Can you bring tennis racket on plane: answers and tips

Sports are an indispensable part of life for many individuals, allowing them to be physically and socially active.

However, transporting sports equipment during air travel can be a difficult procedure. That’s why, many travelers, who play tennis, are afraid of traveling with their tennis rackets.

In the globalization era, there are plenty of strict policies demanded by airlines and TSA. Therefore, it is essential to learn the rules regarding the transportation of a tennis racket and how it is related to the airline, flight class, etc.

can you bring tennis racket on plane

Rules of TSA on carrying a tennis racket

The main goal of the Transportation Security Administration is to ensure the safety of the board and prevent passengers from bringing any prohibited items.

To fulfill their tasks, they have a particular set of regulations regarding sports equipment.

According to the official website of TSA, passengers are allowed to bring a tennis racket in both checked baggage and carry-on luggage.

However, the eventual decision is up to the TSA officer that observes the checked luggage and carry-on items.

In addition, airlines are the ones who set the possible number of baggage along with its permissible weight and size.

Thus, tennis players are allowed to bring a tennis racket inside either a checked bag or a carry-on bag.

But it is important to keep in mind that the tennis racket will be checked by the airport security personnel at special checkpoints.

How are the tennis rackets checked at the airport?

Now is the time to look through the procedure of checking the tennis rackets.

Once the baggage checking procedure starts, the passengers ought to put their tennis racket in the same box as the carry-on luggage.

Then, the X-ray machine will observe the carry-on luggage along with the tennis racket.

Due to its dimensions, the tennis racket might be subject to extra checking by authorized TSA personnel.

Therefore, make sure to store and pack it carefully to avoid getting it damaged during the inspection process.

After observing the tennis racket, the personnel will announce its decision regarding the allowance of the tennis racket as a carry-on bag.

Hence, it is essential to abide by the rules of the TSA to avoid any possible issues.

Although it is possible to carry tennis rackets in a checked bag and carry-on luggage, there might be deviations depending on the airline and its established regulations.

Therefore, some airlines might allow you to bring a tennis racket as carry-on luggage, which should be stored under the front seat.

It is a good idea to purchase a tennis bag to store it carefully; however, less strict airlines might permit bringing bare tennis rackets.

Nevertheless, there shouldn’t be any issues with transporting tennis rackets inside the checked bag.

It is still essential to keep in mind that there might be additional charges regarding the permissible weight of the checked baggage.

Airlines and their air travel regulations

As mentioned previously, many individuals face issues regarding the transportation of tennis rackets, be it in tennis bags, hand luggage, or checked bag.

Additionally, there is a high possibility of the rackets getting broken or severely damaged.

There are two possible ways of bringing tennis rackets, such as hand luggage and checked luggage.

Hand baggage refers to carry-on bags, which are placed inside the overhead bin.

Checked luggage means that it is stored in the baggage part of the plane and cannot be brought to a plane.

Several major airlines were carefully observed to resolve this issue.

Thus, it turned out that most airlines don’t specifically mention tennis rackets in their air travel policies.

Hence, you should try to correspond to the carry-on items’ dimensions.

Although, it is better to purchase a tennis bag to have the tennis racket considered cabin baggage.

But if you don’t have such an opportunity, you ought to carefully research the specific regulations of the airlines about carrying sports equipment either in carry-on bags or baggage.

American Airlines

According to the information mentioned on their official website, there are specific limitations regarding the weight and size of the sports equipment.

Additionally, they mentioned that it is possible to travel with one bag containing multiple rackets and balls.

You can check for the dimensions and the checked bag fees on the website of American Airlines.

Only then you should start preparing your tennis luggage according to the official data.

The maximum properties are 23 kg (50.71 lbs) and 320 cm (10.5 ft).

United Airlines

This airline allows the transportation of sports equipment, and a tennis racket is included on this list.

According to the baggage information, one item of tennis equipment can be accepted in a carry-on bag or checked luggage.

To be more specific, tennis equipment should consist of tennis rackets and balls.

United Airlines states that if the tennis racket is packed inside suitable containers, which can fit inside the checked bags, it can be considered checked luggage.

The permissible dimensions of the items aren’t given on the website.

Thus, keep in mind that additional fees might be applied for oversized and overweight bags.

