What to Wear to Play Pickleball? Comfort + Fashion

While comfort and fashion are a never-ending debate, clothing has become kinda “restricted” ever since the new rule changes. What to wear to play pickleball is no more a fashion query or a comfort concern only. Not to mention, the new player’s dilemma about “pickleball jerseys” and “dress code”. Officially, there ain’t any pickleball jersey–YET. You can wear anything you want, but one color thing you must say goodbye to is the apparel matching color of the ball.

This article will break down the best pickleball dress codes for men and women, factors and considerations to secure your comfort and extend playing time, and last, a few key points for fashion touch. But first, let’s look into…

Pickleball Apparel Rule:

Pickleball rule changes, 2023 has brought a severe restriction on clothing for tournament play, in terms of colors. In the rule change ID 521 and 526, it was suggested to clarify the apparel rule which got approved with the wording that players can’t wear clothes that easily blend with the color of the pickleball. Filtering the neon, yellow, and orange, let’s move to other factors, i.e., comfort, fashion, and athletics.

Best Pickleball Outfits for Women

Since pickleball is mostly like tennis, a similar fashion is being followed in pickleball too. Tennis skirts are the most common pickleball attire you’ll see most females in. Catherine Parenteau is often seen wearing her beautiful tennis skirts and tank tops. Alongside tennis skirts, golf skirts are also popular among agile women pickleball players.

Best pickleball outfits for women

Parley dresses are the second most common pickleball outfit that many pros wear. It’s flexible and checks mark the criteria of fashion very well. Sports bras and leggings/shorts are one of the finest combos for pickleball drills, practices, and warm-up sessions.  

Conclusively, you’ll have three choices: leggings, shorts, or skirts for the bottom; while 4 for the torso: tees, dresses, sports bras, and tank tops. Each woman has a different opinion when it comes to choosing what fits best in terms of comfort. Hence, leaving the final choice to you. You can also intermix sports bras, golf skirts, leggings, tees, and capris–per your preference and comfort. 

If you’re renovating your wardrobe, you can check Etsy, Zazzle, or Redbubble for the latest varieties, thousands of catchy colors, and the coziest sports outfits. 

Best pickleball outfit for men

Any sports/running shorts or a cool pair of boxers paired with polo is all a man would ever need that meet and exceed his requirements. For a man, the foremost thing when deciding what to wear to play pickleball is moisture-wicking ability and flexibility. This is why many men prefer polo and sando, while separate sun sleeves instead of wearing full-sleeved shirts because sometimes the fit isn’t ideal which creates problems in serving.

Best pickleball outfit for men

In rare cases, if polo and sando aren’t your types of clothing, you can wear any athletic jersey, i.e., of tennis or basketball (if you already own one). If it’s cold, you can wear sweatpants instead of shorts. They won’t take your style to go dead.

Considerations for Pickleball Apparel Selection:

Just after you finalized what you want to wear to play pickleball, you’ll need to checkmark the following list to get ensure what you’re getting is the best after all.


We wish we were writing this article in 2020 when color wasn’t even something that comes under discussion. Now there are debates. Yes, you got to retire neon, yellow, orange, and all those shades that resemble the ball color if you’re taking your daily habits up a notch to make pickleball your profession.

Wicking Ability:

Whether you play indoors, outdoors, casually, or officially, you’re going to sweat a lot. So, you need clothes that wick away the sweat plus breathable. Most of the players who are inclined toward fashion and appearance miss this factor and in the middle of the game end up exhausted.


For playing sports like pickleball, you need something stretchy and flexible. This is where nylon attire comes in. You need easy movements and a relaxed body throughout to make your moves more confidently.

UV Protection:

If you’re mostly playing on the outdoor courts, consider having UV protection a dominant factor in your outfits. This ain’t a hard-to-get factor nowadays, almost 90% of outfits for pickleball provide UV protection. It’s just you now who needs to make this factor important for your future purchases.

Weather conditions:

In summer, wear something light + moisture-absorbent so you don’t feel drained and frustrated. Polo shirts and shorts both for men and women are excellent sportswear in summer. For added comfort, you can wear UV-resistant tank tops/sando. Also, wear hats and sun sleeves for sun protection.

cloudy weather
Cloudy weather.
sunny weather
Sunny weather.

If you’re playing in cold weather, consider a hoodie or a sweatshirt. It’ll keep you warm and makes you look cool on the court as well. You can also cover yourself with several layers inside your regular sports outfit to keep you warm. But make sure, you’re not making yourself uncomfortable moving around the court.



Pockets in your apparel help save all your belongings, i.e., keys, phone, and pickleball balls. Well, men’s outfits usually come with pockets, it’s the ladies’ apparel that lacks this basic factor. So, when you’re buying feminine clothes, make sure to check your pockets so you’re not wandering around for a spot to keep your stuff or awkwardly holding everything in your hand. 

Pickleball shoes are a must:

Here’s an important thing, you can compromise on anything but the shoes. Pickleball shoes are a must to have before you hit the court. No, there aren’t any strings attached, playing pickleball without proper shoes is highly injurious to your feet and toes, and may invite many serious injuries, i.e., Achilles Tendonitis, joint inflammation, etc.

Besides, playing pickleball with the right shoes on maximizes your confidence and give you an extra edge in your footwork, stability, and of course, the shoes also keep your feet at comfort.

Other accessories:

Hats, eyewear, sun visors, gloves, and sun sleeves are recommended add-ons for extended pickleball play. You can nicely pair your favorite tees and shorts with classic eyewear for both: protection and elegance. In fact, the USAPA also suggests wearing accessories to play pickleball so you can play safely, comfortably, and smartly.

Pickleball Clothing Brands:

Although there isn’t any official dress code or jersey, there are pickleball clothing brands where you can get specified pickleball t-shirts, pants, and shorts. The popular brands are Adidas and Fila which particularly deal in pickleball apparel. Other than them, there are pickleball paddle and ball brands that have now started to make polo and shorts exclusively customized for pickleball. These apparel carries logos, slogans, and quotes that add an essence of fun and passion and players actually feel confident while wearing them.

So, it’s now the Rules + Comfort!

Well, we’re not pressing the fashion against the wall, but of course, prioritizing new rules and comfort. You’re now aware of what to wear to play pickleball, it’s time to retire some old ones and let some cozy shorts and sweatpants in! And yes, make accessories an integral part of your personality. Also, don’t forget to tell us what’s your favorite outfit to play pickleball.

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