Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players – Win the Toughest Pickleball Games

To boost your upgraded skills with power and consistency, here I’ll proceed you through the best pickleball paddles for advanced players that are going to win you Nationals and Opens!

Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players | Level 5.0 Players

Besides being the professional choice, i.e. Leigh Water, Kyle Yates, Daniel Moore, etc, these paddles have dominated the courts with known success in the entire USA. The reason is the enormous amount of power, spin, and bounce that these paddles back you up with. Now the final task is to aid you decide between variations in terms of sizes, shapes, gripping mechanism, and weight, that fits the best for you.



Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro - Best Advanced Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – Best Advanced Pickleball Paddle


  • Core technology: Tempest SRT Core
  • PADDLE WIDTH: 8 inches
  • BODY AND SURFACE: Textured graphite
  • EDGE GUARD: ⅛ edge shock guard
  • WEIGHT: 7.8 – 8 oz
  • USAPA: Approved

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Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid - Offers The Best Sweet Spot

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid – Offers The Best Sweet Spot


  • Core technology: Polypropylene5 Core
  • PADDLE WIDTH: 8 inches
  • BODY AND SURFACE: Carbon fibre; QuadCarbon surface
  • EDGE GUARD: Power edge guard
  • WEIGHT: 7.5 – 8.2 oz
  • USAPA: Approved

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Best Choice

Onix Evoke Premier

Onix Evoke Premier


  • Core technology: Precision cut Polypropylene Core
  • PADDLE WIDTH: 8 inches
  • BODY AND SURFACE: DF Composite
  • EDGE GUARD: Atomic 13 Edge Technology
  • WEIGHT: 7.5 – 8.5 (all weight types)
  • USAPA: Approved

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Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – Best Advanced Pickleball Paddle

9.4/10 – Our Score




Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro






Top Features:


  • Graphite textured body and surface
  • Tempest SRT core
  • Precise control and speed
  • Ultra cushion grip

  • High-tech graphite polymer composite material for core construction
  • ⅛ edge shock guar
  • Weight average:
    77.6 – 8 oz

Aside from Daniel Moore, I’m witnessing more local players also significantly elevated Paddletek Tempest wave pro in making it the popular choice among pro players.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

It has an all-powerful and non-merciful Tempest SRT core, a.k.a Smart Responsive Technology that offers more spin and more accuracy while the control remains on your hand throughout.

The fun fact is, I don’t have to put much effort while in the meantime you can attack and defend even the hardest and toughest shots with its larger sweet spot.

Equipped with an ⅛ inches shock guard that protects the paddle from wearing out. Ultra cushion technology allows my grip, sweat, and strain free. Overall, the weight ranges from 7.6 to 8 oz. That is ideal for providing maximum power and stabilizing the total control without inviting any injury, especially when I’m in ladder leagues.


Also, the paddle doesn’t sound or vibrate on hitting, so the neighbors don’t have to build another wall around their houses.

  • Hard and fast-hitting technology
  • Excellent accuracy and control
  • Lightweight
  • The safe and secure gripping mechanism
  • A larger sweet spot
  • Available in various beautiful colorways

  • Does Not last longer than 1.5 years

Tempest wave pro is truly tempting for a pro-level player wanting a pro-level paddle. Its extra textured surface gives you extra wins ahead in your life with more fun and more power

Engage Encore Pro – Ideal for Cross-Court Shots

9.4/10 – Our Score




Engage Encore Pro






Top Features:


  • Smooth encore line
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Avg weight up to 7.8 to 8.4 oz
  • Polymer honeycomb core

  • FibreTEK fiberglass surface
  • USAPA listed and approved
  • Features blue, red, purple, and green colors


For versatility, I found no paddle better than the Engage Encore Pro. They’ve largely dominated courts in the PNIA league powered by DUPR. Engage Encore Pro are one-of-a-kind paddles that merge fiberglass material coated over the highly deflective Polymer honeycomb core, giving off power to suit my high power level gameplays.

Let’s get to the question: what makes them so versatile?

