Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle Review |Ultimate Summary|

When absolute precision of the shots and pinpoint control of the ball is the prime objective of any pickleball paddle. Then Paddletek Bantam Ex-L tops the priority list. The Bantam Ex-L is equipped with the latest innovations such as PolyCore Technology which consisted of Honeycomb Core. Plus, polycarbonate surface on the paddle face, and many more. This Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle Review includes all the features of this paddle.

What’s more. the dope color scheme and flashy designs on the paddle will surely leave your challengers gritting their teeth. When you’re talking about consistent performance and ideal execution of backspins, topspins, dinks, and smashes that are off the charts. Then this paddle is the right pick for you

What Makes Paddletek Bantam EX-L Stand Out? |Brief Synopsis|

  • The Bantam Ex-L features a velvet-textured polycarbonate paddle face that intensifies the control for an utmost spin on the ball.
  • The face of the paddle is protected by ⅛ inch overlapping edge guard, enhancing the durability and rigidity of the Bantam Ex-L up to a great extent.
  • The paddle core of the Bantam Ex-L is composed of Paddletek’s very own Bantam PolyCore technology. This polycore of the paddle is comprised of Polymer Honeycomb, resulting in an exemplary blend of power and control on the court.
  • Another prominent feature of the Bantam Ex-L is the Ultra High Tack Performance Grip, which not only amplifies the comfort level of using the paddle but also helps in drawing the moisture away and absorbing the sweat from the palm of the hands.
  • Bantam Ex-L is doubtlessly one of the first picks of tennis converts while playing pickleball due to the 5-inch handle length.
  • It is a well-suited and ideal pickleball paddle for all sorts of players complementing the beginners as well as professionals at the championship level.

36/50 – Our Score

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle


  • Power:
  • Control:
  • Forgiveness:
  • Spin:
  • Touch:


One of the determinants that we did not like, and which might also urge the players to switch from Bantam Ex-L is that the paddle feels a bit too heavy with a weight that ranges from 7.8 ounces to 8.4 ounces when swinging the paddle back and forth, ultimately decreasing the maneuverability a bit too much.

Our Verdict:

When seeking optimum power and excellent control is the prime objective of your next pickleball game then the Paddletek Bantam Ex L pickleball paddle is the one that tops the list. With the paddle’s new and up-to-date, modern innovation, there is no doubt that this paddle is used by an exceedingly large number of players, ranging from pickleball novices to championship-level professionals. For someone who’s looking up to gain a competitive advantage over their challengers during an action-packed pickleball fixture then Bantam Ex-L is the top choice.

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle |Detailed Analysis|

In order to find out why you should bring this beast of a paddle to your next pickleball game, so without wasting any more of our time, let’s immerse ourselves in this Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle Review and get familiarized with the stunning features of this paddle.

Velvet-Textured Paddle Face:

Paddletek is on the top of its game because of its out-of-the-box innovation. Which can be seen in the face of this exciting new paddle. The face of the Bantam Ex-L is composed of velvet-textured polycarbonate. This not only maximizes the ability to spin and control the ball. But also provides a better and greater hitting surface area for pulling off incredible shots across the court.

⅛ Inches Edge Guard:

Paddletek ensures that the paddles manufactured by the company remain durable. And for that very reason, the Bantam Ex-L features Paddletek’s very own ⅛ inches edge guard that plays quite a significant role in expanding the lifespan of the paddle. One striking feature that grabbed our attention is that the edge guard not only keeps the paddle away from harm but also absorbs the aftershocks that can be felt when the ball connects with the face of the paddle. This not only allows the player to smash the ball across the net with such delicate control but also reduces the chances of mishits as well.

Did you know? Every single one of the Paddletek paddles in the Bantam roster features the ⅛ inches Edged Shock Guard.

Polymer Honeycomb Paddle Core:

Polymer Honeycomb Paddle Core

You might be wondering why this pickleball paddle is used at the championship level, right? Well! Allow us to debunk this mystery for you. The innovation incorporated behind the core of the Bantam Ex-L is known as PolyCore Technology. This innovation is composed of Polymer Honeycomb. The core is designed in such a way that offers exceptionally well-balanced as well as controlled shots that can certainly take your opponent down.

