Best Engage Pickleball Paddles Reviews

Best Engage Pickleball Paddles Reviews

Being the top-class USA-based pickleball industry, Engage has a name in manufacturing one of the most popular and advanced pickleball paddles that are the choice of beginners as well as seen in the international courts in the hands of the world-class players. That might be compelling for any player to go for an Engage as their next pickleball paddle, but the wide varieties, multiple models, and several technologies might have left you perplexed as to finalize which one? 

To help you answer the question, we tried each of their paddles, talked to the local as well as 5.0 players, and gathered some of the professional’s opinions to make this Engage pickleball paddle review guide. These are the paddles that we think, because of their weight, shape, size, surface, core technologies, and gripping mechanism can suit any player, as they have the options for everyone.

Best Engage Pickleball Paddles Series: 

Engage has a total of 5 series and 2 single paddles that they have manufactured till now. It could be a massive lineup, but Engage discontinued some of its paddles. Their current paddle lineup is very competitive when it comes to choosing the one. 

However, leave that to us! We’ll guide you through each of its paddle’s spec and features, and how they perform on the court with potential negatives, so you can decide which of the Engage suit your skills the best.

Engage Poach

  • Poach Advantage
  • Poach Infinity

Engage Pursuit 

  • Pursuit EX 
  • Pursuit MX 

Engage Encore 

  • Encore 
  • Encore EX 6.0
  • Encore MX 6.0

Engage Elite Pro Maverick

Engage Poach – Best Engage Composite Paddle

Poach Infinity
CoreControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core 
SurfaceOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured CompositeOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured CompositeOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured CompositeOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured Composite
Weight7.5-7.8; 7.9 – 8.3 oz.7.5-7.8; 7.9 – 8.3 oz.7.5-7.8; 7.9 – 8.3 oz.7.5-7.8; 7.9 – 8.3 oz.
Grip length5.25”5.25”5.25”5.25”
Paddle length16″ 16.5″6.25″17″
Paddle width8″7.5″ 7.7″7″ 
Grip size5.25 inch6 inch4 inch5.25 inch

1. Poach Infinity – best for tennis-elbow

9.8/10 – Our Score

Poach Infinity

  • Nicely distributed weight
  • Sturdiest constructed with upgraded technologies
  • Size and shape options for every player
  • Larger sweet spot

  • The paddles are not recommended for beginners who’ve never played the game before.

Poach infinity comes in four models with multiple sizes and weight options. The paddle is one step ahead of the Poach Advantage and pretty much has outperformed it in terms of many features.

First, the paddle gives some incredible spins to the ball, and the technology behind this is advanced Omni-directional texture skin which is rough to a superb extent plus friction enhanced that makes the ball go swing like a wheel.

My Poach Infinity
Playing with Poach Infinity

Under the skin, there is Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology for the core, which balances the control and power and enhances the responsiveness of the paddle. Well, you gotta know more about the surface! There’s also Variable Flex Technology that enhances the elasticity of the paddle, making it more brutal for increasing the pace. The rest include Variable Release Technology, which makes sure the paddle delivers quality at all costs.

Apart from the surface, the handle and the gripping mechanism are quite worth the attention. It has the tackiest grips plus the larger and more generous sweet spots that make the paddle delicate to play with.

Apart from that, the four models in the paddles are EX, MX, SX, and LX, with mid-weight to heavyweight options. The SX is the power paddle with 4” shorter grips having a 16.25″ elongated body and a 7.7″ wide width. EX is the standard size paddle that is normally equipped by intermediate players as it gives a 16″ long x 8″ wide surface with a long handle of 5.25 inch.

The elongated paddle in the lineup is the MX with a 16.5″ long and 7.5″ wide-body having 6-inch larger handles most suitable for tennis players. As far as in our career, Infinity MX is one of the few paddles that we have seen with such generous handles. Last, they have a blade-style paddle that features similar handles as of EX with the longest body at 17”. However, the width is compromised here at 7” which can be an issue for novice players.

Final Words:

Whether you want longer handles or a wider body of an elongated surface, Poach infinity has covered you all. The paddle has a wide variety of unique paddles that serve the needs of every player on the court (especially the one with tennis elbows) with quality and performance.