The FiberTEK surface has an edge guard that doesn’t mess with the spins. Whether I play with indoor balls or outdoors, it handles the intricate shots with transparency, and prevents the coatings and the core from getting any damage.

Engage Encore Pro


This model has a number of player-focused features that make it a deal.

playing with Engage Encore Pro


The new Encore has a unique look and feels with the professional smoother game service that is color coordinated.

The value-added feature is the handle, which helps strengthen my grip and control on the paddle. The point of contact is solid as well. One of my team members has thrown this paddle out of frustration since he lost the game, and surprisingly, the paddle could withstand this unnecessary aggression.


While having the right amount of deflection through a polymer honeycomb allows you to hit overhead shots, it remains approved by the USAPA.

  • Easy-grip and control
  • Excellent accuracy and control
  • Highly durable
  • Power spin and accuracy
  • No sound and vibration

  • Fairly expensive

The engagement encore is a top-tier paddle for its design and capabilities in the very long run. If you have marked your budget for around 100 to 120 dollars, don’t scroll further and get this straight away.


The Gearbox GX6 Power – Enables The Most Defensive Play

9.5/10 – Our Score




The Gearbox GX6 Power






Top Features:


  • Edgeless rim
  • Aerodynamic frame
  • Hyper bite spin technology
  • Solid span technology for the core
  • Multiple color options

  • Dampener system for sound control
  • Weights up to 7.8 oz
  • Extra lengthen handle
  • Option for power and control


The Gearbox GX6, through its hyper bite face texturing and an extended paddle length, makes itself visible on the courts; counting the reach, reactivity, and responsiveness makes them the “3R” paddle.

Unlike normal polymer cores, the gearbox has solid span technology for the core. The core uses several graphite chambers for extra spinning and providing a bounce-like contact for hitting powerful shots. I didn’t notice much deflection, though. The deflection is kept at the right amount so the speed doesn’t go over 15mPh, securing its approval from the USAPA. When the ball is in contact with the material, there is no sound, shock, or vibration. making itself a top-choice for my senior players.

To hold the ball for a longer time, they made the surface roughened and textured in an aerodynamic frame to best complement the graphite inside the core in sharing the power and forwarding it to the ball while in contact.

The Gearbox GX6 Power


Bit more stability because it is wider so therefore you have more stability with your dinking.

The Gearbox Power


Two benefits you know with the elongated and more traditional shapes both come in power and control.

Although it does create some magical shots, the accuracy out of its rimless edge didn’t let me  pull off faults. The non-edge surface reduces in weight by up to 4 ounces in contrast with average weighty paddles.


If you were a tennis player previously, you’ll maximize your perks with its  5 5/8″ handles, which, besides providing compatibility with both hands, also converts all the weight at the end of the paddle, giving maximum power while applying minimum effort. Besides, the paddle’s best feature is still the alternative for power and control. So, if you’re a control-conscious person, you’ll have what you desire without sacrificing a pinch of quality. Likewise, power-oriented aggressive players, like Robby Anderson, can opt for the premium power option for dominating the game.

  • Performance-oriented
  • Extremely fast and responsive
  • Sturdy construction
  • Flexibility for both power and control factor
  • Excellent defense mechanism
  • Sound-proof

  • Pricier

If you’re willing for a healthy yet risk-free investment, opt for gearbox GX6. From core to grip and design to working – an absolutely worthy paddle for mainly aggressive players.










Onix Voyager Pro Pickle Paddle – Powerful Striking Ability

9.6/10 – Our Score




Onix Voyager Pro Pickle Paddle






Top Features:


  • Precision-cut polypropylene core
  • Largest sweet spot
  • 7.8 – 8.2oz weight
  • Wide body shape

  • Extended tennis shaped handle
  • Graphite face
  • Cushioned and perforated grip design
  • Solid edge guard


Onix has been manufacturing top-quality paddles since 2005, and has kept up the record of best-selling paddles for advanced players since then. In their lineup, Voyager is famous for its quarter-inch extra surface length and width.



