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Pickleball is an old sport emerging in the new modern world. As fast as it’s trending, the memes, puns, and slogans have gotten to the next level that a pickleball shirt has become a need more than want for expressing your obsession. To match up your sarcasm level and keep your athletic spirit alive, here are some best pickleball shirts that’s going to beef up your personality!

When we mean pickleball shirts, we’re referring to the design of the shirts in the best fabric quality. The print on the shirt is what makes it a pickleball shirt, including puns, trendy statements, or even images of people playing pickleball. there’re so many brands that have now started making shirts exclusively for Pickleball Lovers, and they’re super cool. That you can have a full closet of them.

However, there’re a few that stand out, in terms of design, flexibility, and, of course, the print. We’ll also highlight features that should prioritize, i.e., moisture-wicking ability, weather-friendliness, serious or sarcastic design, and much more! So, let’s start this already!

Funny Pickleball Shirts

1. I have OPD – The most innovative design

I have OPD

I have OPD the most trending and unique sarcastic shirt that hits every pickleballer.  

You must have heard about OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, one of the most common mental health disorders there’s. The obsession with Pickleball and can’t stop playing it can be a disease for normal people and well, you call it an OPD, the Obsessive Pickleball Disorder. If you’ve got an OPD, you must have this shirt saying I have OPD! And proudly wear it. 

This funny yet adorable shirt is our favorite and is specially designed for those who are die-hard fans of Pickleball. It’s 100% cotton if you choose solid colors. This percentage may vary if you go for other combinations, i.e., cotton with 10% polyester if you go for the heather gray, and equal of both materials in other heather options. 

As for the quality, pure cotton stands out while we experience slightly low quality in heather colors. 

The best part about this shirt is that it uses a perfect fit according to the size you choose and is available in kid’s and women’s versions too. Plus, there’s a hack for size too, that’s always select one size larger than your actual one, and you won’t regret it. 

Anyone can wear it regardless of age, gender, and size. So, do you’ve OPD? Well, tell us with your shirt!

2. Eat, Sleep, Pickleball Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Pickleball Repeat

Next on our list is this very basic but highly catchy shirt with the phrase Eat, Sleep, Pickleball, Repeat on it. You must have heard this slogan for many other things, and it fits really well with pickleball as well. 

It tells how much you love playing pickleball, and it’s the only thing that matters to you enough to keep it in your daily routine. It also makes the perfect gift for someone who loves playing pickleball. 

it’s made up of 100% cotton, plus the quality is really worthy. It features short sleeves that keep movement easy. Though we truly love its taped neck with a double-needle stitched bottom hem, as it complements our leather jackets, so this piece makes itself friendly for all weathers. 

 It’s not mandatory to wear this only when you’re playing the game. In fact, this casual shirt can be worn anywhere, at a casual gathering, on a date, on a hangout with friends, etc. Everyone should know that Pickleball really matters to you. Also, it’s a unisex shirt and comes in a wide range of colors for both men and women.

Best pickleball shirts for Men:

3. Just Dink It

Just Dink It

Perhaps the most loved pickleball shirt out there’s, Just Dink It! Its quality, comfort, and by far, well-sophisticated designs make it the most popular pickleball shirt for Men. 

Its design is identical to Nike’s original Just do it, and so the logo is edited with the ball on the top. Available in 5 unique colors, blue, red, kelly green, and pink. Orange, so you don’t have to settle for the basic ones, as in other shirts.

The fabric quality is similar to the I have OPD tee with similar combos of cotton and polyester options. Though it says that it’s machine-friendly, we recommend washing it with your hands only. The letters are screen-printed and prone to crack if heavy pressure is applied. 

Overall, its comfort and size is up to the mark, and they deliver the same quality as they advertised. A rare feature, though, especially in terms of apparel!

4. Men’s Never Underestimate an Old Man Pickleball Paddle – best for agile players

Men’s Never Underestimate an Old Man Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is originally the game of old men, so what could be more perfect than a shirt saying “Never Underestimate the Power of an Old Man” With a Pickleball Paddle for a community of agile players. Wearing this shirt will not only make you look cool but it’s made up of 100% cotton, which makes it highly comfortable providing you with an even better game. 

it’s lightweight and doesn’t get sweaty easily. That’s one of the rarest cotton shirts with sweat-absorbing qualities, which makes it perfect for a game in the sun. Moreover, it’s available in a wide range of colors including black, navy, kelly green, and asphalt! Even if you’re not an old man but have a father or grandpa who loves to play pickleball, what better gift can you find for him than this? Go surprise him!

Best Pickleball shirts for women:

Pickleball is a game equally loved by women as men, and there’re so many women who like to show their love for this sport by getting the latest pickleball-related products and following all the trends. In fact, this ratio is more in women than in men, as they’re more fashion-conscious!

5. A Girl Who Loves Sunshine And Pickleball

A Girl Who Loves Sunshine And Pickleball

A girl who loves sunshine and pickleball is a classic pickleball tee with the widest color range. 

The shirt is made from 100% cotton. Plus, the quality is really exquisite. it’s an all-season t-shirt but people can style it with a denim jacket over it in winter to give it a swaggy look. Besides the fabric quality, we found the print to fade away after 3-4 washes, but we guess it’s more than enough for the price it comes with.

