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The Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle is a renowned name in the world of Pickleball due to its reputation of being the “most innovative paddle, incorporated with state-of-the-art technology in the market”. But the most important question that might arise in your mind would be “What exactly makes this paddle so phenomenal?” For that very reason, we have come up with this in-depth Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle Review that will ensure why this paddle is the best pick for you.

It is the first paddle with a skin comprised of stunning 6 layers. The elongated body of the paddle might also tempt you because of the firm control the paddle provides. It also complements players whose playstyle is a bit defensive. What’s more interesting is that the paddle features Perforated Cushioned Grip. Moreover, the paddle is perfectly suited for all levels of players.

Engage Poach Advantage – A Quick Summary:

  • Engage’s distinctive “Variable Release” technology, features a 6-layered paddle face.
  • The 6-layered paddle offers remarkable ball control and supreme gameplay.
  • The elongated 16” long and 8 inches widebody of the paddle provides a greater sweet spot for landing awesome blows.
  • Featuring a long handle of 5 inches that complements former tennis players as well. Making the paddle quite easy to swing in every direction.
  • Comes in 2 different medium weight variations, i.e 7.5 oz, and 8.3 oz to choose from.
  • Perforated Cushioned grip increases the comfort to a great extent while simultaneously absorbing sweat.
  • Suitable for all levels of players ranging from amateurs to professional gold medalists.

22/30 – Our Score

Engage Poach Advantage


  • Power: 7/10

    The 6-layered paddle surface of the Poach allows the player to control the ball on their command. This surface has effectively played an important part in endowing the players with extreme control over the ball.

  • Control: 7/10

    The 6-layered paddle surface of the Poach allows the player to control the ball on their command. This surface has effectively played an important part in endowing the players with extreme control over the ball.

  • Forgiveness: 9/10

    I’m not a professional at playing pickleball but the Engage Poach has authorized me to pull off some of the most amazing shots, even the ones that do not connect right with the center of the paddle.


One of the most noticeable downsides of the Poach Advantage is that the paddle does not offer a vast range of grip variations. And limited to one grip size as well. Plus the handle can be a little bit heavy. And last but not the least, this paddle is quite expensive too. So it is concluded that Engage Poach is not a budget-friendly pickleball paddle.

Final Verdict:

By keeping the above-mentioned determinants in consideration, we can conclude that the Engage Poach Advantage is undoubtedly one of the most ground-breaking pickleball paddles there is. Another interesting thing about the paddle is that the face is composed of 6 different layers. These layers not only add up to thickness and makes it more durable. And also give its user a fair competitive advantage over their challengers due to extraordinary ball responsiveness and control.

Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle | An All-inclusive Summary |

We have come up with this Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle Review in which all the features and components of this pickleball paddle are covered. So sit back, relax and go through this article in order to fully understand how can you utilize the paddle to its full potential.

Paddle Face:

As we have mentioned before, the face of the Engage Poach Paddle is equipped with up-to-date modern technology named “Variable Release”. Which features 6-layered Fiberglass Composite Polymer skin. The core purpose behind incorporating this technology is to make the paddle stand out from the traditional ones. With the inclusion of this technology, the paddle is able to offer its users a smoother ball control.

In addition to that, the paddle is designed in such a way that when facing incoming shots, the paddle can be maneuvered in a slow swing to add rotation and/or spin to the ball. So it can be said that the paddle is the best fit for players that enjoys tricking their opponents and hitting spinning shots to confuse them.

On the other hand, the paddle can also be used to strike fast-paced shots to send the ball soaring through the skies. Thanks to its powerful ball responsiveness and wider sweet spot.

Edge Guard:

Another striking feature is that the Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle is pimped with Cyclone Low-Profile Vinyl Edge Guard. The discovery that blew our minds while testing the paddle was that this edge guard helps in keeping the paddle safe from any harm. But also influences other factors that enhance the performance of the paddle. For instance, ensuring that the paddle is effortless and quick to maneuver.

Paddle Core:

This exciting pickleball paddle is loaded with new innovation called Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology. The core of the paddle is composed of Polymer Composite materials that go absolutely well with the paddle face. Since the core of the paddle is made up of 6 different layers i.e the variable release technology, the paddle is an absolute beast in the pickleball courts landing all-powerful shots at a full swing while simultaneously controlling the ball rotation with a slow swing.

