Niupipo Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle |Expert Review

Niupipo has once again excelled in featuring a one-of-a-kind paddle which is the Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. The paddle accommodates just about everything from perfect construction to lean design, which is necessary to vanquish your foe in the upcoming pickleball fixtures.

This paddle is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as Graphite Honeycomb Core, Carbon Fiber Face, and much more that would take your game to the next level by a mile.

So, let us analyze each and every element of the Niupipo paddle in great detail.

Why is it Different? |Short Summary|

  • The paddle features a Graphite Honeycomb Core that greatly amplifies the strength and durability and simultaneously lessens the weight of the paddle.
  • The face of the paddle is fused with Carbon Fiber material, hence the name Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle, allowing more ball control and enhancing the spin capability.
  • This thrilling paddle makes little to no noise at all, making it an ideal pick for indoor as well as outdoor pickleball games.
  • The Niupipo is designed in such a firm manner that it has the ability to absorb any tremors that might be felt after making powerful shots.
  • The paddle comes with a premium quality ultra-cushioned perforated and stitched grip, improving the comfortability of handling the paddle and at the same time, absorbing moisture away from sweaty palms.
  • Complements all sorts of players and is well-suited for beginners and professionals.


Although this exciting pickleball paddle is packed with tons of amazing features, however, there were a few downsides to this paddle that are discussed below.

To kick things off, the thing that plenty of people, including us, found irritating is that the handle of the paddle is a bit too tiny, which makes it quite difficult to swing the paddle in different directions, which eventually minimizes the maneuverability on the court. Plus. the paddle is only available in the set of 2, meaning if you’re looking to buy only a single pickleball paddle, then you are unable to do so, which is mildly infuriating.

Our Final Take:

When it comes to maximizing power and control, with an extremely affordable pickleball paddle, then the Niupipo Carbon Fiber paddle dominates every other paddle in the pickleball industry. The solid construction of the paddle makes it probably one of the most durable and rigid pickleball paddles there is. Last but not the least, the paddle is USAPA Approved meaning it can withstand a hell lot of abuse.

Niupipo Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Carbon Fibre Pickleball Paddle |In-Depth Summary

Hold on! Before you make up your mind to pick another pickleball paddle over Niupipo Carbon Fibre then just stick around for a second because we have devised this article that covers all the complexities and technicalities that you should be aware of.

So let’s stop sitting idly by and just jump right into it.

Carbon Fiber Paddle Face:

It is a well-known fact that the face of a paddle is literally the most important factor for the success of any paddle, and so is the case with Niupipo. The face of the paddle is composed of Carbon Fiber material that greatly adds up to its ability to strike ruthless shots while at the same time maintaining the capability to swing the ball across the court. On top of that, the carbon fiber face of the paddles makes it quite uncomplicated to handle the incoming fast shots.

Pulling off crazy spinning shots, for instance, backspins and topspins is now a piece of cake, all thanks to this paddle.

Graphite Honeycomb Core:

Graphite Honeycomb Core

Speaking of the paddle core, Niupipo has put quite a lot of effort to make this paddle distinguishable from the traditional pickleball paddles by integrating Graphite Honeycomb Core. the goal behind opting for using this material in the core of the paddle is to firstly, reduce the weight to make the paddle even more aerodynamic and secondly, to increase the durability, which makes the paddle more resilient in nature. Plus, when playing with the paddle, it can be seen that hitting fast-moving shots can be taken care of with no excessive effort whatsoever.

Likewise, the Graphite Honeycomb Core is used so that the aftershocks that may be caused by rapid, incoming shots, when the paddle strikes the ball, be minimized if not completely eliminated. In addition to that, the paddle becomes noiseless and can be used in noise-restricted locations, because of the Honeycomb Core.

Protective Edge Guard:

Every single pickleball player knows how important it is to keep the paddles out of harm’s way so that the paddle may last for a long time. Niupipo designs its paddles by keeping all the concerns of the players in mind and hence the reason why we admire it greatly. And for this exact same reason, all the Niupipo Pickleball Paddles come with a highly protective, excellent quality proprietary edge guard in order to shield the paddles from any unwanted exterior damage which might include dust, moisture, etc. Furthermore, the edge guard is also responsible for making the pickleball paddle unbreakable.

