CRBN 1 (Elongated Paddle) Review | Why should you buy it? 

We first heard about CRBN in our community, there was news spread like fire in Columbus that 2 double players have made their own paddles and these were something pickleball had never seen. Later on, it was becoming the most-highlighted pickleball paddle in leagues and tournaments. The hype was so much that we couldn’t stop ourselves from trying these. 

There are two pickleball paddles in their lineup and they only have differences in the widths. The elongated paddle is CRBN 1 and the traditional size is CRBN 2.  Today, we’re reviewing CRBN 1, the elongated one. 

Quick analysis:

The fact that CRBN 1 pickleball paddle has 300+ reviews, all with 5.0 ratings. Not a single person had any issues and rated it less than 5.0 whoever bought it. This rating speaks the quality they’re providing to their customers. Even the best of the best pickleball paddles have a few negative ratings.  

CRBN is a large-sized paddle with a massive 16.5 inches paddle length and 7.5 inches width. The handles are elongated measuring around 5.5” giving this paddle a tennis racket-like shape. Ideally, these specs provide a good sweet spot, an extra edge on dealing with lobs and overheads, and utilizing pro strategies. 

CRBN 1 Pickleball Paddle Specifications

In terms of performance, CRBN 1 is insane providing an excellent spin single-handedly, so you can play within the new rule changes. It features raw carbon fiber which brings a profound change in the entire course of carbon fiber surfaces. The most interesting thing about this paddle is its 3 core options. 13 mm is for power, 14 for accuracy, and 16 for control-oriented players. The 13 mm and 14 mm pretty much feel the same, though, but it does have a difference if you choose the latter. You can have either power (in 13mm), control (in 16 mm), or a bit of both in the 14 mm core mm.          

Likewise, the grip size differs from the core options. In the 13-mm and 14-mm cores, you’ll get a medium-sized grip, i.e., 4.25”. In the thicker core, the grip will be 4.375”.  The handles are tackier, it doesn’t make you feel the strain on the hand even if you play for over 5 hours. It;’s best for those who play with both hands, the extra large handle may be a bummer in maneuvering the paddle.  

With everything considered, the potential drawback of the paddle is its price. It’s quite an expensive paddle, being tagged around 200 bucks. However, it’s well-priced for the features and performance it provides. Don’t believe it? Go and play with one to see what difference it makes on the court.                           

Playing Experience with CRBN 1

We usually play with the 16 mm paddle because of the softer feel and added spin, while also because we prefer dink rallies over-aggressive play. However, the 13 mm CRBN 1 is a treat for volley lovers and ex-tennis players. 

Best for two-handed players

elongated handle Of CRBN 1

The CRBN 1 has elongated handles and that’s why it’s made for players who use both hands. The handles are designed for more power and better hand coordination with the paddle, and ultimately with the ball. The players who play with small handles may find these too long to play with. However, it’ll take 2-3 matches to get used to the longer handle and you won’t regret altering your habits. The long handle also helps in hitting lob shots without missing them and playing effectively at the kitchen line. 

A crazy spin!

The best thing about the CRBN paddle is the spin. It creates an enormous amount of rolling on the ball. In fact, the only reason why players prefer this paddle is the spin as it keeps their natural game alive even when the rules are strict. It makes the drive shots incredible as they land on the foot of the opponents, making it hard for them to return the shot. 

Size and dimensions

Size and dimensions

This is the large-sized paddle, as said above, with a limit set by the USAPA, i.e., 24”. At 16.5” in length, the paddle features a wide surface measuring 7.5”. Of the total length of 16.5”, the handle takes up 5.5”, leaving a massive 11” for the surface. We think the two boys would have increased the surface length instead of the With a big handle, you can stay a step ahead of your competitors. 

Technological aspects

Unlike Selkirk and Paddltek, these paddles don’t have many technological features. The manufacturers were only focused on the surface and they did the best job there, using raw carbon fiber material that creates excellent contact with the ball and enables the smooth feel many paddles today missed to provide. 

3 core options:

The 3 core types in the CRBN 1 is a major breakthrough. You must be thinking 13 mm and 16 mm cores are common and ordinary. Every high-end paddle offers that. What makes it different is the connection of the core with the surface. The polypropylene core is designed in a specialized way that it delivers just the right amount of power, finesse, and control through the surface. 

The 13 mm core is something of a treat for an aggressive player. It has an incredible pop and spin more than the rest of the two core options. The paddle-ball contact and delivery with volleys, drop shots, and drives is something every player must experience. The natural spin, pace, and accuracy of each delivery are worth-mentioning. 

3 core options of CRBN

16 mm core is for “sweet-spot”. It has a softer touch and feel and even the edges of the paddle make excellent contact with the ball. The 16 mm is for those who prefer dink rallies. It maintains the pace and accuracy across every shot. It’s also good if you’re playing strategically with the shake and bake trick. This paddle gives enormous stability for the baker to reach within time and crashes without making faults. 

