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So far, Selkirk remains the only brand getting acceptance beyond the US just within 3 years of its launch. This small Idaho-based family-run pickleball brand is aimed at providing the players quite a quality gear, having everything they use, while addressing their dead spots, lack of power, loose grips, and non-accurate paddle issues. Having all their collections in hand, we’re reviewing the best of the pickleball paddles with comparative analysis.

Origin of Selkirk:

Well, Selkirk is the fastest-growing paddle company with a well-manufactured collection of top-notch paddles having a good quality construction and lifespan. Even though it hasn’t completed its 10-year span and still got enough authenticity and trust from all around the globe. Mike and Rob, the two brothers dedicated to expanding the game, started the grand in Hayden, Idaho with their Father Jim. They further included Rob’s father-in-law, Russell Heisluman.

About Selkirk Paddles:

Everyone knows that Selkirk incorporates State-of-the-art technologies in their paddles. Along with the comfiest grips, excellent weighting mechanism, and quality soft-spot, they have worked out three specialized series, i.e., Invikta, Epic, and S2 suiting the needs of all the pickleball players around the globe. 

Well, the sole reason for their success is the Amped X5 series that they launched in 2017. Tyson Mcguffun further contributed to their rise in popularity by getting wins through Amped Invikta. 

After the Amped series, Selkirk saw the inflation rate going higher and players’ inability to invest such a huge amount to pursue their passion. For that reason, it launched SLK with similar technologies at a 60% cut in price to get them to fall under everyone’s budget. 

Whether their budget series or the popular one, these are the paddles with which you don’t have to sacrifice the one between power and control, so let’s give you comprehensive reviews of one of these top paddles to help you decide which one’s right for you.

Selkirk Amped X5 Collection: – Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Lineup

Proprietors technologies being incorporated in Amped X5: 

  • EdgeSentry™ edge guard 
  • FiberFlex™ surface 
  • X5™ honeycomb core 
  • Comfort Cushion Grip™

Amped X5 elevated Selkirk from the ground to level to become one of the top-trusted pickleball brands of US, having a lineup of unique shapes and sizes that makes up the best Selkirk pickleball paddles. 

Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddles content

Combined with the X5 honeycomb core, that gives the paddle a life to last for a good number of years with the well-maintained response and wanted force. Finally, this surface is surrounded by the low-profile EdgeSentry™ edge guard, which serves as the cherry on top by protecting the surface but also helps reduce impact. These are the technologies that insisted us to make a detailed review on Selkirk Amped explaining them in detail.

However, their specifications, price, control and power factor, etc, vary from model to model, so let us brief out which model can provide you with what features.

1. Amped X5 Invikta

9.9/10 – Our Score

Amped X5 Invikta

Key Features

  • Has a good sweet spot
  • Elongated shape for both handle and surface
  • Enough wide to handle the ball better
  • Great spinning ability
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Impact-resisting edge guard

Built with the generous sweet spot, Invikta is the largest amped paddle, with a long list of winning streaks. This is the paddle that Tyson Mcguffin won several USAPA championships with and still uses during gameplays and coaching. Invikta further lived up to impress the pickleball community outside of the US. 

My Amped X5 Invikta
Side Edge of Amped X5 Invikta

Starting from the impeccably extended size that they offer in this model, making this piece at a total length of 16.5 inches with excellent distribution. That being said, you’ll get a large surface area that measures 11 inches along with more than extra-large handles. So, the extra half inches of these paddles (total: 5.5”) not only increase the reach but also create balance and contribute more power to the ball. We always admire the extra surface area of this area, a s with it we can play excellent volley even from the No Man’s Lands.

Speaking of handles, let us enlighten the gripping factor, offering a comfortable cushion grip. With its 4.25” circumference, you can get the handles to fit in your hand firmly, assuming that your height lies between 5’3 – 5’8. These handles are also very good at resisting strain and fatigue. The tacky handles allow give you a favorable situation for playing during the day.

Moving towards technology as these paddles share the same X5 core wrapped with the Fiberglass surface and protected with EdgeSentry™ edge guard. It is exactly what makes this paddle the best possible choice for spinning shots. The surface makes the ball stay and roll, while doesn’t mess with the speed.

It comes in i.e. one between 7.3oz – 7.7oz and the other range is 7.8oz – 8.4oz. The former one being lightweight can benefit you by enabling control and eliminating strain. On the other hand, opting for a few more ounces helps you ace with more power short in the court. Several players, including me, would go with the lightweight series as it’s more compact to swing and maneuver.

Though the paddle is great for a lot of pickleball techniques. However, spinning and backhand shots with a western grip are what go perfectly for this shape! It can even give you leverage to deal with the overhead shots pretty nicely.