2. Poach Advantage – Best-Advanced level Paddle

Poach AdvantageSpecifications 
CoreControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core 
Surface“Variable Release” surface
GripsUltra Perforated Cushion Grip
Weight7.5 – 8.3
Paddle length16” 
Paddle width8” 
Grip size4 ¼ inches 
Handle size5” 

9.7/10 – Our Score

Poach Advantage

  • Ultra Perforated Cushion Grip
  • Variable Release Technology
  • ‘Black’ core technology
  • 6-Layer Paddle Skin

  • 5”
  • The paddle is quite expensive

Engage Poach Advantage is a little brother of the Poach Infinity, having a similar boost of power and quality with a super rolling swing. The paddle is incorporated with the 6-Layer Paddle Skin, making the paddle more power-oriented while optimizing the balance.

My Poach Advantage paddle
Playing with Poach Advantage

Compared to Infinity, it gives a more ball-biting surface with an excessive delay of the ball on the surface. The Variable Release Technology works at 2x with the Black Core that makes your lobs and volleys go a little higher and rolling–it surely gives the best strategies to trick your opponents, though.

The shape of the paddle is where the players end up giving their hearts to the paddle. It is a wide-body paddle of an elongated length. As per the specs, it is 16” in length and 8” wide, which enables an extra reach feature for you. Similarly, the sweet spot is generous, which enhances playability on the court.

The 7.5—8.3 ounces weight range can give you quite a leverage for having a perfect blend of power and control. Though, this mid-weight paddle feels quite comfortable on the hand as it has weight distributed efficiently on the paddle with the handle side being heavier. Plus, there is an Ultra Perforated Cushion Grip that absorbs sweat and gives tacky and dry grips throughout the gameplay.

Last but never the least, the paddle is available in four colors. And why is it a feature? Well, because 90% of paddles do not give you color options, they are not even attractive, though. But here in this paddle, you are getting amazing graphics plus fair color options. A good deal, no? Besides, Poach Icon pickleball paddle is similar to the Engage Poach with similar specifications, shape, and technologies. While Poach Extreme is its oversized size.

Final Words:

Engage poach is beauty with power, control, spin, swing—and what’s not? The paddle is designed very technologically, plus it provides you with durability, leaving you in no condition to miss out on this paddle.

Engage Pursuit – best weight options

Pursuit  EXPursuit MX
CoreControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core 
SurfaceOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured Graphite Omni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured Graphite 
Weight7.9 – 8.3 oz; 7.5 – 7.8 oz; 7.1 – 7.4 oz 7.9 – 8.3 oz; 7.5 – 7.8 oz; 7.1 – 7.4 oz 
Paddle length16″ 16 1/2″ 
Paddle width8″7 1/2″
Grip size4 1/4”4 1/4”
Grip length5”5 3/4″

3. Pursuit EX – Best for Experts

9.6/10 – Our Score

Pursuit EX

  • Excellent for drive shots and smashes
  • Standard pickleball shape
  • Multiple weight options
  • Perfect shapes for power and spin shots

  • 5”
  • Lacks a bit of a control factor

Pursuit EX is a graphite paddle that is built with a similar Control Pro ‘Black’ Core Technology, maximizing its strength for more control, finesse, and power. Over the core, the Proprietary omnidirectional friction-based Graphite skin makes it game-changing for any slow or fast game scenario.

engage Pursuit EX pickleball paddle with ball
Playing with engage Pursuit EX pickleball paddle

EX is one of the most responsive paddles in terms of ball-handling and delivering shots with 1.1x multiplied speed as you applied it, which in turn optimizes the power of the paddle. Players love how it responds to drive shots and smashes with a good hot spot.

A 5″ handle length makes it fit nicely in hands with the least hand fatigue. It has the standard size, having quite a weight that you may also use in your favor when in need of power. Plus, the circumference is 4 1/4″ which goes right by an average pickleball player of a medium height. Well, the handles are not much powerful, so you may use an over-grip with it to make it go with the enormous strength of the surface.

You’ll get three weight ranges, i.e. one is the feathery weight between 7.1 – 7.4 oz. The mid-weight paddle has a weight ranging from 7.5 – 7.8 oz and it’s best for soft games. Last, the heavier ones have a minimum of 7.9 oz all the way to 8.3 oz. And the best part is, you may get any weight between these ranges, so you’ll have a perfectly changed paddle that suits your needs.

The shape is like the Poach Advantage; measuring 16” for the length and 8” for the width, making it a perfectly balanced paddle for novice to professional alike who love the original pickleball feel when they are in the game.

Though there is an upgrade to the EX as EX 6.0 has a thicker 5/8 core but we recommend going with the ½ in these as the other specifications complement these series well with a thin core.