Along with that, one distinguishable characteristic of the paddle is the PolyCore Technology. It plays quite a remarkable role in absorbing vibrations and shocks. These vibrations are produced after the ball hits the paddle. This feature of the Bantam Ex-L is the clincher in our opinion. Because it also complements the players that are struggling with tennis elbows.

Wider Paddle Dimensions:

When it comes to the measurements of the Bantam Ex-L it can be seen that the paddle is made up of a wide-body, which measures about 7 ¾ inches. The broad construction of the paddle makes it one of the very best paddles when opting for careful shots due to its greater surface area and larger sweet spot. Talking about the length of the paddle, the Bantam Ex-L is about 15 ⅝ inches long, giving the players an upper hand in terms of much greater leverage and reach on the pickleball court.


All the professional pickleball players are aware of the fact how important it is to determine the weight of the paddle and how it can influence the performance of the player. Paddletek has gone out of its way to release Bantam Ex-L which varies in the heaviness of the paddle, weighing from 7.8 ounces to 8.4 ounces. By keeping the weight of the paddle in mind, it can be said that this paddle lies in the category of medium-weighted paddles, which is well suited for intermediate to advanced pickleball players offering great power behind your volleys and smashes on the court.

Cushioned Grip & Longer Handles:

Cushioned Grip & Longer Handles

Paddletek prioritizes the players first and designs their paddles by keeping the pickleball players in mind. This argument can be supported by the fact that the handle is constructed with Paddletek’s Perforated Ultra Cushioned High Tack Performance grip, which gives a great feeling of comfort when the paddle is held in the palms of the hands, on top of that, the grip, not only adds up to the comfort level of the players but also plays a key role in taking in all the moisture and sweat that might cause hindrances in playing your shots. Another notable trait here is that the paddle comes in standard grip size, which is 4 ¼ inches.

The handle of the paddle, on the other hand, is also another great element that makes the paddle different from traditional pickleball paddles. The handle measure about 5 inches long which greatly complements the tennis freaks. Furthermore, with such a long handle, it becomes quite effortless to play with both hands as well.

Color Variations:

Paddletek has made quite a reputation in not only revolutionizing the pickleball industry with top-notch technology but also in terms of looks and designs too. One of the most apparent qualities of the Bantam Ex-L is that the paddle is available in funky and hip color variations with supercool names that include Aurora (Purple), Barium (Green), Horizon (Yellow), Riptide (Blue), Wildfire (Red)

Specification Chart:

Paddle Weight7.8 ounces to 8.4 ounces (mediumweight)
Paddle Surface MaterialVelvet-textured Polycarbonate
Paddle CoreBantam PolyCore
Core MaterialPolymer Honeycomb
Paddle Length15 ⅝ inches
Paddle Width7 ¾ inches (Wide)
Paddle Thickness14 mm
Handle Length5 inches (Long)
Grip Size4 ¼ inches (Standard)
Grip MaterialPerforated Ultra Cushioned Bantam Tack High-Performance Grip
Edge Guard⅛ inches Edged Shock Guard
WarrantyManufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
USAPA ApprovedYes

Few Words by Daniel Moore – The Pickleball Conqueror:

According to the Pickleball legend Daniel Moore. If you’re facing an opponent in a single match or one-on-one, then choosing the Bantam pickleball paddle is, hands down, the optimal choice. The reason behind giving this paddle preference over Paddletek Tempest Wave is the wide construction of the paddle face. Plus the compact grip size allows the players to handle the paddle with no excessive effort. Which eventually results in improved maneuverability on the court.


We have come up with Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle Review so that you can enjoy all the staggering traits this paddle has to offer. All in all, Paddletek’s Bantam Ex-L is an exciting pickleball paddle for numerous reasons that we have just mentioned above. There is an obvious reason behind why even the pickleball professional opts for this paddle and that is surely its ground-breaking innovations and integration of modern technology. Add a perfect combination of precise control and accurate spins to the mix and you will come up with this beast of a paddle known as the Bantam Ex-L.

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