Wider Paddle Dimension For Greater Sweet Spot:

The Niupipo makes itself stand out from conventional pickleball paddles by offering quite a peculiar Length of the paddle that measures about 11 inches which we find very strange as most of the pickleball paddles are not this small in terms of length. Although, the breadth of the paddle might be able to make it up for the length because the width of the paddle stands at 7.87 inches wide. This widebody of the paddle offers a greater sweet spot for smashing the ball at your opponent with a substantial amount of force while also maintaining optimal control. Speaking of the height measurement of the paddle, the thickness of the paddle is about 0.59 inches.

Well-Balanced Weight:

When we were out analyzing the Niupipo pickleball paddle for ourselves, we discovered that although the paddle weighs about 8 ounces. But at the same time, the feel of the paddle is quite feather-like because of the incorporation of the graphite honeycomb material in the core of the paddle offering just the perfect combination of power and control. This allows the players to keep the game going for hours without showing any sign of fatigue.

The well-balanced mass of the paddle makes it one of the most cherished paddles because it can be used by almost every single kind of player ranging from beginners to professionals and take their game up a notch.

Sweat Absorbing Grip and Handling:

Sweat Absorbing Grip and Handling

Another notable feature that we would like to discuss here is that the handle of the paddle is integrated with an extremely comfortable, sweat-absorbent, perforated grip that not only takes the moisture away from the palms but also adds a solid grip to the handle, which makes the paddle to not slip away during action-packed pickleball games. Along with that, the ultra cushioned grip of the paddle also enhances the comfort level as well as maneuverability up to a great extent.

Talking about the measurement of the grip size, the length of the grip is about 4 ½ inches long which most of the pickleball players prefer, along with a grip circumference that measures 4.25 inches so that the players can sway the paddle back and forth and in every direction without adding any extra labor. 

Color Options and Design:

The Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is unfortunately available in one color only and that is blue, although the face of the paddle is decorated with slick decals and stunning textures which gives the paddle a more vibrant look.

Specification Chart:

Paddle Weight8 ounces
Paddle Face MaterialGraphite Carbon Fibre Face
Paddle Core MaterialGraphite Honeycomb Core
Paddle Length11 inches
Paddle Width7.87 inches
Paddle Thickness0.59 inches
Grip Size4 ½ inches
Grip Circumference4.25 inches
Grip MaterialPerforated Stitched Ultra Cushioned Sweat-Absorbant Grip
Edge GuardProprietary Edge Guard
USAPA ApprovedYes


With our careful observation and untiring effort we put into examining the Niupipo Pickleball Paddle, we have rated the paddle as follows:

Power: 7/10

The Niupipo is indeed a powerful tool one must possess while going up against a tough rival. The 8 ounces of the weight of the paddle has a significant influence on the power of this paddle as greater the mass equals greater the power.

Not only that, the Honeycomb core that was implanted in the paddle also provides excellent power behind the shots.

Control: 9/10

The primary reason that we observed behind the ball management and maximum control is the carbon fiber surface which allows the player to spin the ball on their own accord without any trouble. On the flip side, it can be said that the length and circumference of the grip also play a huge role in maintaining control because the compact construction of the grip makes it less difficult to maneuver the paddle in different directions and gives the player extreme freedom to wander freely across the court to take on the ball.

Forgiveness: 9/10

The honeycomb core is definitely responsible for a solid 9/10 rating on the scale regarding forgiveness as it compensates for pulling off shots that do not come in contact with the sweet spot and connect properly with the center of the paddle in the right way as it should. But at the same time, the spacious width of the paddle should also be kept in mind that provides a much larger sweet spot than the other pickleball paddles.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the Niupipo Pickleball Paddle is hands down the ideal pick and also complements all kinds of players including the novices as well as experts. The exemplary ball control when combined with utmost power gives rise to dominant paddles such as the Niupipo.

We highly recommend you test this paddle out for yourself to get yourself familiarized with its superiority in power and control. So what are you waiting for?

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