Our Verdict:

This Selkirk pickleball paddle is a feast and beast for you! You can enjoy the breathtaking enlarged shape of the paddle with a spinning surface to hit high like him while also having the larger sweet spot for max comfort.

2. Amped X5 Epic

9.7/10 – Our Score

Amped X5 Epic

Key Features

  • Allows to use both your hand
  • Tennis-like handles with standard surface specs
  • Specialized torque-suppression technology
  • Excellent response and reach

A unique modern+tradtional is what an Amped Epic is! It features larger handles to compliment tennis players, but the surface entirely depicts a traditional shape that keeps the traditional pickleball feel alive. 

My Amped X5 Epic
Playing With Amped X5 Epic

Well, this unique shape size allows the player to enjoy several benefits. The 10 inches height compounded with the standard width of 8” gives enough space to have the ball land straight on the surface. Covered with the EdgeSentry™ edge guard resisting impact and keeping the accuracy, this paddle is a smasher for real! 

Along with that, the 5.25” handles having a diameter of 4.25” makes it quite a powerful paddle giving the ability to involve both your hands onto the paddle, by which, you can double the power and have a more controlled stance on the court. 

The weighting range for the Selkirk epic amped is the same as the Invikta, i.e. the lightweight goes for 7.3oz – 7.7oz while you can have a more powerful mid-weight paddle at 7.8oz – 8.4oz. This makes it an ideal pickleball paddle for tennis elbow players.

The advancements in the paddle include torque suppression ability that works for the accuracy of the shots – though a treat for beginners! While the vibration dampening makes it a perfect deal for pros who fancy the touch and feel of the paddle.

Our Verdict: 

The larger handles and traditional surface size make it a perfect paddle for, those who wants a tennis-pickleball feel in one paddle. Besides, the unique size compiled, with technological Selkirk features, makes it a total steal for all emerging and pros pickleball players.

3. Amped X5 S2

9.5/10 – Our Score

Amped X5 S2

Key Features

  • Has the largest sweet spot
  • Wide paddle body
  • Shorter handles for more power
  • Excellent weight distribution

S2 is a true standard-sized paddle with a typical paddle size and shape. Its shorter handles are what make them incredibly powerful, with which you can totally ace the court with your fire chops!  

S2 is slightly wider in width from Invikta

The 4.5 inches shorter grips having a circumference of 4.25 inches turn the paddle to be completely fit in your hand, giving the full space to the surface to carry on the game. Attached with the wider surface of 8 inches, this paddle is perfect for spins and chops, while you’ll have 11 inches of surface height to never let you miss the opportunity to hit the ball. Comparatively, this is the most drawn-out surface that saves beyond blocking to ace the lobs and dealing with overheads, quite nicely.

Packed with a Selkirk X5 honeycomb core, fiberglass spinning surface, and the EdgeSentry edge guard, the paddle has a well-balanced weight distribution throughout the paddle in both the lightweight and mid-weight models. 

Though both the ranges are an ounce heavier than the above two. The lightweight model they have has a weight range of 7.4 – 7.8 oz, while the mid-weight can give you an average option of 7.9 – 8.4 oz. While we’d prefer the lightweight in epic and Invikta, the S2 gives added benefits in its heavier version.

Our Verdict: 

With the S2, you won’t only win the game but have “fun” with the limitless magic of this paddle. The wide body plus the shorter handles centered with a generous sweet spot makes it a worthwhile choice for spinners.

4. Amped X5 Omni

9.6/10 – Our Score

Amped X5 Omni

Key Features

  • Largest hitting area
  • Exceptional power
  • Lighter weight ranges

Omni shares the same paddle height as the Invikta except for the difference in distributing them on the surface and handle. Comparatively, it has the largest face and the shortest comfort cushion, making it a treat for higher-level professional players. 

Amped X5 Omni content

With the 12.25″ fiberglass surface area, this paddle can smash back the most aggressive lob shots and overheads within seconds. Though, the surface compromises on the width at 7.375, which is why it doesn’t go well for beginners.  

The handles measure 4.25″ for both height and circumference for complementing the players who play with a few fingers at the surface. The weight ranges also amazed us with 7.2oz – 7.6oz for the lightweight and 7.7oz – 8.3oz measured for the mid one. This lighter weight can go on an edge for finesse and touch shot techniques.

Note: This paddle has been discontinued.

Our Verdict:

Gear up with Amped Omni to turn the court into the most-heated gameplay that you could ever have with its largest hitting area. For the touch and finesse techniques, this one is a solid bet that can’t fail!

5. Amped X5 Maxima

9.4/10 – Our Score

Amped X5 Maxima

Key Features

  • Longest paddle with the optimum reach
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Large handles
  • Excellent weight ranges
  • Offers incredible power

For Maxima, Selkirk denies all the pickleball shape criteria and gave it an attractive aerodynamic shape. This design entails a paddle height of 17 inches, making it the longest paddle in the Amped lineup. 