Final Words:

To conclude, we got the word “EXTRA-ORDINARY” that sums up what the paddle has to give. The pop, power, and spin are quite a hit of this paddle that can be just the beginning of your successful pickleball career in a matter of time with this paddle.

4. Pursuit MX – Best for Beginners

9.5/10 – Our Score

Pursuit MX

  • Control-oriented paddle
  • Enable more reach and response
  • Multiple weight options
  • Excellent ball holding capability

  • 5”
  • Pricier than the other models in the lineup

Built with similar technologies, Pursuit MX is a twin EX with an elongated shape that measures 16 1/2″ for the length-giving an extra reach towards the nets to stay in the stable position while you can take advantage to play overhead shots as well. Along with that, its surface is stretched to 7 1/2″ which makes it a slightly confined but maintains the sweet spot which is what we focus on, after all.

My engage Pursuit MX pickleball paddle
Second Color of engage Pursuit MX pickleball paddle

Well, the handles are longer than well with an added 3/4″ inch, making it quite a control-oriented paddle without sacrificing much of the power factor. It provides superb power though, it’s one a step back in contrast with its EX twin. That drawback is compensated with the added finesse in this.

The rest of the features in the paddles are the Control Pro ‘Black’ Core Technology sandwiched in Proprietary omnidirectional friction-based Graphite skin. Like, Pursuit EX, you’ll get three weight options you may choose as per your preference. In addition, there is a vibration dampening feature that makes the make game serene and tranquil to play under green-zone communities.

Final Words:

If you desire the intriguing paddle surface and core technologies in an enlarged size, then here you go. The Pursuit MX is an excellent beginner paddle that also complements skilled players with its excellent blend of power, control, and, of course, more reach on the court.

Engage Encore – Technologically Well- Constructed Paddle 

EncoreEncore EX 6.0Encore  MX 6.0
Core‘ControlPro’ PolymerControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core
SurfaceSpecialized ‘Proprietary’ FiberglassOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured CompositeOmni-directional friction-based 6-layer Textured Composite
Weight7.4 – 7.8 oz7.5 – 7.9 oz.; 8.0 – 8.4 oz.7.5 – 7.9 oz.; 8.0 – 8.4 oz.
Paddle length16.5″16”16.5″
Paddle width7.5″8”7.5″
Grip size4 1/4″4 3/8″4 3/8″

5. Encore – best wide-body paddle

9.4/10 – Our Score


  • Extremely power and spin oriented
  • Wide-body paddles
  • Lightweight ranges
  • Larger sweet spot

  • 5”
  • Not suitable for any beginner level player

Encore is the only Pickleball paddle that challenges the limits set by USAPA for power and spin–An ounce increase in either of that and the paddle would be disqualified! That said, the paddle offers a maximum of both, emerging into a beast of a paddle that can turn down even the most skilled player on the opposite sides of the court.

In terms of technologies, there is ControlPro Core Technology composed of Polypropylene / Polymer Honeycomb that makes the foundation both soft and solid (it literally mimics sponge though) making it compatible to hit hard such as volleys and fast spins while giving you an edge to hit dinks and groundstrokes just make things a little unpredictable.

Unlike graphite, the paddles are made of fiberglass (Now you know the reason behind the immense power, right?). The surface, because of the added weight, maximizes the power and spin. With the fiber, the paddle has a fair range of 7.4 – 7.8 oz, which we think is quite a lightweight option. We spoke to almost 36 players using Evoke, and besides the power complements, everyone spoke about comfortability and health, and physical benefits. While 1/3rd of them, actually have cured their tennis elbow and fatigue issues.

Let’s wrap up with the size and dimensions of the paddle and here too, you will be incomplete dominance. Not to sound biased, but the specification justifies it all as it measures 15 1/2″ for the length with a wide body of 8 1/8″. With that, the grip size is standard at 4 1/4″.

Final Words:

Encore paddle is purely made for the players who aim for the “win” and nothing else. The paddle has state-of-the-art technology for the surface and the core, which makes it one of the most valuable paddles to bless your pickleball paddle collection with.

6.0 Lineup:

The 6.0 lineup in the engage paddles is an advanced and thicker core technology in which engage increases the thickness from 1/2 to 5/8 inches, making it more durable and sturdy while enhancing its strength and pop effect.

Apart from the definition, we think the encore lineup with EX 6.0 and MX 6.0 does the justice and uses the technologies by combining the paddles’ components in a perfect alignment with the core. Other than that, the technology is also featured in the Pursuit and Poach lineup.