Also, try to learn the permissible dimensions of the baggage and prepare according to them.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines doesn’t specifically mention tennis rackets.

However, it is possible to bring sports equipment, and it will be counted towards the checked luggage allowance.

Its weight shouldn’t exceed 32 kg (70.55 lbs).

Nevertheless, please keep in mind that there might be deviations depending on the destinations, airports, etc.

Eventually, most airlines allow bringing sports equipment.

However, different fees and allowed dimensions of the hand luggage can be given depending on the airline, destination, and regulations of TSA.

It can be concluded that many airlines don’t have specific regulations regarding the placement of tennis rackets.

Thus, the only issue is their size and the amount of area they will take.

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to prepare beforehand and get yourself a compact tennis bag to minimize the number of emerging issues.

Although the decisions of the airlines and officers might vary according to the situation, it is better to be prepared for any outcome.

Methods for transporting tennis rackets

Even though the right to bring tennis rackets might change due to different factors, there are still ways of transporting them.

One of the most comfortable methods is purchasing a good tennis racket bag.

It is specially designed for transporting tennis rackets and minimizes the possibility of damage.

Furthermore, there is another way of undertaking this action, which is carefully wrapping the tennis racket using a soft bag or bubble wrap.

These protection measures will ensure the racket’s safety from any scratches and damages.

Thus, utilizing bubble wrap is a good option if you want to completely protect your tennis racquets.

In addition, if you want to bring a tennis racket on a plane, it is necessary to pack it tightly.

Additionally, it might be a great idea to know some information about the plane you are going to fly in.

It is useful for learning the sizes of overhead bins and accordingly preparing the tennis racket bags.

Frequently asked questions

This section will provide answers to the commonly inquired questions.

Can I bring tennis racquets and a carry-on?

It fully depends on the airline’s policy and TSA’s regulations. The TSA allows you to take tennis rackets as both types of luggage.

Although some airlines suggest taking them as checked pieces of baggage, others allow bringing them as carry-on hand luggage.

If your airline allows you to bring a tennis racket as hand baggage, make sure to protect it and utilize the previously explained techniques.

However, if it isn’t possible to bring it as carry-on hand luggage, you should carefully pack it inside the checked items of baggage and try to minimize the potential damage.

Can I bring racket on plane?

It is possible to bring a tennis racket on a plane; however, it should be stored according to the guidelines and policies of the airlines.

Additionally, it is also permissible by the TSA because it allows the racket to be stored in either type of baggage.

Nevertheless, while some airlines consider tennis rackets hand luggage, others might ask to place them inside the checked bag.

Therefore, you have to cautiously research the requirements of specific airlines.

In case your airline allows you to bring a tennis racket as hand luggage, you could purchase tennis bags to ensure the safety of your sports equipment.

Please remember that hand luggage will be stored in the overhead bin.

How do you pack a tennis racket on a plane?

Initially, this procedure varies according to the requirements of the air travel company.

As stated previously, some might consider it carry-on hand luggage, while others strictly treat it as luggage.

Consequently, once you find out the regulations of the airline regarding tennis gear, you should look for ways of carefully storing it.

Many experienced individuals recommend buying a racket bag, which is specially made for this kind of situation.

Additionally, you can get yourself bubble wrap or special cases to store the tennis racket inside.

These appliances can assist you with ensuring the safety of your racket on a plane.

Can you put a tennis racket in checked luggage?

The TSA allows passengers to store the tennis racket both in checked and hand luggage.

However, different airlines might impose different requirements.

Nevertheless, it is fully possible to put a tennis racket inside the checked luggage.

There are a couple of points to keep in mind because checked bags might easily get damaged.

Therefore, store it properly and try to pack it tightly to ensure further safety.


Eventually, transporting sports necessities via air travel might not be as challenging as you think. If you carefully research the necessary information regarding tennis rackets, you will be able to retrieve the data to solve this issue.

After making yourself familiar with the airline’s regulations, you can start packing your tennis rackets according to those official rules.

If you want to ensure extra safety of your sports belongings, purchase the special things mentioned previously.

Additionally, you could learn the dimensions of allowed pieces of baggage and the possible fees for overweight and oversized luggage.

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