    • Features a graphite surface that maximizes power and touches ball by ball. 

    • The immense power applied through the graphite gets balanced with its polypropylene honeycomb core.

    • Has the largest sweet spot–helping block the over-paced shots and even return them with a good speed at an accurate length. 

    • Pre-holed grips help wick away the sweat while giving you added control of the paddle. 

    • The core is thicker than the previous lineup of the Onix, eliminating the risk of dead spots and increasing its pop and finesse.

Onix Voyager was the second paddle I bought after the Bantam TS-5. The paddle just took all of my affection in just the first week through its mix of spin, touch, finesse.

  • Incredible shot strength
  • Maximum speed and power
  • Excellent gripping with the largest sweet spot
  • Balanced control
  • Stays without defects for a longer period
  • Perfect accuracy

  • The handle may feel thicker to short-handed players

For players who tend to get rough and aggressive with their paddles, Onix Voyager, for all the reasons, is a flawless choice to make. The paddle provides power, spin, and maneuverability. Whereas the durability is totally worth it to spend a hundred dollars, rightly





Pro-Lite Titan Pro Bds Silver – Proficiently Constructed Advanced Paddle

9.3/10 – Our Score




Pro-Lite Titan Pro BDS Silver






Top Features:


  • Braided woven carbon fiber surface
  • Metallic graphic design
  • Weighs up to 7.8 oz

  • High-end polymer honeycomb
  • USAPA listed and approved
  • Vibration dampening system


Titan pro-BDS got my serious attention for its braid carbon fiber surface–giving magical spins to the ball. Three of the courts of Chicago are still unable to resolve the mystery of how the team having pro-BDS always wins. After playing with it for a regular three months, I dug out the reasons;

Pro-Lite Titan Pro Bds Silver


    • The braids on the surface can keep the ball in contact for a max of 4 seconds, giving the players time to make that shot a winning one! 

    • Carbon fiber material complements the honeycomb core in reducing the shock, vibration, and deflection. 

    • Besides being 15 1/2″ elongated, the weight it carries is just 7.8 ounces. And the reason I discovered is its enlarged cells. 

    • PRO-LITE Phantom Ultra Grip profusely acts as a cure for tennis elbow players. It previously carries good reviews from injured players as I spoke to them and they mentioned how, they’ve significantly reduced tennis elbow and strain.

    • The extra length and larger handles constantly aid from playing shots at the baseline. 

    • The surface, along with spin, is highly reactive to the plastic, hence reducing mis-hits.

  • Excellent spin
  • Increased power with required control
  • No wrist aches and pain
  • All-day playability
  • Highly durable

  • A bit costly

If truth be told, Prolite titan pro is a paddle that not only looks good but performs marvelously with high-end features and advancements. For its reach, spin, and forgiveness, it makes an attractive choice for budget-minded players who want to dominate the court with a beautiful spin.









Gamma Needle – Best Pickleball Paddles For Overhead Shots

9.5/10 – Our Score




Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddles






Top Features:


  • Sensa poly core technology
  • Elongated style surface
  • Comfortable grips
  • Textured graphite face

  • Centralized sweet spot
  • USAPA approved
  • Lightweight up to 7.

Gamma is one of the oldest pickleball industries, dating back to 1974. The needle is the first blade-style paddle in Gamma’s lineup that has remarkably made its name in getting the players better in their game–even me!

The defensive surface of the paddle is taken up to 12.375 inches, making it rank up as the longest hitting area in the paddle with a width of 7 1/8″. During my aggressive games, I love how the surface helps me in blocking the ball and increases the pace backed by its textured graphite face.

Gamma Needle

Gamma Needle

To meet my skill level at a higher level, gamma has designed and incorporated Sensa poly core technology for increased power, spin, as well as durability. 

The paddle, by reducing vibration, shock, and impact, gets its approval; from USAPA to play under noise-restricted communities and closed courts.