My personal Engage Poach Advantage
My personal Engage Poach Advantage

You might be wondering why this technology is called “Black” right? Well, the answer is simple, during the production process of the paddle, the core of the polymer is converted to black chemically for improving the smoothness of the paddle which also gives you a feel of a soft touch while bashing the ball.

Paddle Dimensions:

The Poach Advantage is an elongated pickleball paddle that measures 16” lengthwise, which is slightly above the standard length. The added length on the handle immensely helps in smacking wonderful smash with all your might. Plus, the paddle is 8” wide, offering a greater sweet spot because of its widebody shape. The 8” wide surface of the paddle allows the player to pull off tricky, spinning shots such as backspins and topspins while swinging the paddle at a slower pace.

Fun fact: the target designed at the center of the paddle is located exactly where the sweet spot lies. The target might help you in achieving maximum accuracy if the contact between the ball and the paddle is made properly.


What makes the Engage Poach Advantage different from traditional pickleball paddles is that it can be used by all levels of skill players due to its medium weight.  Plus it is quite easy to get the hang of this paddle. As it offers just the right combination of power and control that is necessary to shoot your next winning shot of the game. The paddle is quite easy to carry around and maneuver due to its medium weight. Furthermore, different variations can be found in the weight of the paddles ranging from 7.5 oz to 8.3 oz. So it becomes convenient for you to choose from what suits you best.

Grip & Handling:

5 inches long handle
5 Inches Long Handle

This paddle just might be the ideal pick for players that used to play, or still play tennis. Because the paddle comes in with a remarkable 5” long handle. This makes you feel like you’re holding a tennis racquet. Meaning it provides much better control than the other paddles.

One of the eye-catching features that we come across during our analysis is that the handle of the paddle is wound with a 4 and ¼ inches, Ultra Perforated Cushion Grip that effectively amplifies the level of comfort of the handle and at the same time absorbs the excess amount of sweat as well.

On top of that, the grip is also designed in a manner that the handle won’t get too slippery due to moisture and sweat while you’re out on the court during a nerve-wracking match.

What Makes the Engage Poach Advantage Different?

One of the most prominent eminent determinants that make the Poach Advantage different from its competitors is that the face of the paddles is composed of 6-layered skins. Whereas, most of the pickleball paddles’ faces are only made up of at least one layer of skin. Or a maximum of two layers of skin. The marvelous feature of the Poach Advantage is that it provides the same thickness. Just like the paddles with one or two layers provide.


We compared several different pickleball paddles, and the second thing that we observed that makes the paddle unique is that, it provides extra control of the ball. The skin of the paddle is designed in such a way that the paddle is able to hold the ball for an extended period of time. As compared to other pickleball paddles when it comes in contact with the face of the paddle. In addition to that, with such an amount of control, you can either hit the ball with a slow swing to make the ball curve. Or you can swing the paddle all the way back to apply maximum force behind your shots to send the ball flying at your opponent.


There’s no doubt that Engage has put quite a lot of effort into its Research and Development. This can be seen in the paddle’s Vibration Control Technology. While we were out testing different paddles. We discovered that whenever you hit the ball, most of the paddles shake and tremble a bit. But on the other hand, the Poach Advantage absorbs most of the impact of the ball. And simultaneously mitigates the aftershocks up to a great extent.

Engage Poach Advantage Paddle Specifications:

Paddle CoreControl Pro Black Polymer Composite
Paddle Face6-Layered Fiberglass Composite Polymer
Weight7.5 oz – 8.3 oz (medium-weighted)
Dimensions16” Length x 8” Width
Grip Size5 inches
Grip Diameter4 and ¼ inches
Body ShapeElongated
Sweet SpotLarge
USAPA ApprovedYes
Color Variations5

Winding things up:

In hindsight, the Engage Advantage Paddle stays true to its name of being the “next-gen” in the pickleball industry by manufacturing innovative paddles that are pimped with the latest and modern technology. Such as the implementation of Variable Release Technology with the integration of 6-layered composite, the revolutionary Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology, etc.

This high-end paddle is exemplary for players having all sorts of expertise. No matter if you are a beginner who is lifting a pickleball paddle for the first time in your life or a professional having an astounding career in the sport.

We firmly believe that this Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle Review proves to be helpful. Not only that, but if you’re looking forward to leaving your opponent in the dust, then you do not need to search further for a better option. Because the Poach Pickleball Paddle is obviously a perfect choice.

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