Game changers: Top female pickleball players

Top female pickleball players

In pickleball, a group of extraordinary athletes has emerged to redefine excellence in racquet sports. Get known about women’s singles, mixed doubles, and women’s doubles, where these remarkable individuals showcase their unmatched prowess and undying passion for the game.

Whether they’re showcasing their agility in women’s singles, demonstrating their synergy and teamwork in mixed doubles, or fostering an unbreakable bond on the court in women’s doubles, these remarkable athletes redefine what it means to be at the pinnacle of pickleball prowess.

top female pickleball players
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The key criteria of elite pickleball players

Skill, undoubtedly, forms the bedrock of excellence. The ability to execute precise shots, showcasing an array of strokes and strategies, separates the good from the truly exceptional. Expert ball control, lightning-fast reflexes, and a deft touch on the paddle are qualities that allow these players to dominate the court with finesse.

The ability to stay composed under pressure, and adaptability to varying game situations, play crucial roles.

The best female pickleball players possess an unwavering focus, allowing them to make split-second decisions.

In women’s doubles, where teamwork is paramount, effective communication, mutual understanding, and seamless coordination are vital.

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Introducing the best female pickleball players

With their unmatched talent, unwavering determination, and trailblazing spirit, these women have transformed the landscape of pickleball forever. Get ready to be inspired by the extraordinary accomplishments of the leading women of the pickleball community.

Lea Jansen

Hailing from a modest background, Lea discovered her love for pickleball at an early age. With sheer dedication and countless hours of practice, she honed her skills, emerging as a formidable force on the court due to which she gained a series of gold medals.

Throughout her career, Lea has conquered formidable opponents and shattered records, paving her path to greatness.

Lea’s dynamic style of play is marked by lightning-fast reflexes, strategic shot placement, and an unrivaled ability to anticipate her opponent’s moves.

Her agility on the court allows her to swiftly adapt to different game situations and makes her a formidable professional pickleball player on the pickleball court.

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Vivienne David

Vivienne David is a Canadian professional pickleball player of Slovakian origin.

She played her first pickleball tournaments in 2018, won a 2019 World Pickleball Championship singles event, and started playing full-time in 2020.

Beyond her technical prowess in women’s doubles, Vivienne’s strategic brilliance sets her apart. This female player possesses an innate ability to analyze her adversaries, quickly adapting her game plan to exploit weaknesses and seize opportunities.

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Anna Leigh Waters

Anna Leigh, a young pickleball phenomenon who has miraculously become a professional pickleball player
at 12
. Rarely do kids get so involved at a young age in sports that they can go on to make a career as a professional.

Anna Leigh’s journey in the pickleball community is marked by her natural athleticism and unwavering determination. Her lightning-fast reflexes, agility, and versatility on the court allow her to seamlessly adapt to various game situations.

Her pickleball partner hails from Delray Beach, Florida, and her mother, Leigh Waters, was a former tennis player. Anna Leigh Waters has earned numerous accolades and achieved remarkable success at a young age as a tennis player. She currently holds seven PPA triple trophies, six US Open gold awards, and six USAPA National Gold Medals.

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Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer’s journey in pickleball is nothing short of remarkable. Her relentless dedication and continuous pursuit of improvement have propelled her to the top ranks of the game.

On the court, Jennifer’s style is a captivating blend of finesse and power. Her precise shot placement, strategic shot selection, and ability to read her opponents with precision set her apart. Jennifer Dawson won a gold medal in the Minto US Open Pickleball Championship.

She is the only woman to have achieved the gold medal at the 2017 World Championships.

She has also coached pickleball and tennis. Dawson is a very popular and successful pickleball player around the world and has won several gold medals.

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Simone Jardim

When it comes to pickleball excellence, few names shine as brightly as Simone Jardim. With her unmatched skill, unwavering determination, and unrivaled competitive spirit.

Her remarkable achievements, including victories at the USA Pickleball National Championships and a series of gold medals from pickleball tournaments, and her role as an esteemed coach at the Peak Performance Pickleball Academy, solidify her place among the sport’s legendary figures.

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Lucy Kovalova

Lucy Kovalova is a Slovakian talented tennis player whose sport has evolved into pickleball.

Kovalova was regarded as becoming an international player with re-emerging popularity.

Her powerful and precise shots, combined with her strategic brilliance, make her a formidable opponent on the court. In addition, she won the Triple Crown at the USPCC Women’s. This includes gold medals in single and mixed competitions.

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FAQs: Top female pickleball players

Who is the best female pickleball player?

Players like Simone Jardim, Lucy Kovalova, Lea Jansen, and Jennifer Dawson have made remarkable contributions to racquet sports, showcasing exceptional skills and gold medals. However, opinions on the “best” player may vary, reflecting the competitive nature of the sport and its ever-evolving landscape.

Who is the female pickleball player David?

Vivien David is an accomplished pickleball player who has made a significant impact in both pickleball and the larger pickleball global community. Her contributions have helped elevate the popularity and reach of pickleball, inspiring players of all levels to embrace the game.


The world of pickleball is thriving, thanks to the vibrant and dedicated pickleball community. With its rapid growth and enthusiastic participants, the sport has witnessed the rise of exceptional talents who have transformed into professional pickleball players.

Among them, the best female pickleball players have left an indelible mark on the game, showcasing their remarkable skills, unwavering dedication, and undeniable passion.

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