Overall, the paddle is lightweight and easy to grip with a large grip size of 4 ⅛ inches while the handles may appear to be quite small. Despite this, it works amazingly in getting this topspin right on the surface with close contact with the hand.

  • Quality core and surface
  • Larger surface area for flexible hitting
  • Excellent gri
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Durable

  • Might not compliment well to short heightened players

G in the Gamma stands for “gamechanger” and N is for the Notable in Needle that will truly perform as powerful and as skillfully as you desire. For its core and gripping technology, I must say, the Gamma needle is too good to be equipped.






Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid – Offers The Best Sweet Spot

9.4/10 – Our Score




Gamma Needle Pickleball Paddles






Top Features:


  • Polypropylene X5 Core
  • Vanguard GEO Grip
  • QuadCarbon surface

  • Carbon fiber body material
  • Lightweight edge guard
  • Flexible weight ranges

As I see clubs full of Paddletek Tempest wave pro, I’m still on my statement that it could be the most popular paddle among the pro players, but Selkirk Vanguard is the most loved in this case. Among all pickleball brands from day 1 to date today, Selkirk still ranks number one for its trusted quality.

Vanguard currently has 3 models in its lineup, with S2 being the center of attention. It comes with a 10” largest sweet spot, carrying the width of the epic and hitting the length of the Invikta. The shorter handles just double the joy of spin. Its flared edges come forward to rescue in drive shots and position the paddle in a cross arc.

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid

Selkirk has improved its hitting area in the Vanguard series employing four technologies that result in state-of-the-art construction. and I can’t stop myself detailing it. With its Pro-Spin Texture, it creates the spin itself while the QuardCarbon reduces the weight that makes the paddle end up with infinite power, finesse, and responsiveness.

The handle is incorporated with the Vanguard GEO specialized grips that offer the highest possible comfort level with improved traction. In fact, it helps me to reduce soreness of the arm and shoulder, and I further noticed the fewest vibration frequencies. in this paddle.

And here comes my favorite part the weighting system. The manufacturers put the weight on the handle, making the surface lighter. This is what helps injury-prone players make the best of their game with the least discomfort.

  • The larger and softer sweet spot
  • Excellent gripping technology
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Durable
  • High tech X5 core for power hitting
  • Spinning and quality QuadCarbon face

  • Fairly expensive

Trust me the hype is real. This is the first-class paddle that would be your first choice if you want a paddle with maximum features and quality gameplay.










Paddletek Bantam Ts-5 – Ideal for advanced Spin Shots

9.6/10 – Our Score




Paddletek Bantam TS-5






Top Features:


  • Smart response technology
  • Textured Fiberglass Epoxy Hybrid Surface
  • Ultra cushion grip
  • Proprietary 916 core

  • Small and large grip size availability
  • Weight ranges between 7.6 to 8.1 oz
  • Features four unique colorways

Having power at max, touch and feel in a great combo and accuracy on top–Bantam TS-5 pro has become another worthwhile consideration from the youngest successful brand of pickleball paddles a.k.a Paddletek.

Bantam TS-5 pro feels slightly different from tempest wave pro in terms of design. It has shorter handles at 4 ¾ while the surface at 11.25 inches is more elongated like a paddle with the most dominant factor.

Paddletek Bantam Ts-5

Paddletek Bantam

Paddletek’s special 916 core is upgraded with 0.5 thickness as well, compared to traditional polypropylene core in the same features but with more consistency and pop effect. While I normally get speed issues with ProKennex paddles, the Bantam TS-5 pro lived up to be my perfect match for consistent deliveries for dink rallies.

The paddle is available in two weight options, lightweight and standard weight range from 7.6 to 8.1oz. Across these models, there are two grips available. One is 4 1/8 (thinner) which I got for my kids, and the other is 4 ⅜ that fits into my wife’s hands easily. For me, though, I like it better with taping since I got bigger hands. However, I still like how they provide enough room for it.

