Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review | In-Depth Summary

When looking for a paddle that will take your pickleball skills to the next stage with utmost control, extraordinary power, marvelous spin, and fine touch then the Engage Encore Pro is the name that tops the list. So what are you waiting for? Take as much time as you require to go through this all-encompassing Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review to gain first-hand knowledge regarding all the brilliant characteristics as well as complexities that are somewhat difficult to understand.

Engage has pushed the technological boundaries for the development of the Encore Pro. Integrating the paddle with noise damping Honeycomb Core that adds phenomenal force behind your shots. The Rough Fiberglass surface massively enhances the ball swerving skills. And bestows the face of the paddle with quite a lot of room for an incredible amount of sweet spot.

What Makes The Encore Pro Stand Out? |Concise Analysis|

  • Specifically developed for top-ranked pickleball professionals.
  • A moderately heavy-built Engage Pro adds powerful strength and ultimate control behind the shots.
  • The center of the Encore Pro is made of Engage’s exclusive Polypropylene Polymer Honeycomb Core that improves the control of the ball and provides a constant dominating pickleball experience.
  • The face of the Encore Pro features a very Rough Fiberglass Surface. Which helps in holding the ball for a longer period of time. Eventually resulting in better control and extra spin on the ball.
  • The Encore Pro is one of the very few pickleball paddles with a perfectly well-balanced weight on the market. Specially designed to offer an ideal combination of unmatchable power and delicate control.
  • The paddle is made very comfortable to hold by enclosing the handle with an Ultra Cushioned Grip. Plus, the grip is perforated which draws all the sweat and moisture away.
  • The paddle is approved for playing in noise-restricted locations.

Major Red Flags Of The Encore Pro:

One of the biggest downsides that we came across was that the paddle might be a bit heavy. This middleweight of the Encore Pro is the primary cause of tennis elbows. In addition to that, we also discovered after using the paddle for quite some time that the face of the Encore Pro started having dead spots, meaning that the paddle starts losing its accuracy and power behind the shots.

Our School Of Thought:

We are strong of the opinion that Encore Pro is probably one of the most technologically advanced pickleball paddles in the Engage roster. The factors that make this paddle ground-breakingly innovative are Polypropylene Honeycomb core that helps in making little to no noise at all. The modern Fiberglass surface of the paddle is incorporated with a rough textured face that aids in granting additional swerve on the ball.

The Encore Pro is mostly used by pickleball professionals for high-profile matches such as tournaments and championships. Despite this fact, the paddle is not limited to being chosen by skilled players but also the newcomers as well.

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle | Explicit Analysis

The Engage Encore Pro is manufactured for the core purpose of providing maximum power and control over the ball that will surely better the pickleball experience up a notch.

In order to fully grab the concept of each and every single detail of the Encore Pro. Have a quick glance at some of the most impressive features of this paddle in this Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review.

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core:

You can be compelled by the technology that is used behind the core of the paddle which makes it an exception among other pickleball paddles. The Polypropylene Honeycomb Core of the Engage Encore Pro adds to the thickness of the paddle which results in outstanding pop and responsive touch. In addition to that, the core allows the player to smash the ball through the air with the help of astonishing power and dynamic control.

Rough Fiberglass Paddle Face:

One important factor to consider while going for the Encore Pro is that the paddle features an excellent-quality fiberglass surface. The face of the paddle is deliberately made rough so that players can block the incoming shots with minimal effort and respond with an extra spin on the ball.

Fun Fact: The rough surface of the paddle helps in literally holding the ball for quite some time with the intention of adding the spin according to what the player desires.

Middle-Weighted Paddle:

Before choosing the Encore Pro, the weight of the paddle must be considered thoroughly. Because the paddle weighs about 7.8 ounces to 8.3 ounces. The paddle is developed in this way so that players are able to enjoy striking the ball with breathtaking power. And at the same time with spectacular control and send the ball directed at the opponent right across the court. Moreover, the weight of the paddle is quite well-thought. This is why it allows the player to roam freely without any hassle.

Incredible 15 ½ Inches Length:

The Encore Pro is constructed in a way to provide more leverage near the court. In addition to that, the length of the paddle measures about 15 ½ inches long. Allowing the player to smash the ball with no difficulty at all.

Broad 8 Inches Width:

For the purpose of fully satisfying the pickleball player Engage has come up with the Encore Pro. And designed it in such a way that it stands out from its competitors. While offering a consistent performance by a mile. The expanded shape of the paddle measures about 8 ⅛ inches wide. Which grants one of the biggest sweet spots in the entire pickleball community. This wide-bodied formation of the paddle has a positive influence on the shots in terms of both precise control and accurate placements of the ball.

¼” Overlapping Edge Guard:

As a means to elongate the life of the paddle and make it durable, Engage has engulfed the face of the Encore Pro with a ¼” Overlapping Edge Guard. This edge guard not only protects the paddle from any serious damage such as dropping the paddle on the ground unintentionally or spilling something on the face of the paddle etc. This overlapping edge guard has got you all covered up.

Comfortable Grip And Sturdy Handling

Comfortable Grip And Sturdy Handling:

The Encore Pro is made for twisting and turning the paddle with the application of minimal effort. Without facing any difficulty, and for this reason, Engage has built this paddle with a firm handle with a length of 5 inches. Which not only provides greater reach when playing near the net but also make the entire pickleball encounter a blessing. With the help of 4 ¼ inches comfortable grip circumference. This handle is embedded with an Ultra Cushioned Grip which increases the comfortability by a considerable amount. What’s more, the grip is perforated, meaning that it has the capability to absorb all the moisture as well as sweat away from the palms of your hands resulting in a tight, reliable grip that is unable to slip away from your grasp.

Noiseless Games:

The Encore Pro is quite different from the conventional pickleball paddles. In the sense that the paddle is incorporated with Honeycomb core and integrated with a rough Fiberglass surface, both of these elements when combined, enhance the overall pickleball experience and at the same time, make the Encore Pro a noise-friendly pickleball paddle

Aesthetically Pleasing Colors:

This paddle is not a fancy one when it comes to sleek designs and dazzling shades so seeking multiple color variations for the Encore Pro is a no-go. The reason behind the statement is that the paddle is only available in two different colors that are Red and Green gradients with a simple white background. 

Engage Encore Pro – Specifications:

Paddle CorePolypropylene Polymer Honeycomb Core
Paddle FaceRough Fiberglass Surface
Paddle Weight7.8 Ounces to 8.3 Ounces
Paddle Length15 ½ Inches
Paddle Width8 Inches
Grip StylePerforated Ultra Cushioned Grip
Handle Length5 Inches
Grip Circumference4 ¼ Inches
Edge Guard¼” Overlapping Paddle Face Edge Guard
Color Variations2
USAPA ApprovedYes
Meets Community Noise StandardsYes


By testing the paddle over and over again. We have concluded that the Engage Pro is indeed an elite-level pickleball player. That is found on the court in high-profile matches. But simultaneously, the paddle also greatly complements novices as well.

The Honeycomb Core when fused with Fiberglass surface results in a paddle that stands out from the crowd, add the wide-shaped body of the paddle with an oversized sweet spot to the mix and you will get yourself an ultimate pickleball paddle.

So if you’re seeking a paddle with just the right blend of catastrophic power and devastating control, then the Engage Encore Pro is a paddle clearly forged for you. We hope that this Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review has exceeded your expectations.

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