Amped X5 Maxima content

Well, the specifications of the paddle are a delight for reach-freak players as it gives off the 17 inches, including the larger 5.25” handles. This makes a perfect due to both control-oriented cushion grips and power-oriented Fiberglass surfaces. 

Though the surface is curvy at the point where it meets the handle so that yopu8 can have your finger or thumb placed on it to make the ball spin faster. Speaking of surface, the propylene X5 honeycomb, as in all other amped paddles, makes sure you have a touch feel each time you hit the ball with these paddles.

Additionally, the paddle is the longest is the lightest as well, composing an actually lighter lightweight range of 7.2 – 7.6 ounces while the mid-weight range can also escort you for non-strain play with its range of 7.6 – 8.3 ounces. 

Note: This paddle has been discontinued.

Our Verdict:

For the players obsessed with having reached the court, then nothing could match your needs better than the Maxima. Along with the reach, you’ll have considerable weight options and the Amped specialized built technology you can’t go wrong with.

6. Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid – Best Pro-Level Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

9.2/10 – Our Score

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid

Key Features

  • Has a thick X5™ Honeycomb Poly Core
  • Comfortable VANGUARD Geo Grip™
  • QuadCarbon™ surface
  • EdgeSentry edge guard
  • Larger sweet spot


It took Selkirk 2 years to manufacture the Vanguard series–the longest time any series could ever take. Vanguard was launched in the mid of 2021, with only three models, i.e., Epic, S2, and Invikta. During the end of the year, they renewed Omni and Maxima, which they previously discontinued in the amped series. Recently, there’s this new launch in the series, “the trendy MACH6 that everyone is talking about.”


Unlike fiberglass, these paddles are made with carbon mixed with carbon, giving the paddle the right amount of weight while fiber maintains the quality of the paddle. Combining both the materials in a cross-weave design, Selkirk called it a QuadCarbon technology that they use for the surface. 

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid with bag

Inside the surface, there is a thick X5 polypropylene honeycomb core, similar to what was used in the Amped series. However, the Quadcarbon surface over the core brings difference to this paddle by making its vibration dampened and increasing its sweet spot. 

Likewise, Vanguard also took the edge guard from the Amped and built the collection, with Edgesentry paddle wrapping. Then there are geo grips that make this collection stand out for comfortability and traction. The tackiness in the grips is improved by 30 percent, taking the power and connection to the ball to the next level.

The texture of the surface makes the ball spin like never before. All these technologies and details are incorporated in all the models that the series cover, with a variation in paddle size, shape, and weight factors. 

Aside from the construction and its performance, Vanguard is a choice for pro-level players who need a fire ignited in their paddle and players jumping from tennis that requires immense power to settle into the game of pickleball, easily.

Our Verdict:

Selkirk Vanguard paddles are a true representation of well-built construction with an excellent blend of power and control in each of the models. So all you have to do is pick a shape and size that fits your gameplay and start making history today!

7. Selkirk Latitude – Best Lightweight Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

9.3/10 – Our Score

Selkirk Latitude

Key Features

  • Excellent vibration dampening
  • No fatigue and strain
  • G4 Graphite face with Polymer Rev Core+
  • Lightweight and control-oriented
Selkirk Latitude content

Looking for a graphite surface? Well, the Selkirk Latitude pickleball paddle might match your needs with its top-notch graphite built. 

The paddle uses Polymer Rev Core+ technology that enhances the sweet spot as well as gives you the ultimate feel for handling the finesse shots. The core Sandwiched in a graphite surface enables a great hitting area to entertain speedy as well as slow-pace shots. 

These are the lightest pickleball paddles, offering an average weight range of 6.9 to 7.8 ounces. The lightweight of these paddles not only helps you maintain control but also gives a comfortable feel throughout by reducing strain and fatigue. 

The handles are exactly alike the Amped Epic having a length of 5.25 inches enclosed in a diameter of 4.25” to give you unmatched power and precision. The grips, besides, are sweat-resistant as well, so you’ll have a stronghold on your paddle throughout even in extended sessions.

Final Verdict

For beginners who want to excel in their skills in no time, this is perhaps the best paddle to head-start your game. The graphite surface enclosed with a Polymer Rev Core+ gives a solid blend of power and control to play any technique anywhere on the court.

8. Selkirk SLK Atlas – Best Beginner Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

9.1/10 – Our Score

Selkirk SLK Atlas

Key Features

  • Elongated handles
  • Extra cushion comfortable grips
  • Robust G5 graphite built
  • Excellent traction with no fatigue

Need a more aggressive graphite paddle? Look nothing past then the SLK Atlas with the G5 graphite built. 