  • Larger sweet spot
  • Flexible weight sizes
  • The soft and sweet feel
  • Classic design
  • More surface space for better hitting

  • Fairly expensive

Want to dominate the game? Get the Paddletek Bantam TS -5 pro and see the magic. For maximum power, additional swing, and added durability, this is a highly suggested purchase that will benefit all your gaming styles.










Onix Evoke Premier – Best Choice for Professional Tournaments

9.3/10 – Our Score




Onix Evoke Premier






Top Features:


  • Precision-cut polypropylene core
  • Atomic 13 edge technology
  • DF Composite surface
  • Contoured tennis handle shape

  • Features all weight types from lightweight to heavy ( 7.5 to 8.5 )
  • Impact paddle shape
  • USAPA approved

In terms of accuracy and speed, Onix Evoke easily wins! It comes combined with revolutionary technology that gives power in a manner that the ball doesn’t go off the line.

The reason behind its versatile performance is the precision cut polymer core that spins the ball just as I want it to. It’s, by far, the most consistent pickleball paddle that just sold its 500 copies in the late summer of last year. Though, it usually remains out of stock, so click here to give a check to its availability.

Onix Evoke Premier

Onix Evoke Premier

The core produces significant pop, besides reducing the weight, vibration, and shock altogether. For the power factor, it employs DF composite material that complements the core and further stays resilient for a healthy period.

And yes, let’s not forget the atomic 13 edge technology. It increases the swing speed of the paddle. Though, I better prefer it for singles than doubles in which its 5” elongated handles come in handy to manage the entire court despite the position.

  • Increased swing and spin
  • More power and accuracy
  • Elongated handles for better control
  • Solid and sturdy design and durability
  • Effortless playability

  • None

Once you buy Evoke, you’ll love the playability for real. It invites a number of games to your name with power and consistency, you wouldn’t have imagined adopting. Onix Encore is the Mighty for crazy pickle players out there.










Rally PXL Graphite Paddles – Best Budget Advanced Paddle

9.4/10 – Our Score




Rally PXL Graphite Paddles






Top Features:


  • Textured Graphite carbon face
  • Polymer composite honeycomb core
  • 7.6 to 7.8 as the weight ranges

  • USAPA approved
  • Elongated head size
  • Perforated cushion comfort grips

Rally PXL is a choice for quick games with enormous power coming out of its elongated length, just like the Invikta of Selkirk, and thus has more surface space to hit and defend a variety of hard and fast shots. Through its textured graphite surface, it allows groundstroke, cross-court dink, and volley with excellent timing and accuracy.

A composite honeycomb core might concern you, but it’s where it shines out among budget paddles, while becoming the best budget paddle for pro players. It dampens the sound and vibrations, plus it is solid and sturdy and produces a lot of spin and swing. With the reduced weight, you’ll have a lot of power and dominance without any bulkiness on your hand.

Rally PXL Graphite Paddles

Although it has a compromised sweet spot, the reach compensates and shields against mis-hits with its 16.25 ” elongated length and flared edges. Overall, the gripping factor is superior due to its comfortability. It fits in the hand just perfectly with no strain.

  • Comfortable gripping system
  • Budget-friendly
  • Extra added pop effect
  • Durable
  • More lengthen surface

  • The handle might feel too short

If you want a paddle with all the power and spin at a fair price, then this one’s definitely for you. It gets you all covered, whether keeping your budget in control or worth your experience.










How to Choose Pickleball Paddle for Pro Players [Guide]:

As a pro-level player, you must be thinking what’s the need for a guide since you would have played enough and definitely be familiar with the bits and pieces of pickleball that you can recognize and choose the best pickleball paddles for advanced players. 

Although,  the paddle specifications and features won’t be the same as those you used in the beginning or throughout your career. And, this is what compelled me to write this guide so that you’ll be saved from making any mistakes and you get the paddle that goes right by your strengths and style.


The basics must be checked and considered carefully. It includes the construction of your paddle, the weight, and strength which are discussed further.


Normally, a general physics rule is applied to the weight as you might have remembered as F=ma. for playing professionally, you need a weighty paddle (not much that it starts hurting with extended play). So, the ideal weight, as per my research and experiences, is somewhat between 7 to 14 ounces. It will get you all covered providing the required acceleration and power.

