Is Pickleball Good Exercise? Pickleball Health Benefits

What’s the secret to the senior’s impressive health in the court? How do these players stay active like 20 years old? And, we can bet it definitely made you go “is pickleball good exercise”?  Well, the game works can totally intrigue anyone plus it furthermore keeps you stay away from doctors. While pickleball is the game of fun and thrill, and gives you uncountable health benefits, above all, IT’S NOT BORING like all those stupid and muscle aching exercises.

People playing pickleball can enjoy respiratory and cardiovascular benefits, plus it is one of the racket sports that gives shape and fitness that regular exercise makes hard and boring to get. Here we have highlighted several pickleball health benefits that might surprise you!

Is Pickleball Good Exercise?

Pickleball, being an aerobic exercise gives cardiovascular benefits, boosts stamina, and relieves depression and stress. It also helps to treat Osteoporosis, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease which makes pickleball a relatively good exercise. Surprised? Well, the details might intrigue you more so let’s get down to it. 

Weight Loss:

Getting your weight well-managed is indeed the best pickleball benefit so far! On average, pickleball burns 250 calories which helps in reducing a pound in a week. This means you can lose a handsome amount of weight in just a week. According to Pickleball magazine, there were 3 people who lost 70 pounds just by playing pickleball without any change in diet or any other added workout. 

Mental Relief:

Pickleball allows the body to keep in movement which forces the brain and body to function simultaneously. These concurrent functionings of the body help the brain release endorphins that let out depression and stress while keeping your mind fresh and free. 

Stabilizes muscles function:

When you start aging, your muscles tend to perform slowly. Thanks to the pickleball that lets you improvise motor and musculoskeletal functions. The game allows you to involve all your muscle movements in the most balanced way, hence the muscles stay active and work properly as before. Another key focus is hand-eye coordination which strengthens your senses and stabilizes your metabolism as you grow old. 

Improvise blood pressure:

Pickleball requires slow running or we can say, fast walking which fastens your heart rate allowing you to take more oxygen. It is one of the most surprising pickleball health benefits for aging adults. The increased heart rate helps in better heart and respiratory function which is why it also makes pickleball one of the popular cardiovascular activities as it helps with strokes, heart attacks, and even hypertension. 

Helps treat Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease:

One of the important benefits of pickleball is its ability to treat severe diseases such as Osteoporosis, Dementia, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. It creates insulin in your body that stabilizes sugar levels while it helps fight off Dementia. In addition, old people playing pickleball can strengthen their bones with a minimum of required effort hence promising lifetime fitness! 

Social benefits:

Last but not the least, pickleball is played in doubles or singles which gives you enough exposure to interact with the opponents and make friends on the court. This socializing brings positive change in people’s life by increasing a sense of happiness and boosting your memory and cognitive skills.  

Overall; Less Effort and More Benefits:

Pickleball, being a senior favorite sport, is comparatively low effort than any other racket sport. How? Well, the reason is the smaller court. It is 1/4 the size of the tennis court which keeps the game moderated plus provides the following pickleball health benefits. 

  • Less joint pain because you don’t need much effort to play it. 
  • A smaller area keeps your movements limited hence fewer ankle and knee injuries. 
  • It enhances joint flexibility as it involves the overall body movement.

Commonly Asked Questions:

As mentioned earlier, pickleball is an aerobic exercise that allows players to move their muscles to improve their balance and agility hence it is a worthwhile play that gets you in shape without much strain.

Well, pickleball involves your guads and glutes which is why knees are somehow at risk when playing pickleball. Most likely you’ll get cute sprains and meniscal and ligamentous injuries when playing heated games.

Pickleball is famous as a “senior people’s tennis play” since the age group that plays the game falls under the 50 to 65 category. However, as a recent update, the game has made its popularity among a majority of juvenile players.

Wrap up:

Until now, you have got your answer “is pickleball a good exercise and why should you play this game”. Well, call us biased but pickleball really has some great health benefits that you can clearly experience once you get to play the game more often. It helps you stabilize your metabolism, enhances your strength, and of course, keeps you far away from doctors! 

So get the pickleball kit and start playing today!

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