquet sport that originated in Mexico and gained popularity in Spain.
It is played on a smaller tennis court surrounded by walls, similar to a squash court but with glass walls.
Padel is typically played in doubles, and the scoring system is similar to tennis.

The sport involves using a solid paddle and a ball with lower compression than a tennis ball.
Padel has its own set of rules and strategies, including the ability to play the ball off the walls.

In summary, while both pickleball and padel are racquet sports that share some commonalities, they have distinct rules, court designs, and playing styles. Pickleball is often played on a rectangular court with a net, while padel is played on a smaller court with walls. The equipment, scoring systems, and strategies for each sport are unique to their respective games.

Is paddleball the same as padel?

No, paddleball and padel are two different sports with distinct rules, equipment, and playing styles.

Paddleball is a game that can refer to various racket sports played with a solid paddle and a small rubber ball. It can encompass different variations.
One form of paddleball involves hitting a rubber ball against a wall with a solid paddle in a similar manner to racquetball. The goal is to keep the ball in play by hitting it against the wall.
Another form of paddleball is played on a small, enclosed court with a net, similar to a tennis court but smaller. It involves hitting a ball back and forth over the net with a solid paddle.

Padel, on the other hand, is a racquet sport that originated in Mexico and gained popularity in Spain.
Padel is typically played on a smaller tennis court enclosed by walls. The game is played in doubles, and players use solid paddles to hit a ball similar to a tennis ball.
The walls are integral to the game, as the ball can be played off the walls, adding a unique element to the sport.
Padel has its own set of rules and scoring system distinct from other racquet sports.

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