Weight of paddle

lighter paddles are somehow useful depending on their design if they have extended tennis-like handles. In case, if you feel like your paddles don’t provide much power, note down the weight first and then wrap the handle with some lead tape. It will do the job of providing maximum power so you can hit and smash effortlessly.

Material Type:

For the Core:

Generally, a polymer honeycomb is the most preferred for the core material. It is, no doubt, but since you’ve upgraded the level so you need a core within an upgraded technology to hit with power and spin. Some brands have their specialized core technologies like SRT of Paddletek Tempest Wave or solid span of Gearbox GX6 are highly recommended in that case.


For the Body:

First, you need to prioritize what you need more in a paddle; power or accuracy? 

If the answer is power, go for graphite paddles, they are lighter in weight offering maximum power. Graphite is the only material that breaks the stereotypes of all weighty paddles being the only powerful paddle in the pickleball industry. 
However, if accuracy is what you value the most then go for fiber or carbon composite materials. Like graphite, they are lighter in weight but provide more accuracy and control within.

Edge guard:

Edge guard vs edgeless

Consider edge guard an important factor, if durability means something precious to you. It protects the core and the surface of the paddle from scratches and corrosion and increases the sturdiness of the racket. Whereas, an edgeless paddle looks stylish and sleek and it cuts down the weight of your paddle if the weight and design are important to you.

Top Features:

Power and Control:

Power and control are the most important factors in a paddle on which the overall performance of your paddle depends. However, when choosing on power or control in a paddle; go for the power always due to two of the following reasons:

Power and Control


    1. You must have gotten all the control throughout your pickleball career, so it won’t be much necessary because power is what is going to be your requirement for higher-level tournaments. 

    1. It’s better to have a power paddle while not utilizing it than to have a control paddle without any power mechanism.

Spin and Accuracy:

One step further from power, you require spin along with the accuracy to trick your opponents. Originally, spinning is the game of aiming for one direction while throwing the ball in a different one and that needs a lot of accuracy while it also depends on your paddle. Usually, a textured surface provides a better spin.

Gripping Mechanism:

For an efficient grip, look for the largest sweet spots and also notice the design of the handle. Though, it comes with different lengths and circumferences that we also have mentioned separately with each paddle reviewed above because the specs largely affect your handling. Typically, circumference varies by your hand size so I can not generalize what a perfect circumference should be. 


Yet, for the length, I prefer and suggest the elongated one. Because first, it allows power with both hands for ultimate compatibility. And second, it depicts a tennis-like look that also stabilizes the weight at the end.

USAPA Approved:


This is a basic requirement for any professional player to consider in a paddle. Despite the fact that mainly an expert level playing is all about tournaments, nationals, and internationals so a product listed and approved by USAPA is a must.

Sound and Vibrations:

Sound and Vibrations

Consider a paddle with NO sound and vibration because trust me it gets very annoying every passing day you invest in a pickleball. Although, For sound, a polymer honeycomb does the job perfectly.

Durability and Price Factor:

Durability and Price Factor

Both the durability and price factor may be directionally proportional to each other, but there are other factors that involve the two enormously. If you’re a kind of aggressive player, you may need a paddle with greater durability because believe me, no one wants to go through the process of ordering a new paddle every week. While, if you are consistent and careful with what you own, durability is not an issue and a budget-friendly paddle would be highly preferred in this case.


Though I might end this here but gaming is never-ending and so should your passion. By covering all the advanced level tips and guidelines above, I might say you simply won’t go wrong by making your purchase accordingly. 

Presumingly, if you want to make it quicker and correct yet perfect, you can choose my top 3 picks as the best pickleball paddles for advanced players, unhesitantly.


    1. Paddletek tempest wave pro 

    1. Selkirk vanguard hybrid 

    1. Onix evoke premier

These, from every aspect and for every reason, would be your best purchase of pickle pro paddles to date.


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