It’s the only tee that comes with all the size options including the XXX, besides its availability in all the basic colors, including red, blue, asphalt, brown, and many more!

6. Stay Out of the Kitchen Play Pickleball

Stay Out of the Kitchen Play Pickleball

Well, that’s kinda deep and meaningful! Stay Out of the Kitchen Play Pickleball caught our attention with both its lettered design and the shirt style. We talked to female players on the courts that we spotted in this shirt and they all love its V-neck style.

In fact, some of them even wear them in their houses and on the outside for grocery shopping, in the gym, or anywhere else where the theme is casual. Its colors are pretty cute, and it’s available in all sizes. The quality is backed by 100% cotton.

7. Pickleball Dri Fit Women’s Shirt – for tournaments play

Pickleball Dri Fit Women’s Shirt

Pickleball Dri Fit Women’s Shirt represents both simplicity and your love for Pickleball. It’s a basic V-Neck Pickleball Women’s shirt by Pickleball Up, which features a vertical print of the word “pickleball” on the left side. 

A very casual yet comfortable shirt, we must say. Its sweat-wicking ability is on the top, compared to all others on this list. Also, because it’s 100% polyester, you can even wear it while playing the game without worrying about it getting sweaty. The V-Neck detail adds the final touch a woman needs. 

The best feature is sublimation ink accepting quality. More than half of the shirt is empty and is in light color, which makes it perfect for further customization. 

This is basically for Women, but a similar design is available for men in the same color schemes. Though its men’s shirt is more popular in tournament’s play because of the quality it offers at a reasonable price.

8. Dink’N Go Nuts

Dink N Go Nuts

Americans and their obsession with Dunkin Donuts cannot be taken better than pickleball companies making these Dink N Go Nuts tee. Well, compared to all the puns above, this one is the hardest to crack. First the Go Nuts and honestly, it gets everyone! It refers to the dinking rallies in which the players seriously go nuts for how long it gets. 

Then comes the PB on the paddle, and on the first thought, we were like, are you kidding me? But that’s how far they took the sarcasm, though. 

As for the specifications, this tee is 100% cotton, but also comes in a certain polyester count. It suits best in black, navy, and white color, but you also get it in kelly green, purple, and other heather options.

Pickleball shirts for casual play Unisex:

9. Happy People Play Pickleball

Happy People Play Pickleball

What we love about this shirt is its optimistic way of attracting pickleball fans. It also serves as you being an ambassador, inviting people to kick off their depression and sadness in this hard time, as Pickleball is a sport that not only brings the sportsman out in the people but also provides them joy and makes them happy. And this shirt here represents that feeling in the best possible way. 

It says Happy People Play Pickleball on the front, making it really cool for people who already play pickleball and also attracting those who don’t play the game to play it! 

The 100% cotton makes it highly comfortable even during plays, and the variations of sizes for women and kids make it the perfect fit for a pickleball-loving family. Get one for everyone in your family and let people know you’re a happy family because you play pickleball!

10. Pickleball Heartbeat Shirt

Pickleball Heartbeat Shirt

Are you someone who loves Pickleball so much that you believe in the Pickleball for Life mantra? If yes, we’ve found the perfect apparel for you. This shirt is a visual representation of the love of pickleball for those who can’t live without playing the sport. 

It uses a graphic of a heartbeat with the pickleball paddles in between, trying to show that the heart only beats when you get to play pickleball. The shirt is super soft thanks to the 100% cotton material and features a perfect fit because of the side-seam stitching. 

The minimal design also stands out for the people who like this simple, unique, yet with deeper meaning. it’s a casual shirt though, but we’ve seen several people wearing it for their normal lives, and that’s where we knew Pickleball made it!

How to choose the Right Pickleball Shirt


Pickleball tees are available in either polyester, cotton, or in a combo of both. We’d prefer Cotton over polyester, as these T-shirts are more durable, weather-friendly, and comfortable. In contrast to it, polyester possesses better sweat-absorbing abilities. Also, these shirts are easy to customize. If you’ve got a sublimation setup, you can easily get any of your designs printed on it.  Now the dice come to you, which one do you think is the most comfortable for you?


Pickleball designs can be both sarcastic or serious. If you’re getting the shirt for a casual play, any shirt with hilarious statements and puns would be cool. But when it comes to tournaments, you might be allowed to wear such things, therefore, make sure you choose some sober and classic design for that.


Well, you can choose as you wish, but here’s the catch. Sometimes, the size is not what they advertised, so it’s better to choose 2-3 inches shorter than your actual size. The case is the opposite for cotton shirts, as these gets shrank with time. Also, whether you like baggy or fitted, is another consideration that affects the comfortability of the shirt.

Final Verdict

Pickleball is a sport getting worldwide recognition with every day passing. With that, having the perfect pickleball apparel is considered the new cool in the pickleball world, and there’re players who even compete in terms of who has the coolest and the best shirt.

There’re hundreds of funny and cool pickleball shirt designs you can find in the market, but we think the ones we mentioned will always remain on the top because not only are they hilarious and super cool but also very comfortable. As for the best pickleball shirt, we’d still go for the I have OPD shirt because that one uses a pretty innovative way of explaining how a true pickleball fan feels!

However, you should get the one that fits your personality the best and shows your true feelings about the game. Let us know which one you liked the best! We hope that our choices helped you out in selecting one for you.

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