6. Encore EX 6.0 – Excellent blend of power and control

With the thicker core, the EX 6.0 paddle has 16″ x 8″ paddle dimensions—a standard paddle size that has balanced control and power. Though, the noteworthy feature of the paddle is how it steps up the benefit from Encore to Encore EX 6.0 just by modifying the size. 

The 16 inches length enables the reach while the paddle’s technology already gives much of the power and forgiveness. While the width is regular; giving you enough of the sweet spot to enjoy and have a thrill while you make the win in your name.

Encore EX 6.0 - excellent blend of power and control

7. Encore Mx 6.0 – Best For Spin

While reach can be tempting, it can be enjoyed the best with the MX 6.0. It enables you with an attractive paddle length of 16.5 with a body width of 7.5 that combines to give a good sweet spot. Though, the paddle has a bit heavier lineup that goes between 8.0 – 8.4 oz to give you added power with your shots.

Encore Mx 6.0 - Best For Spin

8. Engage Elite Pro Maverick – Most popular in the Engage’s Lineup 

Engage Elite Pro Maverick Specifications 
Core ControlPro ‘Black’ Polymer Core 
Surface Cutting-Edge ‘Chemical Bond’
Weight 7.5 – 7.8 oz; 7.9 – 8.3 oz.
Paddle length 16.5” 
Paddle width7.5” 
Grip size 4 1/4″
Handle size 6” 

9.3/10 – Our Score

Engage Elite Pro Maverick

  • Wider width with an elongated length
  • Elongated handles
  • Added power, pace, and response
  • Large sweet spot
  • Excellent blend of
  • paddle surface and core technology

  • 5”
  • The handles are made of plastic which diminishes the handle quality a bit

Elite Pro Maverick is an updated version of the Elite Pro and is beyond a doubt the most popular of the Engage’ Paddles lineup.

Cutting-Edge ‘Chemical Bond’ paired with the Variable Release Flex Technology makes the surface flexible and sturdy, allowing better spin shots with impressive power and pace. Plus, it also enhances the “responsiveness” and “forgiveness” of the paddle.

My Engage Elite Pro Maverick
Side Edge of Engage Elite Pro Maverick
Playing with Engage Elite Pro Maverick

Along with that, they have a skin-combined core that is composed of the Vibration Control Technology to make the hits silent but powerful to get any player obsessed with it. Engage calls it a ControlPro II technology, which is a second generation of the original Control Pro they used in the Encore lineup.

What we found the most impressive was the upgrade from the predecessor’s 5” handle into a 6” handle length that works as a multiplying effect to the power and spin factor while it is also an attractive feature for the plates who play with both hands.

Let’s not make you wait to reveal the shape and size specifications. It has a longer than usual length of 16.5 inches, while what’s interesting is the width. So far, it is the only paddle we found with the greatest width size at 7.5 at this length. Results? A larger sweet spot to play with power and class. Above all, they are extremely cost-effective – a feature we rarely found in the Engage paddles.

Other than that, the paddles are medium to the heavy range with two weighting mechanisms. One is the lightweight series with available weight options of 7.5 – 7.8 oz. Although, that’s merely a mid-weight series. However, the weighting mechanism with handles heavier makes it actually lighter on the hand. The other one is the Standard weight range with paddles falling between 7.9 – 8.3 oz.

Final Words:

Besides incorporating all the high-end technologies, the paddles give you the benefit of fitting to your budget quite efficiently. Not just that, it also makes a good intermediate to a pro-level player at such a great bargain!

Where are Engage pickleball paddles made?

The place of manufacturing tells so much about the quality that’s why we see the question “where are Engage pickleball paddles made” roaming around. Luckily, we have Engage Pickleball making all their paddles in the USA. They are located in Florida where the company resides.

About Engage:

Engage pickleball brand was founded in 1965 and sits with the Onix and Gamma, in terms of quality and trust they provide to the players. Besides their quality, they’ve built strong customer care support with thriving warranties to aid the players with long-lasting quality. 

Engage also has a scheme in which they donate 5% of their total revenue to the young and needy players to help to build the community strong. For the paddles, they’ve quite amazing lineups in both budget and elite range.

Ending Note:

By guiding you with the maximum of the Encore products with all the ins and outs that you might be getting in your paddle, we think we did a great job in clearing up your mind. Though, the final choice might be pretty much decided as we guess. However, in the entire engage pickleball paddle reviews, we believe Encore kind of really stands out for its power mechanism, Pursuit has a god control paddle, while the poach lineup is the best for spin shots.

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