SLK Atlas
Playing with Selkirk SLK Atlas

This paddle is a level 2 of the Selkirk latitude with an identical Polymer Rev Core+ technology. Though, an increased level of G5 technology doubles the features of vibration dampening, soft feel, and durability above all. In addition, the handles are like the Latitude, with a bigger 5.25” length and 4.25” circumference. All the paddles in the latitude lineup share the same weight of 7.5 oz. These mid-weight paddles are excellent at giving your game a boost with its power without letting you miss accuracy even a bit.

Final Verdict

With incredible graphite built along with a powerful hitting area and elongated handles, SLK Atlas is a paddle you can rely on for your upcoming pickleball tournaments.

Specialized Technologies and Features in Selkirk Paddles:

Selkirk has worked out paddles have specialized technologies which they used to make the core, surfaces, and grips. So let’s have a look at what these technologies actually mean and the material they have used to reach what exactly is the best Selkirk pickleball paddle from the reviews. 

Core technology:

Honeycomb Core

There are three types of core that you’ll see in the Selkirk paddles. These are given names as X5, Polymer Rev Core+, and SX3. 

 Polymer X5 honeycomb core:

Polymer X5 honeycomb is currently the most prominent technology being embodied in Selkirk paddles. The manufacturer uses this core in its popular Amped and Vanguard series. Though, what actually is this X5 technology?

Well, it is the honeycomb structure dipped in polypropylene that makes it thick and sturdy. The core uses excellent vibration dampening feature that gives the paddle the ultimate playing feel. All the paddles made out of X5 honeycomb core have an excellent sweet spot, which enables the player to hit the ball with supreme delicacy. 

Polymer Rev Core+:

Polymer Rev Core is a polymer honeycomb with a lighter weight. The paddles made by these cores are comparatively light, which helps the player with tennis elbow well. Along with the lightweight, they also provide a good speed to the ball for pacy gameplay. Lastly, they are great vibration absorbents that give the continual feel of the ecstatic play.

Polymer Power core SX3:

SX3 is specially designed for the Selkirk SLK neo pickleball paddle series. Likewise, this core technology has only been used in neo paddles. Though, the features they enable in the paddle are quite the same and a combination of the above two. However, they are a bit heavier, which makes them a decent option for drives and dink shots.

Paddle Surface: 

It’s all about the surface technology of these paddles that they gain popularity in no time! For the fiber, they made a FiberFlex surface. The carbon options are QuadCarbon and Quantum-CarbonFiber Face. Lastly, G4 and G5 graphite are great graphite picks. 

The FiberFlex is purely a plain fiber surface that works for enabling great control of the paddle. It manages the ball well while you can try out a few spin techniques on that as well. 

Surface and Core Material of paddle

QuadCarbon is a cross-weave carbon and fiber structure that makes up the plain surface. It is designed to create more control and consistency on the paddle by reducing the weight while maintaining the spin and resonance. Quantum-CarbonFiber Face is similar to QuadCarbon except that it uses Pro-Spin Texture for creating excellent spins. 

Finally, there’s a graphite paddle which you may get as either G4 or G5. These are your sturdiest options for getting a paddle for a beginner. They are the most lightweight, as you can see by yourself Atlas and Latitude remained top-lightweight paddles because of their graphite surface.

Edgesentry Edge guard:

Up till now, Selkirk hasn’t made any edgeless paddle. However, EdgeSentry edge guard is the answer to all your questions about the non-existence of edgeless paddles. Well, the first thing is to protect the coatings, surface, and core that they (and you should too) prioritize. 

Secondly, they eliminate the issues with the edged paddle by making the edge guard more lightweight and thin. That only serves the protecting purpose without getting involved with the ball every time you deliver back the ball. 



Normally, Selkirk paddles come at budget with paddles falling under 100 dollars. However, there is this new collection called the Vanguard Hybrid 2.0 that goes all the way to $200. As for the price, the collection actually showcases some high-end features that a 200 dollar is nothing in front of them as seen from a player’s perspective. 

USAPA Approved: 


All the paddles of Selkirk meet the criteria of USAPA, since the core they use, is soundless and reduces the vibration better. The size mechanism in each of these paddles also has a role to play in making them a great choice for tournament plays.

Selkirk Paddles Wrap Up:

Well, the detailed guide explaining all the high-end features and features that the Selkirk use in their paddles would help you understand what their paddles ha to offer while the detailed reviews with key specifications surely arrive you at a conclusion to choose the best Selkirk pickleball paddle for yourself.

Well, choosing what goes right for you is entirely a personal preference, but here’s easing your work. Any paddle of the Amped series with its respective shape could get you in a far better position to own the court with your spin shots. Vanguard series is truly made for professional players who expect extra from the paddle. The SLK Latitude and Atlas are your best options to give a solid head-start to your game.

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