Last, the 14 mm core is underrated. It quite feels the same as the 13 mm core–even the weight is no different. However, when you begin playing, you’ll feel a visible contrast. 14 mm has a softer feel. Its sweet spot has less pop than the 13 mm core. Above all, it has the best accuracy. 

Performance on the court:

Starting from the serve and that’s where you’ll thank having this paddle if you’re a spinner. In 2023 rule changes, spin serve is banned and this paddle is a way to keep the spin live. It has the same effect as putting a spin on the second hand–our competitors were a bit outbalanced. 

For the third shot, we executed a drop shot on the kitchen and it landed just near the court. This is because the elongated edges were enough helpful to give the ball enough high arc and keep its speed slow. Then came a few dink shots which are a treat as the sweet spot was massive and we could interchange between straight and cross-court shots. 

Performs great on the court

When we received a short-length shot, the long edges of the paddles enabled us to receive get the ball on the surface in time and send a powerful volley. Above all, the lobs and overheads are exceptional, the controlled power of the paddle and its ability to lift the ball high has made this paddle gain a permanent spot in the lobbers community. 

Also, the handles are tackier. We played 6 matches, back to back, for 2+ hours, and didn’t have any strain. The rubber on the handle is soft and sweat-resistant. Plus, the long handle allows both hands to use and make a more powerful shot. Despite the ease, the members of our team complained about the extra large handle. It’s 5.5” and pickleball paddles, on average, have the longest handle measuring 5”. 

weight of CRBN

Overall weight:

CRBN 1 is a midweight paddle despite being elongated. The paddle weight ranges between 7.9-8.1 oz. comp[ared to other elongate paddles, this paddle still feels lightweight. The 13 mm is 7.9 oz and is the lightest. 14 mm core weighs 8.0 oz and the heaviest of the three paddles in the CRBN 1 is the 16 mm with the 8.1 oz weight. 


Well, CRBN is a truly hyped paddle with everything built just perfectly. However, we still think there are some limitations. The handle can be too large for natural pickleball players, who play with one hand only. Also, an emerging player, with no sports background may find the surface too power-oriented, especially in the 13 mm and 14 mm core options. Also, the price can be a bummer for budget-minded players. It’s around a 200-dollar paddle.

Our ratings for CRBN 1:

We evaluate the paddle in terms of the features players look for the most on the court. A paddle in the description can be a lot more fascinating because the manufacturer describes it as it wants to, but the actual description only comes out from the reviews of the players who tested it on the courts. That’s where these true ratings will help you establish true expectations from the CRBN 1 elongated paddle. 

Power: 7/10 (16 mm), 9/10 (13 mm)

CRBN 1 is all about power and pop. The 13 mm version is specifically designed for that. The elongated shape combined with the immense pace coming out of the carbon fiber surface makes every shot burst and bomb on the opposite side of the court. We’ll rate it 9 out of 10 for its incredible power while the 16 mm is as well the beast which we think is 7 on a scale of 10. 

Control: 9/10 (16 mm), 6/10 (13 mm)

When talking about control, it’s the 16 mm version that takes all the cake. 13 mm and 14 mm cores don’t have much control to offer, it’s the player’s own ability to place the shot with accuracy rather than relying on the paddle because the speed and power will be too substantial. However, if control is what you’re looking for 16 mm paddle is the king. It allows defensive strategies, such as for the baker in pickleball. Besides, it’s the best weapon for blocking 

As for the rating, 16 mm is 9/10 because the carbon fiber keeps up the pace and spin. The 13 mm has 6/10 and the

Spin: 10/10 (16 mm), 8/10 (13 mm)

If CRBN is famous for anything, it’s the spin factor. The paddle literally makes the ball go rolling like crazy and makes the opponent anticipate the shot forever. Both versions have an incredible amount of spin, but the 16 mm wins as it makes the spin softer and holds the ball a little longer. We couldn’t ask for much and that’s why it takes 10/10 ratings for the spin, while 13 mm, which is more power dedicated would be given an 8/10 rating. 

Is CRBN legal and USAPA approved?


Considering a CRBN pickleball paddle ain’t easy, you’ll often bump into a lot of drama and unreal stuff. 2 boys created paddles for themselves which got a ton of hype across nearby communities. Their paddles were so good that people started to play with them in tournaments and USAPA banned them. In May 2022, the ban was lifted as the boys customized them again and adjusted the specs. Now, CRBN paddles are the leading paddles making players win tournaments. 

In the PPA Masters tournament, more than half of the winning teams had a CRBN in their hands. In fact, the players have started to develop the myth that CRBN paddles have magical factors that give players a sure win! Well, the paddle doesn’t have any such “magical” stuff, it’s the construction and solid-built that gives player confidence to win games. 

CRBN is best for: 

CRB is technically best for everyone who seeks an added spin while it’s banned which also gives them stability and accuracy. The spin is exceptional combined with adequate shot placement. All 13 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm cores are dedicated to taking your game up a notch. CRBN is a fighter paddle, having everything a player would dream to have to beat their opponents.

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